Apple reportedly faces supply chain snafu ahead of iPhone 6 launch

Apple suppliers are struggling to prepare screens for the iPhone 6 on time after the Cupertino-based company decided to redesign a critical part, Reuters reported Friday.

Supply chain sources told the news agency that it is still unclear whether or not the problem will throw a wrench into Apple’s plans to launch new phones this fall. The company reportedly plans to roll out iPhones with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens.

Striving for the thinnest screens possible, Apple instructed suppliers to use half the usual amount of backlight film, Reuters reported. But the suppliers were forced to revert to the standard design when the screens proved too dark, throwing off their delicate deadlines. Supply chain workers are now reportedly toiling overtime to get back on track.

Apple’s demands for suppliers have crimped production schedules before. Last year, screen problems constrained supplies of the newly launched, high-resolution model of the iPad Mini, Reuters noted.

Regardless of the supply chain snafu, Apple will have to confront the typically sky-high expectations for its product launches. Buoyed by excitement for the iPhone 6, Apple shares reached an all-time high earlier this week.

Apple suppliers are reportedly struggling to make enough screens before the company launches new phones this fall. (Pixabay)


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  • Michael Golde

    If you’re just effectively going to copy the Reuters’ article without any additional sources, why bother restating that article. This is pathetic journalism. You add nothing new to the discussion. Do some research and stop parroting what is already known.

    • retiredinboyntonbeach

      Except that it isn’t really “known,” for a fact. Whsr’s “known” is that somebody somewhere told domebody else something that might ir might not be accurate and one of Reuter’s reporters wrote it up and “journslists” are runnung with this “news” — propitiously timed as noted by Rigoberto. So: Here’s my take on it:

      OhMyGoodnessAppleIsFailing! AppleWon’tBeAbleToDeliver! AppleCan’tEvenMakeALargeScreenPhone EvenThoughSamsungHasHadThemForYears! Apple IsJunk!Apple IsRuined! AppleStockWillCrashBackDownTo50Very Soon!SellNow!SellSellSell!

      (Wink wink)

    • xyzzy1

      This “reporter” appears limited to what she reads at her coffee hangout and then types in a crude regurgitation summary.

  • Mike Kaddaras

    Your headline “Apple reportedly” to me is a little misleading. You have a gift for rehashing old material to simply fill up space. Rumor, might and looks like are good words to use in you next piece !!!

  • Rigoberto

    They say the same thing every year, delays in iphone launch. Make the stock go down just before it goes up days into the launch and no, there never was a delay in its launch. This news article is recycled every year, it gets boring.

  • WAM

    The nihlist shorts are out in droves – LOL

  • henry3dogg

    “Striving for the thinnest screens possible, Apple instructed suppliers to use half the usual amount of backlight film,”

    What does that actually mean? I suggest you get more selective about the rumours that you spread. At least ignore the ones that you don’t even understand.