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When, Twitter, when? IPO buzz continues

Now what? Yes, we're talking Twitter and yesterday's tweeted bombshell — OK, at the very least, somewhat surprising news — about it taking a step toward an IPO by submitting a confidential filing with the SEC. One big question, as Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Mark Siegel of Menlo Ventures

Welcome back to Elevator Pitch, where we put top tech investors under the microscope -- and pass the learnings on to you. Up this week is Mark Siegel, who studied dark matter and galaxy formation at MIT, then Read More →

Quoted: ‘Apple of China’? Xiaomi CEO says no, thanks

"They (Apple) don't really care about what the users want. They imagine what the users want. ... We focus on making the product that makes users scream." — Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, the 3-year-old phone maker that's on Read More →

Off topic: Dating tips, words from all over the place, drawing U.S. maps, starring libraries, toilet gastronomy

"You are not hot as you think when you're drunk," "wear red," and other gems from the BPS Research Digest guide to dating. Brook vs. bayou,  bag vs. sack, potluck vs. carry-in dinner and other region-specific words. Read More →

Tweet this (and oh, they have): A Twitter IPO is coming

In a tweet heard 'round the tech world and beyond, Twitter finally announced today that it has set an IPO in motion. The 7-year-old company's impending initial public offering has been rumored for a while, with the buzz getting Read More →

Feds are looking at Facebook’s proposed privacy changes

Now the feds are looking into those controversial Facebook privacy changes. What that means isn’t exactly clear. But privacy advocates have already complained that the changes Facebook announced last month would violate the social network’s 2011 settlement with the Federal Read More →

Quoted: Fired exec Pax Dickinson talks misogyny, controversy, ‘biased’ media and… the NSA

" I believe as strongly as anyone that freedom of expression should be protected and that it’s threatened by the government but also by a politically biased progressive shaming culture in our media." — Pax Dickinson, who this week was Read More →

Off topic: Alligator farm, civil rights and graffiti, struck by lighting, simpleton, programming quiz

A story about California's alligator farm — and old Hollywood. Remembering civil-rights champions through graffiti-style murals. Deaths from lightning, as told by a woman who looks for gravestone inscriptions of such things. Attention, word Read More →

Apple’s Woz, Guy Kawasaki, Andy Hertzfeld, Randy Wigginton, Daniel Kottke celebrate revival of the Twiggy Mac

If Silicon Valley had a Mt. Rushmore, you could do worse than chisel the form out of the photo op that erupted Wednesday when a few of Apple's earliest employees (think single-digit employee numbers) stopped Read More →

Apple’s new fingerprint scanner: A good idea gone wrong

Apple's new fingerprint scanner is a good idea. But the company has crippled it so much that it's little more than a gimmick at best and a security problem at worst. Read More →
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