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Apple backs away from “free” apps in App Store

There are no more "FREE" apps in the App Store. Now, you just "GET" them. In a subtle but significant shift, Apple on Wednesday rebranded apps that were once labeled free. To select an app that is free to download, users now Read More →

New tool detects spyware used by governments

As the tech industry looks for ways to combat government spying, here comes another tool backed by Amnesty International, the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation, and a couple of privacy groups in Britain and Germany. It's called Detekt, Read More →

Sen. Al Franken wants answers from Uber

Now, Uber is doing its privacy mop-up tour. The company has been in a public relations tailspin all week for comments made by a top executive about snooping on journalists critical of the ride sharing firm. As I wrote Wednesday, Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Here's what's on the Thursday menu. Yahoo to replace Google as default search engine on Firefox browser. Yahoo — which will potentially get a boost in search market share — will honor Do Not Track (which grants requests by browser Read More →

Russian website shows live feeds of baby monitors and other webcams

Somebody may be snooping on your baby's video monitor or other webcam feeds, British authorities are warning, after discovering a Russian website hosting live broadcasts from thousands of such devices. BBC News, which reported the problem Thursday, declined to identify the Read More →

This new phone’s a pain in the neck

A Hudson River Valley rehab specialist has now given us all one more thing to worry about when we use our ADD-fueling, socially stifling smartphones all day and all night long. What's that, you ask? Well, bending you head down for hours Read More →

Quoted: on Facebook shuttle drivers’ vote to unionize

"Of all the industries in the world, the tech industry can afford to compensate those that help make them successful." — Rome Aloise, secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Local 853, in a statement celebrating Wednesday's unionization vote of drivers for Loop, Read More →

Flywheel raises $12 million to help taxis fight Uber

Despite the quick rise of ride-hailing apps Lyft and Uber, one San Francisco startup is out to prove that the taxi industry is not down and out. Flywheel, a mobile app that lets riders order a traditional taxi cab from their smartphone Read More →

Off topic: Population pyramid, planets as fruits, minimum-wage workers, best-books lists

Because life spans are longer and fertility lower, today's global population pyramid doesn't look like much of one. Jupiter is a watermelon — in this graphic that uses fruit to explain the scale of the solar system's planets. What Read More →

Uber investigating executive for accessing a reporter’s Uber travel logs

Uber, the ride sharing service, is now investigating its top New York executive over allegations he accessed the reporter's Uber travel records without her permission and in violation of the company's privacy policy, reports Buzzfeed. The news comes during Read More →
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