On topic: Tech news to know now

Could Tesla’s Gigafactory (seen above) one day build batteries for Apple products?

Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox files for bankruptcy, says 750,000 of its users’ bitcoins are gone. Poof.

Naked webcams, drugs, guns: The Facebook ads teens aren’t supposed to see, but do.

WhatsApp? That’s old news now that Tor is building an anonymous (or so the NSA will have you think) instant messaging system.

A German court has dismissed $2 billion patent troll claim against Apple.

Adobe will donate $300 million in software to schools as part of the White House’s technology and education program.

A class-action lawsuit over improper Gmail scanning seeks (potentially) trillions of dollars from Google, which argues the lawsuit overreaches.

Everyone else has one, so why not us? Amazon is reportedly in talks with record labels over starting a streaming music service.

Tough times for Big Blue: IBM is laying off up to 25 percent of its hardware division.

Mark Andreessen fires back at Carl Icahn’s critical eBay comments.

Will Microsoft make its Windows 8.1 update free?

Keep it in park, Uber: Seattle approves capping the number of rideshare-service drivers.

San Francisco-based Riverbed rejects a $3.3 billion takeover bid from Elliott Management.

The latest beta version of Google’s Chrome offers voice commands for hands-free browsing.


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