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Intel’s earnings forecast sparks skepticism

As Wall Street weighed in Wednesday on Intel's earnings report from yesterday, a number of analysts found the company's expectations a tad too optimistic and some expressed concerns about the chip-maker's future. Several sounded particularly dubious of the company's assertion that its sales Read More →

Twitter making money: here a chirp, there a chirp

Twitter turned 7 last month, and many think it is set to go public within the next year. CEO Dick Costolo has publicly stuck to his guns that the San Francisco company doesn't necessarily need to go IPO. Read More →

WhatsApp CEO boasts more users than Twitter

Messaging app WhatsApp now has more users than Twitter and sends more messages than Facebook, the company's chief executive announced Tuesday. An app unknown to many until a year or so ago, and which remains snarled in security problems and privacy Read More →

Google Glass: Not so good for underwater activities

Google has started delivering the first commercial model of Glass, its new visor-like wearable computer, to some eager developers who signed up in advance to buy the device – for $1,500 – after its sky-diving debut at the Read More →

Microsoft’s patent deal with Foxconn parent means more money from Android

Microsoft may be competing against Google's Android, but it also makes money from it. And a new patent settlement with China's Hon Hai means that the software giant continues to reap benefits from an industry in which its own products Read More →

Quoted: on CISPA opponents as ’14-year-old tweeters in your basement’

"People on the Internet — if you're, you know, a 14-year-old tweeter in your basement... I took my nephew, I had to work with him a lot on this bill because he didn't understand the mechanics of it." — Read More →

Wiretap: BandPage co-founder takes new startup out of the garage

Hayes Metzger was toiling along as a developer at Salesforce when he and some friends got a cool idea: Starting a service that would let musicians promote themselves and reach their fans on Facebook. The product, BandPage, launched in 2010 and Read More →

Off topic: Prized possessions, public lands, your brain on beer, music medley

Photos of people and their prized possessions. (via @guykawasaki) The Bureau of Land Management uses "Jurassic Park" and its Tumblr to get the masses excited about public lands. No need for a buzz: For some, the Read More →

Wiretap: Faces in new places

You may not have heard of Visage Mobile, but the San Francisco company's been on a tear of late. In the past eight months, the company - which helps clients like Nissan and Silicon Image manage their employee mobile usage and costs - has Read More →

Planetary Resources’ Google-guy-backed effort to mine outerspace gets Bechtel support

Granted this stuff can be a little mind-boggling for us run-of-the-mill Earthlings (OK, me), but Bechtel, one of the world's most ginormous engineering and construction companies, said today that it's going to join  in Planetary Resources' effort to mine Read More →
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