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New crop of crowdfunding consultants aim to help nonprofits, musicians

As crowdfunding takes off, with more entrepreneurs funding their next enterprise or project by asking for money online, a new industry of crowdfunding consultants has emerged. These are individuals and startups who advise nonprofits, musicians and artists launching a crowdfunding campaign, offering Read More →

Quoted: on Elon Musk, Tesla the car company and Tesla the man

"Instead of taking that money and buying a mega-yacht full of champagne and strippers and drifting off into a sunset of opulent repose, Musk invested every penny of his fortune into a new company: SpaceX." — Matthew Inman, in Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Biotech investor Mir Imran

After a long dry winter, biotechnology has enjoyed a warm embrace of late from venture capital firms. Mir Imran of San Jose’s InCube Labs might say, “What kept you?” The serial entrepreneur and Read More →

PayPal rolls out crowdfunding-friendly policies

Tossing out old policies that had made it very unpopular in the crowdfunding community, PayPal on Thursday announced a new approach to helping campaigns on Indiegogo and similar websites collect money for their startups and creative projects. The company Read More →

Jamaican bobsled team crowdfunds way to the Olympics

You could call it "Cool Runnings" 2.0. A Jamaican bobsled team has qualified for the Winter Olympics in Sochi next month, and the team is riding the crowdfunding wave to help pay for the trip and related expenses. Read More →

Rising tech startup star: The Middle East

Beneath the turmoil and unrest that has seized much of the Middle East, there is a burgeoning tech scene offering a nugget of hope in a place where creativity can be a luxury and basic survival is often a challenge. That’s Read More →
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