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Music and tech: Kenny Loggins’ Kickstarter; Spotify and BandPage

Some musicians fight technology for various reasons, including that they feel they're getting ripped off. Not Kenny Loggins. He turned to Kickstarter for his piece of the pie, and with one day left to go in his crowdfunding Read More →

Are you ready to be annoyed, Internet user?

Consider yourself warned, dear Internet user. Due to some highly esoteric computer-engineering-related reasons, which I can't and won't try to explain because I myself don't understand it, Internet users may be in for a rough spell with possible outages next week. Why, Read More →

San Francisco software company Lookout raises $150 million for mobile security

San Francisco mobile security company Lookout nabbed a $150 million investment, the largest funding round raised by a security company this year. The investment exceeds all previous funding rounds combined for Lookout; the company has now raised more than $280 million Read More →

Facebook “emotion study” co-author talks about developing new ethics guidelines

The Cornell researcher who helped lead a controversial Facebook experiment has broken his silence, saying he never realized that people would be upset at learning their News Feeds were altered – without their consent – to see if it made Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

As usual, we scour the Internet and we share what we find. Goldman Sachs and other customers are pushing Cisco to step up its software offerings, saying they're not going to continue to pay for expensive hardware. Amazon unveils Read More →

Intel helping researchers combat Parkinson’s disease

Santa Clara chipmaker Intel and the Michael J. Fox Foundation announced a partnership Wednesday to find new ways to treat victims of Parkinson's disease, the widespread neurodegenerative brain disorder. The collaboration will include analyzing data gathered from gadgets worn by Parkinson's Read More →

Updated: Police say man did not ask Siri to help find a place to hide a body

Update: Gainesville police are saying the reports about Pedro Bravo asking Siri for help are not true: "Multiple reports of Bravo asking Siri to hide a roommate are incorrect... GPD Det. Goeckel certainly did not testify to that," the police Read More →

Quoted: Trolls drive Robin Williams’ daughter away from Twitter, Instagram

"Deleting this from my devices for a good long time, maybe forever. Time will tell. Goodbye." — Zelda Williams, daughter of the late Robin Williams, on Twitter on Wednesday. US Weekly reports that Zelda Williams — who Read More →

Off topic: Grammar gossip, uptalk, food du jour, post-Outside Lands

"The ellipses are unpopular because they don’t finish what they start ..." and other grammar gossip. Who/where is to blame for oh-so annoying uptalk? Kale, ramen, quiche and more: Hot or not? And "you ran off with Read More →

Google’s anti-aging health-tech spinoff, Calico, now has a website

It was almost a year ago that Google announced a health-tech spinoff with the ambitious goal of studying the aging process to extend human life.  The company, dubbed Calico, has been in stealth mode ever since. But now, at least, Read More →
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