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Mobile video startup tout inks deal with Digital First Media

As many a frustrated PR person will tell you, I typically don't write much about product or partnership deals. Then again, it's not every day that my own company inks one. Digital First Media, the corporate parent of the Mercury News, Read More →

Apple’s dilemma: So much money, so much of it overseas

You say you need a quick $17 billion? But you want to avoid paying a heap of taxes in the transaction? What to do? If you were Apple, which is looking to kick back $100 billion to its shareholders by the Read More →

Gadgets galore: BlackBerry CEO’s bold tablet prediction, Google Glass talk

Gadget talk: • BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins is looking five years into the future. A couple of key things he sees: No need for tablets. And his company as "the absolute leader in mobile computing — that’s what we’re aiming for," Read More →

HP’s Andreessen vows to stay on

Hewlett-Packard director Marc Andreessen, who was among several board members targeted for ouster by stockholders and some investor advisory services, is determined to remain on the board. “This is the company that built Silicon Valley and deserves to be a glorious success Read More →

Wiretapping the Internet: Will it fly?

A plan for legislation to allow the government to wiretap online communication, reported Monday by the Washington Post, is being met with strong resistance by the tech community. "A wiretap mandate for the Internet is dead on arrival," Michael Beckerman, Read More →

Quoted: on the ‘Deciders’ of online speech and content

"I think this is probably what a lot of people who go to law school want to do. And I ended up doing it by accident." — Dave Willner, head of content policy at Facebook, and one of a Read More →

Solaborate lands $1M, launches social networking site for tech pros

An up-and-coming social network is having a big day. Solaborate, a Southern California startup, announced Tuesday morning it has raised more than $1 million from investors and will launch its product for tech companies in need of a Read More →

Off topic: Yelp prison reviews, Stonehenge GM job, Cosmarxpolitan, Internet of Dreams

"Jail food may get a bad rap . . . but jail EMPLOYEE food is off the chain," reads a review on Yelp, and there's more where that came from. In case you'd like to apply to be general manager of Stonehenge, Read More →

Quoted: on the gender gap in programming

"If we persist in this notion that the people who should be making software in our world are these people with low social skills who are hard to understand, we're going to miss the boat." — Sarah Allen, who Read More →

Google Now: head-to-head with Siri on Apple devices

Look out Siri ..  Google Now is now available on the iPhone and iPad. Google’s online service delivers personalized information – local weather, sports scores, flight status updates and even driving directions to upcoming meetings – based on what Google knows Read More →
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