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Quoted: on the rise of the ‘unicorn’ startups

"It used to be that unicorns were these mythical creatures. Now there are herds of unicorns." — Jason Green, a venture capitalist at Emergence Capital Partners, on the growing number of "unicorns," or billion-dollar tech startups. In fact, unicorns are becoming Read More →

Snapchat raised $486 million in year of big deals

Another big VC round snuck into the top 10 deals of 2014 in the nick of time: Snapchat raised $486 million at a valuation of $10 billion, it said in a filing on New Year's Eve. Southern California-based Snapchat is Read More →

Quoted: China’s booming startup scene

"Today in Hangzhou, you could be having dinner at a night market and you’ll hear people around you talking about their startups." -- Wang Huadong, Beijing-based venture capitalist, telling Bloomberg News about China's startup boom. Fueled by Read More →

VC’s confidence is waning, but investments continue at record pace

The market is gyrating and IPOs are screeching to a halt -- and now venture capitalists, who have been throwing buckets of money at tech startups all year, are now starting to lose confidence. That's according to a quarterly survey by the Read More →

Quoted: Marc Andreessen predicts big-spender startups will go poof

"New founders in last 10 years have ONLY been in environment where money is always easy to raise at higher valuations. THAT WILL NOT LAST. When the market turns, and it will turn, we will find out who has been Read More →

Quoted: VC Bill Gurley on Silicon Valley and risk

"You just slowly forget, and half of the entrepreneurs today, or maybe more — 60 percent or 70 percent — weren't around in '99, so they have no muscle memory whatsoever." — Bill Gurley, partner at Benchmark Read More →
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