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Monica Lewinsky, the Internet’s ‘Patient Zero,’ takes on cyberbullying

Monica Lewinsky has found a cause to fight for, as she puts it, "to give purpose" to the last 16 years of her life: Cyberbullying. In a rare public speech this week, Lewinsky linked her 1998 experience with humiliation over her Read More →

Over 109? You’ll have to shave off a few years to join Facebook

It's a common practice on Facebook for users to list their ages as 99. That's even true for kids under 13, who aren't even allowed on the social network. But if you are over 109, you may hit a snag. Facebook's Read More →

Quoted: on a minority pay gap in tech

"There's this big narrative in the women's movement: 78 cents on the dollar. Everyone knows what that means. It's less talked about when it comes to race." — Laura Weidman Powers, co-founder and CEO of Code2040, a nonprofit that Read More →

Tech and privacy: Fake Facebook page; beacons in New York

File these couple of items over in the corner of tech and privacy. • A DEA agent used photos from a woman's mobile phone to create a fake Facebook page, then used that page to communicate with suspected criminals. And the Read More →

Facebook taking a step toward anonymity (well, with an app)

Facebook is working on a stand-alone mobile app that people can use with a pseudonym, the New York Times reports. The app, which will likely be for conversations among a small number of people, is expected to be released Read More →

Quoted: Ello the social network vs. Facebook the ‘advertising platform’

"We don’t consider Facebook to be a competitor. We consider them to be an advertising platform more than a social network." — Paul Budnitz, Ello CEO and one of its co-founders, tells Bloomberg Businessweek that Ello's business model — Read More →
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