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Peter Thiel embraces disruption, Berkeley-style

Disruption is this tech boom's cliche. But famed billionaire investor Peter Thiel got a taste of disruption of a different kind in Berkeley Wednesday night, as the San Jose Mercury News reported. The PayPal cofounder powered through his Read More →

It’s time for our Top Ten Top-Ten Lists

Christmas is fast approaching, which means the end of 2014 is quickly closing in on us, which means it's time to think Ten, as in Top Ten. Everybody and their mother seems unable to resist coming up with their own special Read More →

Quoted: on Europe vs. U.S. tech companies

"We recognize that innovation improves our lives, but we want a level playing field." — Ramon Tremosa i Balcells, a European Parliament lawmaker from Spain who backed the resolution calling for a breakup of Google. The Wall Street Journal Read More →

Silicon Valley’s bumpy tour in the media business

With Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes working to keep The New Republic out of the obituary section, another tech star has dug deeper into journalism. This morning, First Look Media, the journalism enterprise by Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar, announced, a Read More →

Quoted: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on connecting the world to the Internet

"I think about it like 911 in the U.S. You don’t have to have a phone plan, but if there’s an emergency, if there’s a fire or you’re getting robbed, you can always call and get access to those kinds Read More →

Quoted: on free speech, entertainment and online threats

"This sounds like a road map for threatening a spouse and getting away with it. You put it in rhyme and you put some stuff about the Internet on it and you say, 'I’m an aspiring rap artist.' And so Read More →
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