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CES dispatches: Using motion sensors to find your way to Macy’s

Movea is applying its expertise in motion detection to the problem of indoor navigation using motion sensors that are now commonplace in most smartphones and tablets to determine a person's position indoors using dead reckoning. Read More →

CES Dispatches: Sharp demos from a beleaguered company

But among the big electronics firms at the Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas, Sharp had some of the coolest technology on display. Read More →

Apple keeps climbing up the patent-clinching ladder

On the same day Apple showed up in the Number One spot on a list of the most innovative companies in the United States, the hard-charging iPhone maker has done it again. This time, Apple weighed in at No. 22 Read More →

Apple chief talks tech turkey with China Mobile

We all knew Apple CEO Tim Cook was back in China this week, though nobody except Apple really knew why. Now comes word that Cook met with China Mobile Chairman Xi Guohua on Thursday to discuss “matters of cooperation,” according to Read More →

Report says Steve Jobs offered help for Mark Hurd’s HP troubles

  Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was deeply troubled by Mark Hurd's resignation as Hewlett-Packard's chief executive in 2010, after HP's board investigated Hurd's relationship with a contract employee, according to a Bloomberg report Thursday. So three days after Hurd quit the Read More →

Apple a top innovator? Whodathunkit?

It may reek of a dog-bites-man news flash. But  for the seventh year in a row Apple has ended up as top dog on the Boston Consulting Group's executive annual survey of   Read More →

Privacy matters: California AG’s ‘best practices’ for apps makers; app initiative by Apple, Facebook, others

Some people may have given up all hope, but privacy efforts continue: • For example, California Attorney General Kamala Harris today issued a list of "best practices" for apps developers and others in the mobile industry, the Merc's Brandon Read More →

Mobile talk: BlackBerry 10 is coming; Nokia Lumia surprise; iPhone tidbits; Mozilla phone

The mobile news is ringing off the hook: • The new BlackBerrys are coming — to three of the top U.S. wireless carriers at the end of the month. Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile reportedly indicated they would carry the new Read More →

Quoted: on the gender gap in access to the Internet

"They will say that I have to do household work and look after children, so I don't need [the] Internet." — a respondent from India to Intel's survey, Women and the Web, on why her family would Read More →

Off topic: Richard Marx vs. blogger, shaming fitness app, mystery books that get it right, foosball history, architect ABCs

A blogger comes face to face with the "shameless" Richard Marx. Speaking of shame, there's a new app that will let your social-media friends know when you've failed in your fitness goals. Washington Academy of Sciences unveils Read More →
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