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Everything Facebook CEO says in public could end up in ‘The Zuckerberg Files’

It's going to be quite a timeline, "The Zuckerberg Files." Its goal is to collect every public utterance by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Fascinating, right? (No sarcasm here.) Facebook, a major repository of many of our own utterances, has made at Read More →

Smartphone sales set quarterly record

Smartphone shipments from manufacturers over the last three months set a new quarterly record, according to research firm IDC. It said 258.4 million smartphones were shipped in the third quarter, up nearly 39 percent from a year ago. That beat the Read More →

Quoted: on how the video-game industry watches, hooks players

"At this point, every major gaming company worldwide either has in place a fully developed business intelligence unit or they're in the process of building one." — Ramin Shokrizade, game economist for Wargaming America, on how the industry is Read More →

Elevating green building as a health issue

Thirteen years ago, the U.S. Green Building Council launched a rating system called LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, with the hopes that architects, engineers, designers and real estate firms would improve energy efficiency and the use Read More →

Off topic: Honest slogans, judges’ black robes, rewritten headlines, pumpkin hater

"Every issue promises perfect abs" (Men's Health), and other honest slogans. A brief history of judicial black robes, as told by Sandra Day O'Connor. From xkcd, 20th century headlines rewritten to get more clicks, Read More →

Apple earnings: Spotlight a little more intense than usual

Apple is scheduled to report earnings after the markets close today, so analysts and the blogosphere are atwitter. Add to the usual scrutiny the filthy-rich noisemaker that is Carl Icahn, and the spotlight seems to be bigger and brighter. Key is Read More →

Quoted: From Russia with defiance — Edward Snowden speaks

"Today, no telephone in America makes a call without leaving a record with the NSA. Today, no Internet transaction enters or leaves America without passing through the NSA's hands. Our representatives in Congress tell us this is not surveillance. They're Read More →

Off topic: Polyamory, a hermit and his home, handmade things, math all over the place

"We're not trying to say that monogamy is bad," says a man in a "polyamorous" relationship. A photo essay about a visit with a hermit in Siberia. More photos: From neon signs to stained glass, stuff Read More →

West Coast climate agreement coming Monday

California has always been proud of its willingness to go first when it comes to policies that combat the perils of climate change. On Monday, Gov. Jerry Brown, Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington and Gov. John Kitzhaber of Oregon will meet Read More →

So … is anyone surprised that Google might build a sea-faring server farm?

UPDATE: This post has new material added at the end . . . A floating data center? After some impressive sleuthing, a reporter at the tech news site CNET reported Friday that Google may be building a massive data center that’s currently Read More →
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