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HP-EMC merger talks believed officially over

Hewlett-Packard appears to have given up its quest to buy all or part of data-storage company EMC. On Wednesday, Palo Alto-based HP said it was resuming its temporarily suspended stock-repurchase program because it was no longer in possession of "material non-public Read More →

Quoted: on Google Glass addiction

"He said the Google Glass withdrawal was greater than the alcohol withdrawal he was experiencing." — Dr. Andrew Doan, head of addictions and resilience research at the U.S. Navy’s Substance Abuse and Recovery Program (SARP), on a patient thought Read More →

Off topic: Changing voices, music and umlauts, will write for food, spirograph

With help from a coach, finding one's voice by changing it. On music and "the coolest of all diacritical marks." Yes, we're talking umlauts. Will Letter for Lunch handwrites chalkboard menus in exchange for food. And Read More →

Netflix raises prices on 4K videos

Netflix is now requiring new customers who want access to its library of ultra-high definition television shows and movies to sign up for a pricier plan than its regular subscription service; the 4K plan costs $12 a month, while its Read More →

Facebook’s Zuckerberg, Chan donate millions to fight Ebola

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are continuing to make headlines for what they do with their wealth. What's new: They're donating $25 million to the CDC in the effort to fight Ebola in Africa Read More →

Costco enters China through Alibaba’s e-commerce site

Costco is the latest U.S. retailer to join Alibaba's online marketplace, a sign of the power the Chinese Internet juggernaut wields in e-commerce and the growing threat is poses to online shopping sites such as eBay. Alibaba announced Tuesday Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Here's what's on the Tuesday menu. Shopping battle: Google takes aim at Amazon with expansion, new delivery fee of $95 a year for Google Express. And Eric Schmidt calls Amazon its biggest search competitor. (Speaking of Amazon, it's scheduled Read More →

Quoted: on hawking the domain

"But you could say the same thing about doctors. They can become very well-off treating very sick patients." — Jon Schultz, owner of the domain name, when questioned about wanting to profit off a disease that has killed Read More →

Off topic: Smell maps, drugs’ colors, synonyms for drunk, will wash dishes for food

Amsterdam's "smellmap"? Weed doesn't even register. Plus other cities' smells, mapped. Yes, it matters what color your pills are. ICYMI in 1737, Benjamin Franklin's list of synonyms for drunk, from addled to Read More →

Report: Silicon Valley firms missing qualified Hispanics and blacks in hiring

Silicon Valley firms recruit from the same stable of elite universities, a practice that contributes to the companies missing out on qualified ethnic and racial minorities, USA Today reports. Hispanics make up 6.5 percent and blacks 4.5 percent of Read More →
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