On topic: Tech news to know now

Happy Tuesday, here’s what’s on today’s menu.

Heartbleed timeline of who knew what when. Also, a hacker from China wasted no time in exploiting the bug.

Gmail’s updated terms of service now explicitly tells users that their emails are being scanned by software for ad-targeting purposes. As Brandon Bailey wrote recently, a judge ruled against granting class-action status to related lawsuits.

Google looks to expand in New York, is searching for a space to hold up to 3,000 employees.

Yahoo which will report earnings today, now has an extended partnership to bring Vevo videos to Yahoo sites.

Turkey, which has banned Twitter recently, says Twitter will close some accounts, establish an office there.

Data, data, data: Twitter buys social data provider Gnip, with which it had an existing partnership.

Netflix, third wheel: Chicago teen takes Netflix to the prom, or vice versa.

Jobs-less: Director David Finch (director of “The Social Network”) is out in fight over compensation for and control over movie about Steve Jobs.

Retailers launch effort to share information to fight cyberattacks.

T-Mobile launches petition calling on its competitors to end mobile overage fees.


Photo: It didn’t hurt to ask. Teen scores prom date with Netflix. (Getty Images)


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