On topic: Tech news to know now

We’ve taken a break from our somewhat enthusiastic countdown to a three-day weekend to bring you these tech news links.

EBay hack fallout: Some states are investigating the breach, and the U.K. is reportedly considering investigation as well. By the way, there’s a fake list of eBay customers circulating on the Interwebs.

Twitter stock is in the midst of its longest losing streak yet.

Speaking of Twitter, it agrees to block “blasphemous” tweets in Pakistan.

Pot, meet kettle. And which came first, listicles and quizzes and clickbait, or the public’s appetite for them? Facebook product director calls the media “a joke” in a long rant. Many members of the media are saying Facebook is partly to blame.

Google is reportedly working on tablet with advanced vision capabilities.

Intel documents conflict-free materials claim in filing with SEC.

Amazon is now refusing orders for Hachette titles. Previously, it was oly delaying delivery of the books.

Microsoft successfully challenged an FBI request for data about a customer, although the government later obtained the information directly from that person.

Food-delivery startup DoorDash raises $17.3 million from Sequoia, others.

Fifteen Connecticut cab companies sue to block Uber, Lyft.

And for those following Elon Musk’s battle with the government over a major space contract, Musk is saying SpaceX lost the contract because it wouldn’t hire a now-former government official.


Photo by Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group


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