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More spying news: Microsoft writes attorney general; NSA is sued

As the House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing today on U.S. government surveillance programs, here are a couple of related developments: • A clearly frustrated Microsoft  has asked Attorney General Eric Holder to "get involved personally" in considering the Read More →

Study: Teens have better relationship with the ‘rents when they connect via social media

Parents who worry they might be ruining their childrens’ social lives by lurking on their kids’ Facebook pages and monitoring their tweets have more ammunition to keep snooping, er, “parenting.” A new study out of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, Read More →

Quoted: PayPal giveth, taketh away $92 quadrillion from customer

"I'm a very responsible guy. I would pay the national debt down first. Then I would buy the Phillies, if I could get a great price." — Chris Reynolds, of Media, Pa., on seeing in an email statement that his Read More →

Off topic: Peashooting, around the world in books, tsunami ball, ‘These Boots’ covers

"Only peas provided by the official organisers may be used" at the annual World Peashooting Championships. Last year, a woman chose from this list of recommendations and read one book from every country in the world. Read More →

Yahoo’s ‘Eyewitness News’ report with Marissa and Ken

It looked a lot like your local 5 o'clock newscast, with veteran anchors Marissa Mayer and Ken Goldman.  Mayer gave the day's top story, while Goldman ran down the sports, weather and traffic numbers. Well, not really on the sports and Read More →

Twitter turned 7… again?

I was scrolling through a Twitter list of tech company leaders, as we blogger types tend to do. I came across an exchange between Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams about yesterday being the anniversary of Twitter's launch seven years ago. Read More →

Quoted: Bill Gates sticks up for patents

"(Intellectual property) — it's a complex system. Anybody who thinks getting rid of (the patent system) would make the world better, I can tell you... that's crazy." — Bill Gates, speaking Monday at Microsoft's Faculty Summit, where he addressed Read More →

Is Apple bringing salvation to the living room’s ad-swamped masses?

In an interesting item from her nascent blog,  former Wall Street Journalite and longtime Apple-watcher Jessica Lessin reports that the Cupertino iPhone maker has been talking with cable operators and television studios about an ad-skipping technology for its rumored Read More →

Report: Apple in talks to buy 3D sensor company

In a move that could give Apple's rumored television a cool track, the Cupertino company is in early talks to buy PrimeSense, which designs chips that are used to detect motion in three dimensions, according to Calcalist, an Israeli business Read More →

Off topic: Language sleuth, inside a Wienermobile, sinkholes, World War Z

A forensic linguist explains how he helped discover that a critically acclaimed "debut" crime novel was actually written by J.K. Rowling of "Harry Potter" fame. Just so you know: what goes on in the Oscar Read More →
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