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Cyber Monday may be fading

So, enjoy Cyber Monday (if that’s the idea) while you can. A number of people who think about these things think its days could be numbered. Hilary Milnes, writing on Bostlnno, points out what many have been talking about this holiday Read More →

Google search is the new Ouija board — for predicting holiday presents

With seemingly 3,000 shopping days still left before Christmas, many of us apparently have already given a lot of thought to what we'll be sticking under the tree this year. Thanks to the search-trend gurus over at Google, we can literally Read More →

Whole Foods credits delivery startup Instacart with sales growtih

Whole Foods this week credited grocery delivery service Instacart for a jump in sales, offering kudos to the startup as competition in the delivery space really heats up. Whole Foods, the high-end purveyor of organics and immaculately prepared health foods, and a favorite Read More →

Apple Watch reportedly set for spring 2015 release

Hoping to give your loved one an Apple Watch for Christmas? The Chinese New Year? Valentine's Day? At this rate, you may have to tuck the timepiece away in an Easter Egg. Apple executives have consistently told consumers to expect the watch in Read More →

Mobile overtakes desktops, laptops as online shopping device of choice

The world of e-commerce has just passed a tipping point: More than half the visits to retailers’ websites now come from mobile devices, according to the latest survey from Branding Brand. It’s part of an inevitable march: Retail is moving online Read More →

Can Amazon be beaten?

It isn’t often that a panel discussion hosted by the august Churchill Club has me thinking that I’ve stumbled into a book club debating the latest dystopian novel from the author of the "Hunger Games." But there on the SAP campus Read More →
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