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Netflix shares trading at new highs ahead of earnings report

Netflix shares are rising sharply ahead of the company's earnings report today. They are up nearly 5 percent to about $348, at a record trading high, as of this post. Here are a couple of things to watch about the Read More →

Facebook’s Zuckerberg hosting a hackathon for immigrant ‘Dreamers’

In the latest phase of a campaign to change U.S. immigration laws, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and some other prominent tech figures are hosting a hackathon next month for young “Dreamers” - undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as Read More →

Quoted: Dick Cheney on his heart — and hacking

"It seemed to me to be a bad idea for the vice president to have a device that maybe somebody on a rope line or in the next hotel room or downstairs might be able to get into, hack into." — Read More →

Off topic: ‘unusable’ words, animals vs. zombies, athlete stock exchange, Buzzfeed sans GIFs

Auto-antonyms such as "depthless," overused words such as "awesome" and other supposedly unusable words. Attack of the zombies vs. attack of the animals — on zombies. ICYMI: Will investors take the ball and run with the Read More →

Juniper tops survey for highest average engineer pay

Sure, Facebook and Google regularly top the "best places to work" — perks do make a difference — rankings. But Juniper Networks more than other top tech companies really puts its money where its mouth is. But Read More →

Researchers: Security flaw could expose Apple iMessages

Security researchers this week demonstrated that the iMessage system has some built-in flaws that would allow it to be compromised by a man-in-the-middle attack, including one by Apple itself. Read More →

Ridesharing, taxis in high gear for BART strike

For the second time in three and a half months, BART workers walked off the job at midnight Thursday, leaving 400,000 commuters scrambling for a ride to work. And for the second time since the July strike, commuters turned to the Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Lisa Suennen of Psilos Group

The federal shutdown may be over (for now), but President Obama's new healthcare law continues to be one of the nation's hottest topics. In this week's edition of Elevator Pitch, we ask health-tech investor Lisa Suennen what Read More →

Tech in pop culture: Randi Zuckerberg’s book, plus WikiLeaks and ‘The Fifth Estate’

From books to movies, tech ties are all over the place. Here are a couple. • Worked at Facebook, check. Silicon Valley reality TV show, check. Production studio, check. Now Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Read More →

Quoted: on the Chive nation

"If I see someone in a Chive T-shirt, I know what kind of person they are and that I’ll probably get along with them. They’re funny, not easily offended, they like to party. And they love Bill f-‍-‍-ing Murray." — Read More →
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