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CISPA set to go to the House with the same old privacy concerns

CISPA passed the House Intelligence Committee in an 18-2 vote Wednesday, which means it could go to the full House as early as next week. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, which pushes for more cooperation between businesses and the Read More →

PC decline worries Wall Street

The news that personal computer sales for the first three months of this year suffered their worst drop in nearly two decades has Wall Street in a dither. Several analysts expressed particular concern for Hewlett-Packard, which depends heavily on PC sales Read More →

Zuckerberg launches new policy group

After weeks of rumors, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and other tech leaders have taken the wraps off a new political group that plans to advocate for immigration reform, better schools and more investment in scientific research. The new group is backed by a Read More →

Quoted: Agents show coders the money

"We deal with the necessary evils of being a freelance coder, so they don’t have to." — Altay Guvench, a coder who has become one of the first agents for software developers — a Jerry Maguire for the geek Read More →

Off topic: Packed cities, street artist, dessert art, eating bugs, the penny question

Personal Space, an interactive visualization of population density of cities around the world. Montreal artist's canvas is the road. His name: Roadsworth. (via Colossal) Speaking of art, a blog about dessert and design. (via Read More →

Facebook-loving, friendly and flighty workers are the best, Evolv’s new Big Data study shows

When it comes to hiring hourly workers, gut instinct has been leading employers astray, says a report released today by the number crunchers at Evolv, a San Francisco big data house. For those who wonder why anyone would bother running Read More →

For Tumblr’s Storyboard, it’s the end

If there's one thing branded content seems to have emulated perfectly from the journalistic world, it's uncertainty. The latest example: Tumblr has laid off the editorial team that was responsible for telling stories about users of and content on the Read More →

New emoticons let Facebook users share even more

Facebook users who over share just about everything in their lives now won’t have to worry about those cumbersome words to express exactly how they’re feeling at any given moment, or about any particular topic, through the use of new Read More →

eBay goes deeper into ad targeting

This post has been revised from its original version, and has been updated to include a more accurate description of eBay's ad targeting program and data-sharing policy. eBay is getting deeper into the lucrative world of ad targeting, following in the footsteps of e-commerce Read More →

Quoted: on looking back by way of the Apple Pop-Up Museum

"When we hear a band we liked as teenagers, we feel nostalgia, but that's usually not the band's thing." — Thereze Almström, the Apple Pop-Up Museum's curator, when asked why Apple doesn't seem interested in looking back at its Read More →
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