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Off topic: Fake eyes, Jackie Chan’s style, pilots of Instagram, best ads of 2014

Look at this: How Disney Research is working on making realistic computer-generated eyes. How to do action comedy, an analysis of Jackie Chan's movies from Every Frame a Painting. The pilots of Instagram take beautiful Read More →

Media companies lose bid for video of Jobs deposition

A federal judge has denied a bid by several media companies to broadcast a deposition of Steve Jobs taken just months before his death in 2011, handing Apple another legal victory. Jobs was the star witness in an antitrust trial unfolding in Oakland federal Read More →

Samsung reportedly exploring an answer to Apple Pay

The peace between Samsung and Apple may prove to be short-lived. Just as the companies are winding down their patent battle and deepening their relationship in the supply chain, news has broken that Samsung may be exploring an alternative Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Here's what's on the Wednesday menu. Google detractors take fight against "Goliath" to the states, with the movie industry and others (including an organization backed by Oracle and Microsoft) pushing state attorneys general to investigate the company over privacy, copyright and more. Read More →

Survey: Nearly 1 in 5 Europeans have never used Internet

If you would put down that smartphone for one minute, we will share some astounding news with you: The people of Romania find you very strange.

While most of us Americans are obsessed with our mobile devices, Read More →

New form of ransomware triggers alarms

Security experts are warning of a new and particularly nasty variation of ransomware, a form of computer infection that locks people out of their computers or files unless they pay the culprits money. In a blog earlier this month, Sophos called Read More →

Quoted: Experts say Sony hackers ‘cross the line’ with terror threats

"This is a well-known bright line and I can't believe they crossed it. Anyone who is familiar with the assets and capabilities of the United States would never do what they did." — Philip Lieberman, security expert with Lieberman Read More →

Sean Parker gives $24 million to Stanford for allergy research

In his latest philanthropic endeavor, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sean Parker is giving $24 million of his own money to prop up an allergy research center at Stanford University. Parker, best known perhaps as founding president of Facebook and founder of Napster, the Read More →

Off topic: Gold (and other) teeth, reimagining the umbrella, Wall Street wishes, colors

The history of grills: "Humans have something in common: the desire to change their appearance — teeth included." It's raining new umbrella designs. Author Michael Lewis has a wish list for Wall Street. And watch Read More →

Lending Club IPO rises to $1 billion

Lending Club, which went public last week in the largest offering from a California company this year, announced on Tuesday it had sold additional shares to raise its total IPO earnings to just more than $1 billion. The San Francisco-based Read More →
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