On topic: Tech news to know now

Once again, we’re serving up some tech news we’ve found around the Interwebs.

Apple has filed an appeal to the ruling that found it guilty of violating antitrust laws in the e-books price-fixing case. The company says the ruling “is a radical departure” from modern antitrust law that will “chill competition and harm consumers” if it’s allowed to stand.

Apple on Tuesday issued a fix for what’s now known as the “gotofail” security flaw in Macs. Last week, it released a fix for the same problem in iOS.

A cybersecurity firm says it has found 360 million newly stolen credentials — emails and unencrypted passwords — on the black market.

Juniper Networks security chief says at the RSA Conference in San Francisco that real war could be born out of cyberwar.

They like big bets: Wired takes a look at why Facebook and Tesla are “winning Wall Street,” and why Apple is not.

The Twitter account that was tweeting “Top Gun” frame by frame is shut down after a copyright complaint from Paramount Pictures.

Lawsuit dismissed against Zynga, which had been accused of misleading investors before its IPO.

Google’s Sundar Pichai says the company did not bid for WhatsApp, as some news outlets have reported.

IDC says smartphone shipment growth will slow significantly, to 6.2 percent this year compared to 38 percent in 2013.

Netflix is still chasing HBO, but it has already passed some big cable channels.

Order food with Square? There’s an app being tested for that.

(Usual qualifiers: Some of these links lead to paywalled sites. We have not independently verified the information reported by other publications.)


Photo: Illustration from Seattle Times/MCT archives


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