Justin.tv shuts down to concentrate on (soon-to-be sold?) Twitch

There’s still no official word, but here’s another stick to throw on the fire of speculation that Twitch, the popular video-game streaming service, is about to be acquired by Google.

In a blog post Tuesday, the pioneering video-streaming service JustinTV said it will shut down its website and mobile apps so its parent company can focus on three-year-old Twitch. (H/T to TheNextWeb for spotting it first.)

JustinTV was famous as the site that started when cofounder Justin Kan decided to create a round-the-clock documentary of his own life, streamed from a webcam strapped to his forehead. As we reported in May, however, Twitch is now the most successful part of the company:

“Three years ago, when co-founder Emmett Shear noticed people streaming images from video-games, the company spun off a gaming division named Twitch, for the lightning reactions some games require. The parent company has other divisions but renamed itself Twitch Interactive this year.”

Ace video-games reporter Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat reported last month that his sources say Google has sealed a deal to buy Twitch for $1 billion. But there still hasn’t been an official announcement.

(Image of Justin Kan from Justin.tv)




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  • Kyle M

    Best of luck to the JTV team over at Twitch. If you’re a former JTV user, we’d love to welcome you on Streamup.

    • CoMmAnDrX

      Spam much?

  • Makikiguy

    “streamed from a webcam strapped to his forehead” That is really, really something.

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