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Mobile overtakes desktops, laptops as online shopping device of choice

The world of e-commerce has just passed a tipping point: More than half the visits to retailers’ websites now come from mobile devices, according to the latest survey from Branding Brand. It’s part of an inevitable march: Retail is moving online Read More →

Can Amazon be beaten?

It isn’t often that a panel discussion hosted by the august Churchill Club has me thinking that I’ve stumbled into a book club debating the latest dystopian novel from the author of the "Hunger Games." But there on the SAP campus Read More →

Quoted: Amazon, I wish I knew how to quit you

"I'm convinced that Amazon will not make any effort to regain me since they can rely on getting me back due to the magnetism of their efficiency and their massive stock of everything. So, feeling as isolated as I do Read More →

Tweet and shop: Twitter teams up with Amazon

Some people go to Twitter for news, or to watch/troll celebrities, or to induce (or react to?) job loss. But will users go shopping on Twitter? That's what Twitter and  Amazon are thinking. Under a new partnership Read More →

SolarCity joins Best Buy to bring solar to the mainstream shopper

Making what could be the first inroads into mainstream retail for solar energy, the Silicon Valley's leading solar power provider is now offering its services at Best Buy stores. Yes, that's right -- those once-thought-defunct, big-box electronics stores are, as of Read More →

Quoted: A year later, ‘allaying fears’ about Amazon’s Goodreads purchase

"You can’t buy reviews on Goodreads. It’s still crowdsourced. [Amazon]'s not involved in the way we run Goodreads. Just to allay your fears!" — Elizabeth Chandler, co-founder of Goodreads, the social network for readers that was bought by Amazon Read More →
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