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Off topic: Talking urinals, jellyfish power, middle-class problems, math and the movies

Talking urinal aims to prevent drunk driving by discussing ... er, one's aim. Will jellyfish take over the ocean "one bite at a time"? A Twitter feed collects Read More →

Satirical, slightly less wonky: ‘The Internet Must Go’ short film talks net neutrality

I remember once talking to a door-to-door solicitor for Comcast, asking him what he thought about his company's dismal record on net neutrality. He had no idea what I was talking about. As I explained to him that the term Read More →

Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch Disrupt appearances will challenge tech’s silence on NSA spy scandal

Michael Arrington is about to go off, and it could be a good thing. In a blog post on his, Arrington, the TechCrunch founder who's known to speak his mind, has promised to use his TechCrunch Disrupt appearances this Read More →

Netflix shares climb to all-time high after it’s added to U.K. cable bundle

Netflix shares are at an all-time high after the announcement it will be carried by major cable TV provider Virgin Media in the U.K. in a first-of-its-kind deal — not bad for a company some figured for dead Read More →

HP still in turnaround, falls off Dow

Silicon Valley pioneer Hewlett-Packard has suffered its share of indignities in recent years – first losing its ranking as the world’s biggest tech company in overall sales, when it was passed by Apple and Samsung, before losing its crown to Read More →

Quoted: John Sculley, still talking about Steve Jobs’ ouster from Apple

"Why I didn’t go to Steve Jobs and say, ‘Steve, let’s figure out how you can come back and lead your company.’ I didn’t do that, it was a terrible mistake on my part. I can’t figure out why I Read More →

CREE’s new LED Bulb: designed for California, with mass adoption as the goal

CREE, the Durham, N.C.-based leader in the fast-growing LED lighting space, is on the market with a new LED bulb for consumers that looks like a regular light bulb and functions like one. While the bulb has a $19.97 sticker Read More →

Off topic: Evolution raps, nonsensical charts, forgotten words, it’s a small world

"So, how do you go from amoeba to rappers? You open The Origin of Species, and you read its chapters." — from Artificial Selection, an installment from the Rap Guide to Evolution Music Videos. (via Brain Read More →

Must read: the New Yorker on “The President and the Pipeline”

We've written quite a lot about Tom Steyer and his activism on behalf of climate change, including the fight against Prop. 23 here in California.  Steyer is a former hedge fund manager and billionaire who has made stopping Read More →

NSA spying: Smartphones, Yahoo lawsuit against government, more

So much NSA spying news, so little time: • Raise your hand if you thought your smartphone was exempt from all the NSA spying news. No one? We didn't think so. And so yes, it turns out your smartphone is a Read More →
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