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Better Place comes to a Bitter End

Battery swap start-up Better Place announced Sunday that has filed a motion with an Israeli court to dissolve the company "in light of its failure to raise additional funds." Fortune first reported the likelihood of bankruptcy on Friday. “This is Read More →

Fumble through Tumblr and Yahoo with Pat & Mike

Just in time for your happy hour: Pat and Mike tumble through the Tumblr/Yahoo deal, talk about Mr. Cook going to Washington and debate whether New York Times columnist Joe Nocera was right when he called Cook a liar. You won't Read More →

Omidyar Network’s Matt Bannick is barnstorming for good ideas to do good

The Omidyar Network, a social impact investing fund, brought its annual gathering to Silicon Valley this week, hosting panels and talks on how to change the world. It's a big order, fueled by big ideas. Between sessions I sat down with Read More →

HuffPo’s Arianna Huffington tells Pierre Omidyar how to increase clicks — and it’s not how you think

We can all agree that Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post (wonder where she got the name?), knows a thing or two about capturing the eyeballs of wealthy readers and making them stick. So, how does she do Read More →

Tech as problem-solver: On 3D-printed food, plus saving a baby’s life

Among the many things the tech industry has been criticized for — see today's Quoted — it has been blasted for its attitude that technology can solve all the world's ills. At Google I/O earlier this month, for Read More →

Elevator Pitch: New venture capital Q&A feature debuts with Paul Santinelli of North Bridge

Welcome to Elevator Pitch, a new weekly Q&A feature that puts top Silicon Valley tech investors under the spotlight and gets them chatting about what kinds of deals they’re looking for — and the common pitfalls that can trap Read More →

Google, Facebook vying for Waze?

The rumor du jour on the Interwebs is that Google may be interested in buying Waze, the crowd-sourced traffic information app for smartphones, following earlier reports that Facebook was in talks over a possible $1 billion bid for the service. Nobody’s Read More →

Quoted: Marc Andreessen talks tech, government and Silicon Valley’s mentality

"It's very possible for somebody to show up [in Silicon Valley]... and have had absolutely no exposure at all to politics, social issues, history. When the government shows up, it's bad news. They go, 'Oh , my God, government is Read More →

Off topic: Hoarding, beer class, misconceptions, Pope and atheists, hip-hop tour

Researchers try to understand why people hoard. Field trip to a pub! An economics course on beer and happiness. (via Freakonomics) Go ahead and eat before you swim, it won't give you cramps — that's from Read More →

Jon Stewart riffs on the Tim Cook-US Senate love fest

Have you seen Jon Stewart's riff on Apple CEO Tim Cook's appearance this week before Congress, a hearing over the company's tax policies that came in with a roar and went out with a round of whimpering by Read More →
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