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Facebook’s got a two-front strategy for fighting in the mobile chat wars

If you had any doubt that Facebook takes the global messaging wars seriously – and paying $19 billion for WhatsApp is a pretty serious move – consider the social network’s decision this week to nudge more of its Read More →

Quoted: Comcast and Time Warner — competitors or not?

"Comcast can't have it both ways. It can't say that the existence of competition among distributors including Time Warner Cable was a reason to approve the NBC deal in 2010 and then turn around a few years later and say Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

It's tech tapas Thursday, here's what's on the menu. EBay and corporate agitator Carl Icahn settle their fight over Icahn's calls for a PayPal spinoff. Tesla — not Ford — is the future of "Made In America," says Read More →

What’s ahead for Apple: SV 150 growth profile

While fanboys and fangirls anxiously await the Next Big Thing from Apple, whether it’s the rumored iWatch or the rumored upgraded TV or the rumored whatever, the Cupertino tech giant rolls ahead as a revenue-heavy, cash-laden, globally-expanding behemoth. With a market Read More →

Off topic: Tax rates, libraries, breathing instead of eating, lemons vs. limes

We've got taxes on the mind, so here are the countries with the highest tax rates. Check this out: Photos and an essay on American public libraries. "Several adherents of these practices have died from starvation Read More →

Watch this and this and this: News, entertainment pour out of CNN, Yahoo, Xbox

As the tech and media world turn, and the avenues for consuming news and video and entertainment multiply, and everyone fights for eyeballs and ad dollars, here's what's going on: There's embracing of the new by the old, and vice Read More →

Some more potential Glass users: soldiers, new moms and HVAC repairmen

Whether it’s cops, firefighters, surgeons or air conditioning repairmen, it seems like every day brings another report about someone trying a new use for Google Glass on the job. The futuristic – some would say Read More →

Hewlett-Packard agrees to $108 million fine for foreign bribes

Hewlett-Packard said Wednesday it will pay federal investigators a $108 million fine to resolve allegations that its subsidiaries bribed officials in Poland, Russia and Mexico to win business contracts. The technology giant said the payment will be made to the U.S. Read More →

Waking up billions poorer, Silicon Valley’s elite lose some paper wealth

The stock market's April roller-coaster ride has taken its toll on one group: Silicon Valley's 23 richest are $11 billion less rich, reports Bloomberg. So far this year, Twitter has dropped 34 percent. Amazon is down 18 percent. As Read More →

Quoted: on cops objecting to being watched

"It's interesting and ironic that those who watch us to stop us from breaking things themselves broke things so they wouldn’t be watched!" — Neil Richards, law professor at Washington University in St. Louis, on the Los Read More →
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