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Tesla, the ‘D’ay after: Stock stalls

Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself may not "really follow the stock that much," as he told Bloomberg TV's Betty Liu, but does his wallet pay attention? His company's shares are down about 6 percent today to about $240.15 Read More →

SpaceX takes some surprising cargo to the International Space Station

In a small step for man, but a giant leap for mice and 3D printers, a SpaceX cargo ship is heading for the International Space Station with 20 furry rodents, 30 fruit flies and, for the first time Read More →

Get ready for more self-driving cars in California

Get ready to see more self-driving cars on California roadways: The state Department of Motor Vehicles said this week that it’s issued autonomous-vehicle testing permits to three companies. And more may be in the wings. The first permits went to Mercedes-Benz Read More →

Should we sell our souls for the Tesla Gigafactory?

What's a "gigafactory" worth? That's the question for officials in five states who are battling to be home of Tesla's new "gigafactory" for battery production. The answer may be "too much," warns a group of government fiscal watchdog types who wrote a Read More →

Apple and Tesla, together at last?

Tesla drivers may soon be revving their engines with their iPhones. In an intriguing collaboration between two of the valley’s sexiest companies, Tesla is reportedly updating the Model S firmware to allow drivers to start and drive their vehicles with their Read More →

Tesla: We have to respect the integrity of CEQA

A story by the Los Angeles Times floats the idea that Tesla is seeking exemptions from the California's landmark environmental legislation, known as CEQA. Reporter Marc Lifsher says that California would exempt Tesla from some of its toughest Read More →
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