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Apple’s new ad a flop? Maybe, maybe not

On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that a new television ad campaign from the iPhone maker has been a dud with consumers, but there are reasons to doubt that report. Read More →

Plugging away: Army blocks Guardian website in wake of NSA spying reports; Stuxnet leak probe

File this under "F" for futile: The Army is restricting access to the Guardian website to try to crack down on leaks, the Monterey County Herald reports. The Guardian was the first to write about the extent of Read More →

Google sues IRS over AOL in today’s alphabet soup winner

The news that ginormous search giant Google is suing the IRS over a transaction with AOL has tech experts across the country asking: What's AOL? Kidding, kidding. No one should be surprised that America Online did work for Google back Read More →

Square challenges eBay with new online marketplace

Jack Dorsey is at it again. His company Square, considered by some to be the best invention of 2010, introduced on Wednesday an online marketplace to compete with Internet merchants such as Etsy and eBay. Square started as a mobile payments platform Read More →

Elevator Pitch: John Malloy of BlueRun Ventures

Everybody knows PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel put the first money into Facebook. But who put the first money into PayPal?

Meet John Malloy of BlueRun Ventures. The Menlo Park firm, which specializes in mobile computing investments, began life as Read More →

Quoted: Reunited, and it feels so good? Larry Ellison and Marc Benioff on cloud nine

"I also just wanted think Larry as well. [Oracle is] always there for us whenever we need them. They are a true partner, they've always been a true partner." — Marc Benioff, CEO of, on Thursday's conference call Read More →

Off topic: Professional liar, self-control and happiness, breathalyzers, times table, bullet insides

Liar, liar, he's for hire. New research makes it sound so easy: "People who have good self-control do a number of things that bring them happiness — namely, they avoid problematic desires and conflict." Technological advances Read More →

Cost of lunch with Marissa Mayer: more than a meeting with Elon Musk, less than coffee with Tim Cook

What's the going price for lunch with one of Silicon Valley's most powerful women on the campus of an Internet company trying to sputter back to life? In the neighborhood of $90,000. Turns out, lunch with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer at Yahoo Read More →

Winner of Boomer Business Plan Competition aims to help patients with tremors

The Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit on Wednesday brought together big names in venture capital and health care for an event that captured more innovative ideas, cutting-edge technology and overall excitement than any event with the name "boomer" Read More →

Tesla faithful exceed signatures needed on White House petition to allow direct sales

Tesla Motors has been fighting various states over its ability to sell the all-electric Model S sedan directly to consumers. Now the Tesla faithful are asking supporters of the company to sign a White House petition to Read More →
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