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Tesla Motors celebrates its 5-star safety rating, and the Model S broke the roof crush testing machine

Much has been made about Tesla Motor's Model S sedan. How the all-electric ride will rivet your attention from the start. But CEO Elon Musk has been focused on safety as much as style. On Monday, Tesla proudly announced that Read More →

Never mind what Slate says, computer science for everyone makes sense to me

I understand where programmer Chase Felker is coming from when he writes in Slate that it's time to ease up on pushing kids into programming, but I'm not ready to jump off the bandwagon he describes as overcrowded. Felker's key Read More →

Shai Agassi on Tesla Motors: Detroit’s reacting all wrong

Shai Agassi, the charismatic founder of the bankrupt electric battery-swap start-up Better Place, has a lengthy post on LinkedIn today about Tesla Motors, writing that "GM shouldn't be the only company worried about Tesla's future plans. The entire car Read More →

Will Samsung beat Apple in the race to the wrist?

So when did wristwatches suddenly become the cat's meow? Just when I figured watches were in their dying days, replaced by, oh I don't know, how about the watch on the face of that smartphone you now carry in your hand Read More →

Quoted: on physical threats in the electronic and Internet age

"We've even found an employee's personal wireless router hidden in a potted plant." — Heather Bearfield, of the Technology Assurance Services Practice Group at Marcum, on the physical security risks companies (and governments) face. Businesses throw a lot of Read More →

Google patent: tracking what you see and how it makes you feel

Google’s Glass has already prompted debate over privacy and some potentially off-putting uses for a device that’s capable of accessing the Internet and recording whatever its wearer happens to look at. Now it seems Google has obtained a patent for a Read More →

Off topic: 3D-printing duds, London panorama, beard types, Ouija boards, dance video

Sometimes they fall flat: photos of 3D-printing failures. A panoramic drawing of London. Mutton chops = book antiqua, and other entries on the guide to beard typography. Does the ideomotor effect explain Read More →

Documentary on Alibaba’s Jack Ma coming to Silicon Valley — with lessons to teach

In the mid-90s, Porter Erisman was working in China, doing Internet marketing for a big PR conglomerate, when he heard about a startup a local English teacher was launching to become the eBay of China. Erisman ended up spending eight Read More →

PayPal freezes, then returns money for GlassUp campaign

Crowdfunding websites, an exploding Internet phenomenon that allows people and organizations to raise money for a cause or idea, are butting heads with online payment systems and the financial regulations that control them. The recent conflict between GlassUp, an augmented reality Read More →

Yet another venture capitalist joins ranks of NBA owners, and Warriors honchos clean up

Ever since Tibco CEO Vivek Ranadive won the right to buy the NBA's Sacramento Kings a few months back (beating out Microsoft's Steve Ballmer in the process), people have been waiting for a second shoe to Read More →
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