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Intel goes Hollywood (close anyway) in search of TV deal on heels of Google, NFL talks

Intel's move to set up entertainment outposts near the beautiful people of Santa Monica and New York is yet another sign that Silicon Valley sees itself as the future capital of the television universe. Some had doubted the chipmaker's commitment Read More →

Quoted: Jack Dorsey talks Square and town squares

"No matter how much of our life moves online, we’re always going to have our favorite places around the corner from us. I think we’ve seen a diminishment of the town square: the coffee house, the bar, the salon. They Read More →

Off topic: Loneliness, expert check-splitting, unusual jobs, flying pigs or whatever, what drivers think

Happy Monday, here's a piece on loneliness. An engineer, mathematician, physicist and computer scientist walk into a restaurant ... and discuss splitting the check. McSweeneys' interviews with a safe cracker, cheese sculptor and other Read More →

Get outta town, Peter Shih!

After blasting San Francisco for its ambivalent weather, uptight women, the homeless, a lack of nightlife and other shortcomings, big-mouthed smarty-pants entrepreneur Peter Shih seems to have alienated just about everyone who's ever lived in SF, visited SF or dreamed Read More →

Ballmer’s retirement brings to mind some memorable moments on stage

The news that Steve Ballmer is retiring as CEO of Microsoft is inspiring all manner of sober assessments of his tenure at the company. It's also sparked plenty of speculation about his possible successor. Our favorite rumor of the day, via Read More →

NSA spying: Documents show Prism costs for gathering data from Google, Yahoo, others

A new report shows the NSA has run up millions of dollars in costs associated with Prism, a massive spying program that involves demanding user information from companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. That gathering such information costs loads Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Brian Jacobs of Emergence Capital Partners

With the venture industry increasingly dominated by a handful of multibillion-dollar powerhouses like NEA and Sequoia Capital, smaller boutique firms have arisen to focus on particular startup sectors or stages. Outfits like True Ventures and Read More →

Watchdog groups objecting to Google privacy suit settlement

A group of consumer watchdogs have raised objections to an $8.5 million settlement proposal for an Internet privacy lawsuit brought against Google, complaining that the deal doesn't require Google to make any substantive changes and doesn't really benefit consumers who Read More →

Quoted: ‘Emotional’ Steve Ballmer stepping down as Microsoft CEO after 13 years

"This is an emotional and difficult thing for me to do. I take this step in the best interests of the company I love; it is the thing outside of my family and closest friends that matters to me most." — Read More →

Off topic: Chicago words, design oops, Chinese pickle index, no more citizenship, mapping folklore

Props, yuppie, two thumbs up and more are English-language words with Chicago roots, says Chicago Magazine. The Tower of Pisa and other big design failures, according to a Fast Company infographic. China has reportedly established a Read More →
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