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Off topic: Chicago words, design oops, Chinese pickle index, no more citizenship, mapping folklore

Props, yuppie, two thumbs up and more are English-language words with Chicago roots, says Chicago Magazine. The Tower of Pisa and other big design failures, according to a Fast Company infographic. China has reportedly established a Read More →

Pat & Mike: Is Silicon Valley Slumping? Beats Us

Join Pat & Mike for the fastest 10 minutes -- or so -- in Silicon Valley. They talk with special guest Chris "Buzz Kill" O'Brien of the Los Angeles Times. Chris has been looking at signs of a Silicon Read More →

Watching the watchers: on cops, cameras and privacy

We've talked a lot about federal government surveillance enabled by technology lately, now we turn our attention to tech's effect on local surveillance. Increasingly, police can record their encounters with suspects. The New York Times looks again at this issue in Read More →

Yahoo climbs back to No. 1 in web visits, at least for last month

Yahoo’s on a roll these days: Its share price has nearly doubled over the last year. CEO Marissa Mayer is the subject of laudatory magazine profiles – including a glamorous feature in Vogue.  And now comes the news Read More →

Patrick McConlogue, start-up dude who wants to experiment on homeless, might have redeeming qualities

It's easy to criticize Patrick McConlogue, the programmer and blogger who's become the blogosphere's latest pinata (Valleywag kicked it off), so lets: What a freakin' doofus. There, that felt good. McConlogue is the guy who blogged about a little game Read More →

Quoted: pouring out praise for Thiel Fellowship alum’s caffeine spray

"Though on the surface, Sprayable Energy might not look like a huge game-changer, it's his way of entering that market. ...This is an actual business. We think it’s brilliant that he broke into an unregulated industry." — Danielle Strachman, Read More →

Off topic: Financial affairs of the heart, London vs. Paris, movie relationships, in the beginning

Pinch my penny: on dating savers vs. spenders. What about a ticket to both? London vs. Paris infographic compares landmarks, museums and more. If you've been dying to know what Forrest Gump's social graph looks like — Read More →

Tech Files First Look: Building a ‘bot with Lego’s new Mindstorms EV3

What's better than unboxing a new tech toy? Playing with it for the first time. That's what I've been doing recently with Lego's new Mindstorms EV3 robot kit. Over the Read More →

Diplomatic Zuckerberg speaks about expanding Internet access

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is leading a tech alliance that is going to try to expand mobile Internet access worldwide. As the Merc's Brandon Bailey wrote Tuesday, it's just the latest effort by Zuckerberg to broaden his influence Read More →

What leaks have wrought: Manning sentenced; more NSA-spying details revealed

Former U.S. Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning was sentenced today to 35 years in prison for handing over U.S. government and military material to WikiLeaks. Meanwhile, here's another look at further developments related to the recent revelations about NSA spying Read More →
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