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Tesla Earnings: It’s all about China and the gigafactory

Tesla Motors reports its 2Q earnings Thursday after the market close. In May, Tesla said it expected to deliver roughly 7,500 cars in 2Q; most analysts expect it to meet or slightly beat guidance. There are two big questions for Thursday's Read More →

Alibaba said to be mulling a stake in Snapchat, at $10 billion valuation

This week's bubble-icious rumor:  Alibaba, the Chinese Internet giant, is reportedly talking with Snapchat about making an investment that would value the Southern California mobile messaging start-up at $10 billion. Remember when we were all amazed at reports last Read More →

Net neutrality: What about data caps?

The net neutrality debate is about access. But the discussion has evolved, because a few years ago — when all-you-can-eat data was still in — it included talk about data caps. Today, the talk mostly is about Internet Read More →

Netflix strikes paid connection deal with AT&T

Netflix announced Tuesday that it had agreed to pay AT&T for a direct connection between the two companies' networks; the companies struck the deal back in May and have been working since then to connect their networks. Read More →

And when the fat lady does sing, Google Glass will be the witness

Opera lovers, hold on to your seats — and your opera glasses. In what's being billed as a global first, a handful of singers and musicians with the opera company in Cagliari, Sardinia, will don pairs of Google Glass this Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Again we serve up some tech news links. How much is Snapchat — the app that lets users send disappearing photos — worth? It is in talks to secure $$$ from investors including Alibaba that would value the California company at Read More →

Facebook ending Gifts program, still dabbling in e-commerce

Facebook is shutting down its digital Gifts business … even as the social network is continuing to experiment with other forms of e-commerce. The company has dipped its toe in the retail waters several times: Two years ago, Facebook Read More →

Quoted: Dick Costolo on Twitter vs. Facebook

"We have specific goals and objectives for ourselves, and that's how we measure ourselves and think about ourselves... I don't think about that in the context of how it stacks up versus a company A, B, or C." — Read More →

San Francisco among growing list of “smart cities”

The number of municipalities bristling with sensors and other computerized gadgets to improve everything from the way they monitor traffic to how they manage water use will likely quadruple by 2025, according to a new study that cites San Francisco Read More →

Off topic: Foiling facial recognition, removing tattoos, packaging food, arresting Spider-Man

Anti-surveillance makeup: Computer-vision dazzle throws off facial-recognition software. She loves him, she loves him not: Tattoo removal on the rise. From potato chips to ice cream, why different edibles come in different plastic packages. Read More →
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