On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s tech news that caught our eye today. (Again, some of these links lead to paywalled sites.)

A sign of things to come? Samsung’s updated smartwatch will run on Tizen, not Android, reports USA Today.

More fuel for the Apple medical devices fire: Patent granted for headphone system that can measure temperature, heart rate, according to Entrepreneur.

Yahoo launches $10 million effort at Carnegie Mellon to invent a smarter Siri, reports MIT’s Technology Review.

Google Capital buys minority stake in Renaissance Learning, the fund’s first investment in education tech, according to Reuters.

Study says Instagram is growing faster than any mobile app or social network, so the New York Times Bits blog wonders how the service could pad Facebook’s bottom line.

Cisco, AGT are teaming up on “smart cities” effort, in a challenge to IBM, according to Fortune.

Study says health care organizations are increasingly under cyberattack, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Tesla and Tesla enthusiasts on Monday went to Washington to protest a bill that would curb the company’s expansion, according to the AP.

And more about love and technology: The Atlantic writes about the Romantimatic app, which sends pre-scheduled sweet nothings by text.


Photo: The first generation of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which is Android-based. The next generation reportedly will run on the Tizen operating system. (Samsung/MCT)


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