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Off topic: Healthy junk food, fast-food nuptials, mapping the global economy, one-man ‘Breaking Bad’

Extreme baby carrots, and marketing other fruit and veggies like junk food. I McDo: some couples are getting married at their favorite fast-food restaurants. From exports to pigs to Silicon Valley, the global economy explained in Read More →

Alibaba reveals huge revenue, profit weeks before IPO

In case we all didn't already know that Chinese Internet company Alibaba was, well, preparing to take over the world, the e-commerce colossus released financial statements to remind us just how formidable it really is. Alibaba -- an e-commerce, payments, cloud Read More →

Not all diversity reports are created equal

Of course, all company diversity reports are not the same. That's why this paper asked more than 30 Silicon Valley companies for the official government report they prepare annually on their workforce demographics. In a column today, I gave Read More →

Should we sell our souls for the Tesla Gigafactory?

What's a "gigafactory" worth? That's the question for officials in five states who are battling to be home of Tesla's new "gigafactory" for battery production. The answer may be "too much," warns a group of government fiscal watchdog types who wrote a Read More →

Lyft vs. Uber, sabotage vs. marketing

Welcome to the wild ride that is the tech industry, where on one hand you have a bunch of big companies accused of agreeing not to poach one another's employees, and on the other you have two rival Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Once again, we've got your tech news links right here. Apple going big: Bigger (12.9 inches!) iPad is coming early next year, according to Bloomberg. This comes as people anticipate that the soon-to-be unveiled iPhone will also have a bigger Read More →

Google going Gangnam style with new offices in Seoul … and maybe SoCal

Google’s going Gangnam style, opening a new South Korean startup center in the trendy Seoul neighborhood. It’s also reportedly eyeing spacious new digs for its Los Angeles offices – in a historic aircraft hangar. If you’ve been following the Internet giant, Read More →

Web filled with malicious “one-day wonders,” report finds

The Internet is awash with websites and related parts called sub-domains that are chockablock with nasty malware, a new study has discovered. The report by Sunnyvale security firm Blue Coat Systems said these so-called one-day web wonders help crooks set Read More →

Quoted: on startups and changing the world

"I'd love to create more meaningful products that have a significant impact on the world, but how can I if I can’t afford to pay my own rent first?" — Pieter Levels, 28, whose goal is to launch 12 Read More →

Off topic: List mania, guns in movies, nail polish with a purpose, GIFs and geometry

Let me get this straight, you want a list of lists of lists? F is for firearms in IMFDB, a site that catalogs firearms that have appeared in movies, and the actors and actresses who wielded Read More →
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