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Rounding up change: T-Mobile, cell-phone subsidies and baseball, plus Target’s online price match

The tech times, they are a-changin': • T-Mobile CEO John Legere tells Reuters the wireless carrier will end cell-phone subsidies in three to four months, around the time it begins carrying Apple's iPhone. Legere talked about these changes Read More →

CES dispatches: Intel keeps pushing x86 rock up smartphone hill

Intel may still be struggling to gain traction in the smartphone and tablet markets, but don't expect the company to abandon its efforts or do anything radical to change them. Read More →

Taiwan-based EVA AIR upgrades business class amid airline industry push to improve service and profits

Taiwanese airline EVA AIR, one of Silicon Valley's popular cross-Pacific commuter services, has upgraded its business-class cabin to include lie-flat seats. The $100 million upgrade to front-of-the plane cabins, dubbed Royal Laurel Class, on the airline's Read More →

Quoted: on RFID tracking in school and religious objections

"We must obey the word of God. By asking my daughter and our family to participate and fall in line like the rest of them is asking us to disobey our Lord and Savior." — Steven Hernandez, father of Read More →

Off topic: All-robot band, bug-fighting pandas, NatGeo photo contest winners, mapping American dating

This will probably drive the music purists crazy: An all-robot metal band does its thing. Pandas are cute, endangered and possibly a big help in fighting superbugs. An In Focus look at National Geographic's Read More →

CES Dispatches: Sony, Lenovo revive tabletop PC idea

Intel and its PC allies are reviving an idea that many in the industry had given up for dead long ago: tabletop computers. As a result, for the first time in more than a decade, the desktop PC industry is starting Read More →

CES Dispatches: Sony demos new uses for NFC

NFC may be failing to find traction in mobile payments, but the technology is starting to find a useful life as an easy means to allow tech gadgets to connect. Read More →

Mosaic’s crowdsourced solar projects sell out

Solar financing startup Mosaic, which wants to be the "Kickstarter for solar," has a lot to celebrate. This week, it released a platform that lets average people - you and me - invest in solar projects with as little Read More →

Mobile by the numbers: Tablets expected to surpass notebooks, plus AT&T and Samsung’s record numbers

Smartphones, tablets and numbers, oh my: • 240 million vs. 207 million: That's the number of tablets expected to ship worldwide this year vs. the number of notebook PCs expected to ship this year, according to a new report from Read More →

CES Dispatches — 3D hype replaced by sound of crickets

At CES, 3D televisions have gone from the Most Hyped Thing Ever to the Technology That Shall Not Be Named. At their press conferences here on Monday, the major television manufacturers touted the new and updated Read More →
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