On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s Thursday’s piping-hot tech tapas.

Messaging, virtual reality, now fitness. Facebook buys maker of fitness-tracking app Moves.

Comings and goings:
In case you missed it, David Wehner, the executive moving into the Facebook CFO role, used to be Zynga’s CFO. And at Zynga, founder Mark Pincus is giving up all operational roles and will become non-executive chairman. And Angela Ahrendts of Burberry fame joins Apple next week.

Intel, Google, Facebook and other tech companies, plus the Linux Foundation, form an open-source alliance that will spend millions of dollars on OpenSSL, etc. post-Heartbleed.

Apple patent: Lock-out technology would prevent texting while driving.

Judge denies Apple’s bid to postpone trial for states’ e-books antitrust case.

Where are the world’s rich, young people? A new Uber map can tell you. And somewhat related: New apps allow “the new aristocracy” to avoid the masses.

San Francisco sues homeowners for allegedly evicting tenants so they could rent out their pads on Airbnb and similar services. It’s just the latest of legal issues facing the sharing economy.

Blackphone is an ultra-private smartphone (although not NSA-proof) that’s being manufactured by Silent Circle and others.


Photo: Mark Pincus, then CEO of Zynga, walks off the stage after an announcement of new games at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, Tuesday, June 26, 2012. Pincus, who founded the game maker about seven years ago, will step down from day-to-day operations. (Paul Sakuma/Associated Press)


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