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The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to review Google’s appeal that the company didn’t violate wiretapping laws when its Street View vehicles collected information over unsecured WiFi routers.

U.K. movie theaters are banning Google Glass over piracy concerns.

California Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill legalizing bitcoins and other alternative currencies in the state.

Google executives are reportedly visiting Cuba to promote an open Internet.

Intel chases sales on the road to driverless cars. Meanwhile, the chip maker’s head of sales, Tom Kilroy, is stepping down.

Microsoft to stop sending security advisories by email because of anti-spam law.

Aereo stops service because of Supreme Court ruling, but says it’s only hitting pause as it figures out what to do next.

What about toy drones? Hobbyists are concerned about FAA’s clarification of drone laws.

World Cup breaks Super Bowl record for tweets.

And because taking selfies can be such hard work, there’s now a touchless selfie app.


Photo: Google Street View vehicles on display at high-tech fair CeBit in March 2010 in Hanover, Germany. (Daniel Mihailescu/AFP/Getty Images)


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