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Intel to merge its PC and mobile chip units

Hoping to get its microchips faster into mobile devices, Santa Clara-based Intel plans to merge its mobile and personal-computing divisions early next year. While its chips long have dominated the personal computer market, Intel has struggled to make much headway in Read More →

Big R&D spenders: That’s a lot of money for thinking outside the box

Six-hundred-and-forty-seven billion dollars. That's the record amount of money that public companies spent last year on dreaming big, thinking cutting-edge, plotting new products like crazy, and just all-around getting their creative grooves on. And it's actually $9 billion more than companies spent Read More →

Off topic: Words from errors, look at the satellites, coffee and beer spillage, revenge bento

Words that started out as mistakes include algorithm, auger, sashay and more. An interactive visualization of the more than 1,200 satellites orbiting Earth. Why does coffee tend to spill more than beer? And revenge Read More →

The FTC slaps TRUSTe for not checking up on websites’ privacy practices

TRUSTe, the San Francisco-based firm that certifies websites for meeting user privacy standards, failed to perform annual company privacy audits, the Federal Trade Commission said Monday. The company has agreed to pay $200,000 to settle the charges. The FTC Read More →

Wolverton: Want better broadband choices? Move to France

As former colleague Chris O'Brien's experience shows, when it comes to telecommunications services, consumers abroad are paying less for better options Read More →

Report: Coinbase in talks to raise up to $60 million

Silicon Valley high-profile investors appear to be lining up behind bitcoin, the crytocurrency that has won the hearts of many tech workers despite its volatility and uncertain future. Coinbase, an online exchange for purchasing, storing and transacting in bitcoins, is reportedly Read More →

Facebook: A LinkedIn rival? Plus what’s up with the news feed

We've got a couple of pieces of Facebook items for your news feed. • First, if you've ever wished to separate your personal and work Facebook accounts, that may soon be a reality. The Financial Times reports that Facebook is working Read More →

Uber gets its Spotify groove on

Love your Spotify playlists? Love getting out and about with Uber? Then you'll really love the latest feature from the king of ride-sharing and the king of music-streaming. They call it "soundtracking'' your trip and it lets you set your own Spotify Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

We've got your tech news links right here. Activist hedge fund Starboard buys shares in AOL amid its campaign for a Yahoo-AOL merger. Tech companies make year-end push in support of USA Freedom Act, which would try to curb NSA spying. With Read More →

Quoted: on computer programmers — and their agents

"There’s always this pattern that the creatives start out at the bottom of the food chain and are exploited... I see the exact same trend emerging with the tech industry. A lot of things can go wrong when a person Read More →
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