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Aereo files for bankruptcy

In a move that should surprise no one, Aereo, the pioneering video company that re-transmitted local TV signals to customers over the Internet, has filed for bankruptcy. Read More →

Tech looks to Congress for visa and green-card reforms

With the president's immigration action Thursday night, comprehensive reform will be harder to pass. Instead, what will likely happen is the piecemeal approach to immigration, something the tech industry has not supported the past couple years. But tech will have to do Read More →

Android users, beware!

Remember how nasty those computer viruses could be when they'd scramble up your screen and shut down your desktop?

And remember how comforting it was to start using these very safe and virus-protected smartphones without worrying that our ever-ready, Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

We've got your Friday tech news links right here. Google is testing ad-free, subscription-based Web browsing. All in the family: Some of Uber's investors have also funded its biggest critics. Speaking of Uber, it acknowledges it sought researchers to Read More →

Nothing says Thanksgiving Day like shopping until you drop

Remember way back in 2009 or so when Thanksgiving Day planning consisted of figuring out who was bringing dessert, where to watch the Macy’s Day Parade, how to work the feast in around the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys Read More →

Quoted: on perks at Pinterest, other tech companies

"We’re all lucky as hell to live here and be in this crazy zeitgeist of a movement that’s rich with money." — Evan Sharp, Pinterest co-founder, on why — besides the competition for talent — his company chooses Read More →

Off topic: Weed and words, baby and new pair of shoes, pro cuddling shop, music and science

Budtenders? Ganjapreneurs? How legalization is affecting the language related to marijuana. Delving deep into the origins of the phrase "baby needs a new pair of shoes." In Portland, a professional cuddling shop. (Headline of Read More →

Apple backs away from “free” apps in App Store

There are no more "FREE" apps in the App Store. Now, you just "GET" them. In a subtle but significant shift, Apple on Wednesday rebranded apps that were once labeled free. To select an app that is free to download, users now Read More →

New tool detects spyware used by governments

As the tech industry looks for ways to combat government spying, here comes another tool backed by Amnesty International, the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation, and a couple of privacy groups in Britain and Germany. It's called Detekt, Read More →

Sen. Al Franken wants answers from Uber

Now, Uber is doing its privacy mop-up tour. The company has been in a public relations tailspin all week for comments made by a top executive about snooping on journalists critical of the ride sharing firm. As I wrote Wednesday, Read More →
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