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Once again, we’ve got your tech news links right here.

EU invites Google, Yahoo, Microsoft to talk about the “right to be forgotten” ruling, which requires Internet companies to consider and comply with takedown requests for search-engine results. Meanwhile, a blogger has been fined about 1,500 euros in France because her negative restaurant review was too prominent in Google search results.

Net neutrality: Netflix and Comcast┬áhave submitted comments to the FCC, which has received nearly a million comments on the issue ahead of tomorrow’s deadline. Netflix and Comcast, of course are on opposite sides.

Speaking of Netflix, CEO Reed Hastings reportedly turned down an invitation to participate in a Senate hearing about the state of online video. Executives from AT&T and yes, Comcast, are among those on the panel.

What does Hewlett-Packard Chairman Ralph Whitworth’s recently announced departure mean for CEO Meg Whitman? Will she become HP chairman? Advisory firm CEO says it wouldn’t be a good idea.

EBay, Louis Vuitton reach settlement in long-running fight over counterfeit goods.

Amazon looks to be testing a Netflix-like e-book subscription service, it accidentally revealed.

Attention, font nerds: Here’s a look at Roboto, the Google-designed “font of the future.”

Sweet! MIT students create a 3D ice-cream printer.


Photo of HP CEO Meg Whitman by Dai Sugano/Mercury News archives


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