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Sergey Brin and Google Glass on the #3 train ..

What’s that about a photo being worth a thousand words? This one and the accompanying caption, both posted on Twitter yesterday by Brooklyn resident Noah Zerkin, say a lot .. “Yeeeah... I just had a brief conversation with the most Read More →

Quoted: In France, a push to tax Google, others’ collection of user data

"They have a distinct value, poorly reflected in economic science or official statistics." — from a report commissioned by French President François Hollande, referring to the mounds of personal user data collected by big American companies such Read More →

Off topic: Cleaning up seedy motels, dolls and divorce, mac and cheese and patents, diagramming life and love, states quiz

With the Olympics three years away, Rio's "love hotels" are trading in the round beds.  A reflection of reality: An American Girl doll's back story involves divorce. The mac-and-cheese war — who knew there was one Read More →

Google and its driverless cars could be building a future where we all work for Google

I called Silicon Valley's once-and-future futurist Paul Saffo to talk about the role of robots in our lives and an interesting discussion broke out about the utility of Google's self-driving cars. (You'll find my Mercury News column about robots here, Read More →

Report: Oracle’s Ellison to buy Hawaii commuter airline following purchase of island of Lanai

After buying 97 percent of the Hawaiian island of Lanai last year, billionaire Larry Ellison is now finalizing a deal to buy a small Hawaii commuter airline that makes daily trips to Lanai, according to a report in the Honolulu Read More →

Fashion site JustFab buys Christina Applegate company FabKids

FabKids, a subscription clothing site that personalizes outfits for girls, has been bought by the grown-up version of the same service, JustFab. The two fashion sites will now share one platform for, dare we say, double Read More →

Pat and Mike’s first fireside chat, minus the fire

Join the Mercury News 's Apple beat reporter, Pat May, and his colleague business columnist Mike Cassidy for their inaugural and decidedly beta-version conversational podcast. So click here and settle in for a few minutes while Pat and Mike Read More →

Intel’s expansion plans worry some analysts

One big concern for Wall Street analysts following Intel's earnings announcement Thursday was the company's plan to spend $13 billion (plus or minus $500 million) on its chip manufacturing operations this year. Many analysts think the company is being overly Read More →

Tech by the numbers: Facebook shares and California’s budget; Instagram says user numbers up; Intel post-earnings

We're talking numbers today: • Facebook shares are down about 2 percent to $29.50 as of this post, a few days after it unveiled a new way to search the massive social network. Graph Search has received mixed reviews Read More →

A year later, a look at the legacy of SOPA protests

A year ago today, Google's search page logo was blacked out, Wikipedia had gone dark and many other sites staged protests against SOPA and PIPA, anti-piracy legislation that could have led to government overreach and Internet censorship. (50,000 Read More →
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