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Off topic: How fonts taste, USAF bronies, ‘Sharknado’ and Riker meets Phish

How does this font taste? (One problem: I think Comic Sans actually tastes more like stale Peeps.) The Air Force has a brony squadron. (I'm not sure Chappy Sinclair would approve.) For some reason, Read More →

Tech Files test drive: Smart’s new electric car

My impressions of Smart's new fortwo electric drive car are mixed: I love the price and, for city driving, the size, but I didn't like how underpowered it is or the stiffness of its ride. Read More →

Want a job at Twitter? Come on down to Sunnyvale

Metaphorically speaking, the size of the workforce about to occupy Twitter's new Silicon Valley outpost in Sunnyvale is quite a few characters shy of a full tweet. The  8,000-square-foot office, which my colleague George Avalos wrote about last May in the Read More →

Daily Show’s John Oliver says he’s heard enough from LinkedIn, thank you.

For commercial online services, there can be a fine line between not enough and too much. In its quest to deliver more mobile advertising, Facebook recently disclosed that it shows an average of one commercial message for every 20 friend updates Read More →

Starbucks to bring wireless charging stations to Silicon Valley cafes

Starbucks is now offering more than caffeine to recharge your battery. Now your smartphone battery can get a boost, too, at new wireless charging stations. The coffee retail giant will add wireless charging stations to about select stores in the Silicon Read More →

Apple sued by U.S. workers for unpaid wages

While Apple suppliers are again coming under fire for poor working conditions overseas, Apple itself is the target of a new lawsuit from its employees in the U.S. In a class-action lawsuit filed last week in San Francisco federal Read More →

Quoted: The end of the home PC era?

“In my humble opinion, the PC as we have known it is in a continuous decline and being relegated to a utility device for businesses." -- Hector Ruiz, the former CEO of Sunnyvale-based Advanced Micro Devices, giving the New Read More →

Off topic: Beer map, superhero costs, ‘Game of Thrones’ brands, Albuquerque mashup

Looking for a brewery near you? Try this handy beer map. Turns out there's a reason why so many superheroes are billionaire playboys: It ain't cheap. "Game of Thrones" meets modern-day corporate branding. And Read More →

RelayRides eyes the airport rental market

RelayRides is one of several start-ups that make it possible for travelers to rent every day cars.  Among the cars listed as available in San Francisco: Julia's Volkswagen Jetta for $10 an hour, or $70 a day.   Now RelayRides is Read More →

Tech Files preview: Google Chromecast

I thought I'd offer a little taste of my upcoming Tech Files review of the Google Chromecast digital media adapter. Read More →
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