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Tablet market slowed by rush to other devices

Once happily riding the latest technology wave, tablet sales are beginning to slow down as consumers turn to smartphones with bigger screens and wearable computing devices. That's the conclusion of a new report out from International Data Corporation, which tracks tablet Read More →

Wiretap: Jerry Yang’s latest investment aims to make drivers smarter

Something I (and others) have noticed lately is how much Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang has been investing in startups. Since quitting the company's board early last year, Yang and his AME Cloud Ventures have plowed dough into Read More →

Quoted: The thriving industry of Facebook spammers

"Facebook doesn't ban us, simply because we generate the content on Facebook itself. Everyday I materialize funny, and interesting content full of phrases and so forth that is shared and liked by thousands of users. Without the fan pages Facebook Read More →

Off Topic: Best video game ever, serial killers and Facebook, DVRmageddon, ‘Real World: SF’

"Japan World Cup 3" is the greatest video game ever made. No? Watch this and tell me your disagree. Next time you hop into an Uber car driven by a complete stranger, ponder this: Is there a connection Read More →

New York Times, Twitter hack means wars being fought offline and online

A couple of weeks ago, the Washington Post — which along with a couple of other big news outlets was hacked — said the Syrian Electronic Army, which took responsibility for the attack, "may just be getting started." Read More →

Google dominates but Facebook grabs a growing share of mobile ads

It’s no longer news that Facebook’s mobile advertising business is doing quite well. But when it comes to mobile advertising, some new projections from the research firm eMarketer might leave folks at Google asking themselves, “Is this glass half-full or Read More →

Selfie, twerk and geek chic all legit, says the Oxford dictionary

OMG, the folks who brought us the OED have gone all BYOD, FOMO, TL;DR on us. What do you mean you don't know what the hell I'm talking about? Look it up, grandpa. No, really this time: Read More →

Quoted: Mind if I borrow your brain for a minute?

"I think some people will be unnerved by this because they will overestimate the technology. There’s no possible way the technology that we have could be used on a person unknowingly or without their willing participation." — Chantel Prat, Read More →

Off topic: MLK’s ‘I Have a Dream,’ maps of world history and protests, Britain’s family ties, birds

On the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, an infographic analysis of the rhetorical devices he used. Maps times two: the "entire" history of the world (till 1931), and protests around the Read More →

Video: Alone, awash in a sea of phone zombies

Are you glued to your phone? If so, you've probably seen a viral video titled "I Forgot My Phone," which has more than 10 million views on YouTube after five days. In case you looked away from your phone long Read More →
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