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On topic: Tech news to know now

We've got your tech news links right here. Real estate website Zillow is buying Trulia, its San Francisco-based rival, in a $3.5 billion stock deal. Apple reportedly is buying radio app Swell for $30 million. Speaking of Apple, Bose files Read More →

Tesla watchers eye Mobileye’s $500 million IPO

Mobileye, an Israeli company that's at the forefront of developing active safety features for vehicles, is scheduled to IPO on the New York Stock Exchange this week. The company makes software and cameras that help cars avoid accidents, Read More →

Quoted: Awkward — Congressman mistakes U.S. officials for Indian officials

"I'm familiar with your country; I love your country." — Rep. Curt Clawson, R-Florida, mistaking two senior U.S. officials for representatives of the Indian government — so, you know, their country is the same as his. Nisha Biswal and Read More →

Off topic: Rewriting the Ten Commandments, smelling T-shirt, generic vs. brand names, butt implants

"How I Work: Read This Life Hack from God Your Only Creator," and nine other commandments rewritten as clickbait. "Smell as many bags as you like, have fun!" — overheard at a pheromone party. Sleeping pills and baking Read More →

A peek behind Pinterest’s hiring curtain

In a refreshing bit of corporate benevolence,  Pinterest has pulled open the curtain for the world to see just how much effort it's putting into workplace equality. Under the headline "Diversity and Inclusion at Pinterest,'' the social-media darling's Tracy Chou,  a Read More →

Ban on cell phone unlocking close to being overturned

The U.S. House of Representatives on Friday passed a bill that would roll back a prohibition on cell phone unlocking; the bill now goes to the presidents desk to be signed. Read More →

Stream that bootlegged movie, go to jail

The nation's (almost) top cop is  mad as hell, and he's not gonna take it anymore. Outraged that Americans caught streaming pirated movies get a slap on the wrist while Americans downloading those same movies face time in the Big House, Read More →

Funding Flash: a new firm in town, and $500 million available for biotech

In case Silicon Valley’s venture pool wasn’t frothy enough for you, there’s a new VC firm in town. PointGuard Ventures, started by VC veterans Krish Panu and Pete Thomas, announced on Thursday their new fund and first investment. The winner? Movius, Read More →

Report: Google has granted majority of ‘right to be forgotten’ requests

Google reportedly granted more than 50 percent of the requests to remove links to information about individuals under Europe's new "right to be forgotten" ruling. The Wall Street Journal said that Google has told European regulators this, citing a person familiar Read More →

News you can wear: Smart shoes, possible Google Glass rival and more

These things nowadays, they think they're so smart. • First, for all you smarty-shoes out there, what about kicks that can run Google Maps and vibrate when you need to turn? That's right, you just follow your shoes. The Lechal smartshoes, Read More →
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