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This is a stickup! Your money or your WiFi password!

A purse-snatching? Upsetting. A first-degree murder? Unthinkable. A hacker stealing my credit-card information? Truly horrifying! In a shocking if timely bit of news from the digital front lines of our shared online world, a new poll reveals that what Americans fear most nowadays Read More →

Playstudios raises $20 M as mobile leads gaming industry

In a nod to the booming popularity of playing casino game on a smartphone, Playstudios, a mobile and social game developer in Burlingame, has raised $20 million from investors. Playstudios makes free apps for gaming enthusiasts who want to access Read More →

Study: Majority of $1 billion tech companies in past decade outside of Silicon Valley

Maybe the world is finally flat, with innovation and growth flourishing anywhere. In this vision, Silicon Valley doesn't have any special sauce that brews companies that reach a $1 billion valuation.


According to a new Read More →

Twitter earnings: Tweeps, ads and what’s next

How many new users are there in the Twittersphere? Inquiring minds want to know. Additional key things analysts and others will be watching this afternoon when Twitter reports its third-quarter results: Ad revenue. The outlook for the company's new products. Last Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

We've got your Monday tech news links right here. CVS, Rite Aid disable Apple Pay (and Google Wallet) in their stores. Why? They’re backing an alternative payments system. Thousands of Hungarians protest a planned tax on Read More →

HP reportedly considering trimming stake in China business

Hewlett-Packard, which recently announced it is splitting itself into two companies to become more efficient, also is considering lightening its corporate load in China, according to the Wall Street Journal. Citing "people familiar with the matter," the newspaper said "H-P has Read More →

Quoted: on Apple, the iPhone and the world

"It’s a more complex world today, and, in that sense, Apple is representative of that world." — Michael Feroli, chief United States economist for JPMorgan Chase, on how tough it is to calculate the effect of the iPhone, and Read More →

Off topic: Physics and Halloween costumes, Jediism, Chinese buildings, beards galore

“Shout, ‘I am Sparticle!’ whenever someone asks about your costume,” and other physics-themed Halloween costume ideas. A force beyond “Star Wars”? Jediism as religionStrange buildings in China include those shaped like teapots, pants and more. And All Read More →

Cook vows to bring Apple Pay to China

Apple CEO Tim Cook vowed to bring his company's full complement of products and services to China, starting with Apple Pay. During a four-day trip to China this week, Cook told the official Xinhua News Agency that Apple's new mobile Read More →

The dream of the ’90s is alive in Facebook Rooms

Ah, the 1990s: The grunge music, the overabundance of  flannel, the anonymous chat rooms you explored on your 28.8 dial-up modem. Facebook is reviving at least one of those blasts from the past with its new standalone chat Read More →
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