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Google Transparency Report: Government requests for data still rising

Google has released its latest Transparency Report, covering the first six months of the year, and the trend continues: The numbers of government requests for user information are going nowhere but up. Since the last report, they've risen 15 Read More →

Big e-sports event coming to Silicon Valley

You had to know that "e-sports" were big when Amazon and Google were both vying to buy video-game streaming service for $1 billion each. But if you want further evidence, consider the latest event announced Tuesday for the SAP Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

We've got your Tuesday tech news right here. PayPal goes after Apple Pay security in a New York Times ad: "We the people want our money safer than our selfies." (PayPal is alluding to the recent posting of nude Read More →

Quoted: Tim Cook on privacy and how Apple’s business is ‘very different’

"Our business is not based on having information about you. You're not our product. Our product are (iPhones), and this watch, and Macs, and so forth. And so we run a very different company. I think everyone has to ask, Read More →

Off topic: Directors’ faves, crossword vs. Scrabble champions, grammar and typos, gender bias

From those of Steven Spielberg to Sofia Coppola, directors' obsessions. War of words: on the mental abilities of crossword vs. Scrabble champions. Speaking of words, a rant against "grammar keyboard warriors" that might make Read More →

Alibaba raises IPO price days before market debut

Already marketing the largest-ever initial public offering, Alibaba on Monday upped the price of a tech deal amid voracious demand from investors. The Chinese e-commerce giant increased the price range of shares to $66 to $68, up from $60 to $66, Read More →

Google’s new phone release aims for the “next 5 billion”

Google has taken the wraps off a new line of smart phones designed for the developing world. And while they didn’t attract as much attention in Silicon Valley as Apple’s latest iPhone release, Google is hoping its new Android One Read More →

Microsoft to buy Minecraft; fans worry about game’s future

Microsoft's agreement to buy Minecraft-maker Mojang left many users worried about the future of the popular online game, despite reassurances from both companies. Read More →

France to Netflix: “Fiche-nous la paix!”

Netflix has arrived in France . . . and France is not amused. Worried that the American video-streaming giant will try to avoid paying French taxes, even as it launches a bloody frontal assault on the country's Gaelic sensibilities and proud Read More →

Drag queens, performers and others protest Facebook’s real name policy

Facebook employees at the firm's Menlo Park headquarters may look out their windows Tuesday and see people in drag protesting. The issue: Facebook's apparent crackdown enforcing its policy requiring people to use their real names. Unlike Twitter and services like Snapchat, Facebook requires Read More →
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