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Notebook sales have rebounded after lengthy lull

How long it might last is anyone's guess, but sales of laptop computers have finally shown a little life. After seven consecutive quarters of shipment declines, the global notebook personal-computer market improved in the second quarter this year, according to preliminary Read More →

Off topic: U.S. of photos, Johnny Cash’s everywhere, London bus stops, chocolate scientist

Travel the country via the Instagram account Everydayusa. (via National Geographic) Speaking of traveling, Johnny Cash went everywhere, man — see the map, hear the song. Then let's head to London, where there are Read More →

BrightSource pushes back against reports of burned birds

When BrightSource Energy first started construction on the Ivanpah solar thermal plant in the Mojave Desert, it came under scrutiny because of the project's impact on the desert tortoise. Now that Ivanpah is operational, there's another issue: burning birds. Read More →

Startup Spotlight: Roost, an Airbnb for storage

People are already sharing their house and cars to make a few bucks, and now you can also make a pretty penny for renting out your basement or garage. In the next evolution of the sharing economy, Roost, which Read More →

Twitter policing content: beheading video, plus images of deceased

Twitter, which has long touted its free-speech, anti-censorship stance, is policing content on its site in a couple of high-profile cases. It's dealing with the tweeting of a video showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley, which started circulating Read More →

Cisco execs try to put best face on 6,000 layoffs

How does a company attempt to soothe angst and bitter feelings when it announces thousands of its workers are getting the ax? Here's a bit of insight courtesy of blogger Brad Reese, who got hold of a Cisco Systems internal Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Here's what's on the Wednesday tech menu. Steve Ballmer's exit from the Microsoft board, coming soon after his stepping down as CEO, is no surprise because he's an "all in" person, some say. Ballmer is the new owner of Read More →

Survey: Half of shoppers don’t want their smartphones tracked

Not that anyone thought it would be easy, but new research points out just how tricky it is for retailers to build a cutting-edge shopping experience without alienating the very consumers they hope to attract or hold on to. It turns Read More →

Quoted: on Yahoo’s ‘tech cred’

"I want to bring some of the tech cred back to Yahoo, which has probably been a bit stale over the past few years." — Mike Kail, Yahoo's new CIO and senior vice president of infrastructure, in an interview Read More →

Off topic: not a Venn diagram, carpet of flowers, children’s drawings, fancy fat, ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’

Oops: an unintentional Venn diagram. Blooming in Belgium, a carpet made up of 750,000 flowers. "It does not mean that parents should worry if their child draws badly," but: Study finds correlation between drawing Read More →
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