On topic: Tech news to know now

Once again, we’ve scanned the Interwebs for news you can use.

Is your Android device vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug? Also, BlackBerry plans patches for BBM on iOS and Android.

Speaking of security, Google may push websites to use encryption.

Ahead of lockup expiration next month, and amid a tech-stock sell-off, Twitter’s top executives said in a filing today that they’re not planning to sell their shares. Neither will Benchmark Capital. Twitter shares are up more than 3 percent as of this post.

Brigade is a startup to boost civic engagement, and it has big names behind it: Ron Conway, Marc Benioff, Sean Parker of Napster fame.

Does Elon Musk’s Gigafactory make sense?

Intel’s mobile push continues as it turns to Chinese tablet makers.

Oracle’s Larry Ellison was the highest-paid CEO in 2013. So yeah, it’s good to be Larry Ellison.

Startups — even those that don’t really need it — keep piling on the investment dollars. Meanwhile, Kevin Roose writes for New York Magazine that the problem with profitless startups is that some of them are being funded in part by public pensions, college endowments.

Google Glass goings-on, for the umpteenth time: A pair is snatched from the face of a Business Insider reporter in San Francisco.

Next up from Amazon: a smartphone, says the Wall Street Journal.

A look at Apple’s supposedly “spotty record” of giving back to the tech industry.

See if this flies: “Body hack” app claims to help fix jet lag.


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