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Tech targets: American companies abroad, Chinese-made gear in the U.S.

The tech industry, it's global. And that's the problem: • France and its tech concerns — many of which reflect Europe's, too — are front and center lately. Telecoms in Europe are asking American tech companies to share the costs of Read More →

Twitter lasts forever in the Library of Congress #whatwouldJeffersonsay

So CNN tells us that the Library of Congress is busy amassing all the tweets known to man and woman -- OK, all the public tweets (public, I thought was the point) known to man and woman – and Read More →

Quoted: on gadgets and showers

"You can take it in the shower if you want, or more usefully if you get it dirty you can wash it under the tap." — Quick! What is Steve Walker, Sony executive, talking about? If you said a smartphone, Read More →

Off topic: Images from words, shooting dead people, common fears, pickpocket secrets

From condom to inflation to tsunami, creating images out of the letters in a word. (The sound effects help, too. Video, via Metafilter.) Judging from this collection of headlines, there's a lot of shooting dead people going Read More →

Apple’s cup runneth over with apps

Apple sent out a press release this morning, crowing about the 40 billion apps that people have now downloaded from the App Store. In typical fashion, the publicists piled on the numbers - nearly 20 billion in 2012 alone! over 500 Read More →

A look at the state’s biomedical industry

California and particularly the Bay Area  remain the nation's top spots for biomedical entrepreneurs and employees,  according to an industry report Monday. California boasts 2,321 biomedical businesses, more than any other state, according to the latest annual snapshot of the Read More →

Did Tesla Motors deliver 2,500 Model S sedans in Q4?

In November, Tesla Motors assured Wall Street that it was on track to deliver 2,500 to 3,000 units of its all-electric Model S sedan in the fourth quarter. So did they? Tesla isn't likely to reveal the numbers until the Read More →

CES dispatches: Convertibles take the stage

One of the themes of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is likely to be convertibles: computers that can switch between laptop and tablet modes. On Sunday, at several preview events, we members of the media got Read More →

Social issues: Facebook conversation requested by criminal defense

GMSV has talked often about the issues surrounding government and law enforcement accessing Internet users' personal information, from emails and text messages to social-media posts. Companies such as Facebook and Twitter have turned over user information Read More →

Gadget talk: PCs, tablets, Nvidia game console, TVs at CES

We're talking gadgets as the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off this week in Las Vegas: • Will the new PCs and PC-tablet hybrids being introduced at the show get consumers excited and help provide a boost for Microsoft's Windows 8, which Read More →
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