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Zuckerberg group woos conservatives on immigration

Mark Zuckerberg’s newly formed political advocacy group isn’t wasting time in plunging into the immigration debate, with a new effort that suggests the group won’t be shy about playing modern politics with the big boys and girls., which Read More →

Three Bay Area all-girls teams finalists in Technovation Challenge

Teams from Bay Area high schools have snagged three of the 10 finalist spots in this year's Technovation Challenge, an all-girls contest in which the winners get $10,000 to develop a mobile app. This year, those who entered Read More →

Quoted: Huawei forced to shift focus away from U.S.

"We are not interested in the U.S. market any more." — Eric Xu, executive vice-president for Huawei Technologies, at the Chinese company's annual analysts meeting Tuesday. The Financial Times (subscription required) reports that the company is shifting its focus Read More →

Driving, delivering, skiing while distracted

Whether one's driving or skiing, tech distractions abound: • As Heather Somerville writes for SiliconBeat, she went on a ride-along with an eBay Now courier last week. The woman, who in this case was a 25-year-old part-time student, was tasked Read More →

Quoted: Khan Academy founder puts things in perspective

"She said that her entire family prays for my family every night. To put that into context, at the time I was working for a hedge fund." — Sal Khan, founder of Mountain View-based Khan Academy, recalls a letter Read More →

Off topic: Gourmet Ghana, gay-marriage map, bats and viruses, Tylenol for feelings, magnetic putty

Gourmet food in Ghana. Mapping the legalization of gay marriage around the world. Fascinating read on bats and viruses. Don't all the heartbroken rush to the drugstore at once: Tylenol for emotional pain? Read More →

A ride-along with eBay Now

When eBay joined the same-day delivery fad sweeping through online commerce, it upped the ante. eBay wouldn't just deliver on the same day -- it would deliver within the same hour. While Wal-Mart and Amazon continue wrestling with the challenges of Read More →

DOE recoups $21 million from Fisker Automotive’s reserve account

Everyone is waiting for Fisker Automotive to file for bankruptcy. And House Republicans are already planning a hearing, scheduled for Wednesday, on the company's $529 million loan through the DOE's ATVM program. (CEO TonyPosawatz and co-founder Read More →

Bad news for Netflix subscribers: SpongeBob is going away

If you're a Netflix subscriber, get ready to have your kids say goodbye to SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer. Read More →
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