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Elevator Pitch: Sigma West’s Peter Solvik

People come to venture capital from a wide range of backgrounds. Peter Solvik did it after 20 years at two of Silicon Valley's corporate powerhouses. After a decade at Apple, Solvik in 1993 joined Cisco Systems, where he was Read More →

Google’s Kit Kat Android phone: The story that won’t die — and who wants it to?

You knew they were coming. When Google named (more or less) its next version of Android after the Kit Kat candy bar, you knew it was too good for digital jokesters to pass up. So, let the spoofs being. This Read More →

Quoted: FilmOn X TV streaming service loses round to broadcast networks

"The judge is clearly in (the broadcasters’) pockets. From the day they filed in D.C. I suspected they had influence in the courts there. There is something so very rotten in corporate America and it makes me sad." — Read More →

Off topic: Wedding Crunchers, dating and politics, tipping debate, drive-ins, amusement parks

"Plot n-gram frequency and visualize trends across 30+ years of yuppie nuptials" at Wedding Crunchers' searchable database of three decades' worth of New York Times wedding announcements, courtesy of Rap Genius. Pre-wedding, though: on Read More →

Research firm again cuts bullish forecast for Windows Phone

IDC wants you to know that, despite everything, it still has high hopes for Windows Phone ... just not as high as before and not nearly as high as Microsoft's. Read More →

Bottle sunlight: California proposes historic Energy Storage targets

Whoa! Carla Peterman of the California Public Utilities Commission has proposed a 1,325 megawatt energy storage procurement target for the state's three largest utilities. The goal of the proposed decision is to optimize the grid, integrate renewable energy and Read More →

The smartwatches are coming, it must be gadget-overload o’clock

So Samsung beat Apple to the punch — or the wrist. Well, it depends on whether people will buy the Galaxy Gear, the latest gadget Samsung's selling. And everyone and their mother is making Internet-connected timepieces. Will picking Read More →

Facebook rule changes spark new privacy complaints

UPDATE:  Facebook said late Thursday that it's reviewing user comments submitted since the proposed changes were announced on Aug. 29. While it's no longer accepting input, the changes won't go into effect before next week. "We are taking the time to Read More →

Hoping for quick sale, BlackBerry could struggle to find takers

BlackBerry, it seems, wants to find a buyer ASAP. The big question, though, is whether it will find any takers. Read More →

A Nissan Leaf push in Orlando

Tourists and business travelers visiting Orlando, known for its beaches and Walt Disney world, can now rent a Nissan Leaf with free charging under a new program called Drive Electric Orlando. Orlando is the nation's largest rental car market, Read More →
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