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Quoted: on cars getting repo’d from afar

"It gets their attention." — Lionel M. Vead Jr., head of collections at First Castle Credit Union in Covington, Lousiana, on how devices that interrupt a car's starter, and GPS, have helped him do his job. He says he Read More →

Security bug Bash worse than Heartbleed, experts fear

Remember that computer vulnerability dubbed the Heartbleed bug discovered earlier this year, which security specialists said could put about two thirds of all websites at risk of being hacked? Well, now there's something even worse, they say. It's called Bash and Read More →

Off topic: Magical town, Shawshank Redemption, non-believers, punctuation marks

"Magic is to Colon what fog is to San Francisco" — a look at the "magic capital of the world." Another long read but worth it if you're a "Shawshank Redemption" fan: How the film, which premiered 20 years Read More →

Online survey company Qualtrics nabs $1 billion valuation

Qualtrics is the latest software company to join the $1 billion club with a mega investment from Silicon Valley venture firms Sequoia Capital and Accel Partners. The online-survey creator on Wednesday announced a $150 million funding round from the two powerhouse venture Read More →

Apple quickly pulls update to iOS 8

Apple on Wednesday released and then quickly retracted an update to iOS 8, the software that underlies iPhones and iPads, after early adopters reported numerous bugs. Read More →

Surprise iPhone 6 Plus feature: It bends

After two weeks of breathless coverage, we thought we’d scrutinized the iPhone 6 Plus from every angle. But we didn’t think to ask whether it would be compatible with skinny jeans. Over the past few days, some users have come forward Read More →

Sex is overrated. How about an app for cuddling?

You've got your Christian matchmaking apps for blessed unions, your for the middle-of-the-road dating set, your Tinder app for anonymous hookups, and your Grindr for on-the-spot sex with fellow bisexual or bi-curious men. Now for those seeking the softer side Read More →

(In)security news: Home Depot; ex-employees; breaches galore

What do you know, we found security-related news. • Fraudulent transactions related to the massive (56 million debit and credit cards over a period of five months) Home Depot breach are now popping up across the United States, according to the Read More →

iPhone 6 models offer new — but still immature — calling feature

The new iPhone 6 models support a new calling standard called VoLTE that sends calls made with the phones' built in dialer over the wireless carriers' data networks; the new technology could eventually mean better quality calls and fewer dropped Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Here's what's on Wednesday's menu. Facebook reportedly is preparing to cut ties with ALEC, the conservative think tank. As we wrote yesterday, Google says it has left the group. Speaking of Facebook, it's testing drones that Read More →
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