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Texting zones as the new solution to distracted driving

New Yorkers may still be slurping down Big Gulp sodas, but even if elected officials can't battle diabetes and cavities, they say they can make residents across the state safer on the road with the creation of new "texting zones." New Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Karim Faris of Google Ventures

When Google in 2009 announced its own venture capital fund, some traditional VCs smirked. Today, not so much: With a portfolio highlighted by names like Uber, Airtime and Read More →

Hey. Give back those stolen iPads and nobody gets hurt

Word comes from the hinterlands to the south of us here in Silicon Valley that there's been a bit of a glitch in one of the nation's boldest experiments to bring Apple and its iPads into the lives of students Read More →

Yahoo shares pass $33, and it only took 5 years

Ding, ding, ding! That’s the sound of longtime Yahoo investors celebrating the fact that their shares finally hit $33 this week, for the first time in more than five years since then-CEO Jerry Yang turned down Microsoft’s offer to buy Read More →

Plastic iPhones, hacked iPads and a call for sanity over Apple products: All fodder for Pat & Mike from Silicon Valley

Join Pat and Mike as they get back together after a brief hiatus and talk about the latest from Silicon Valley. Learn how to say "iPhone" in Czech, hear a report on the debut of the plastic Apple iPhone Read More →

Quoted: Microsoft’s Ballmer rallies troops during emotional goodbye tour

"Only our company and a handful of others are poised to write the future. We're going to think big, we're going to bet big." — Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO for the past 13 years, ebullient as ever while presiding Read More →

Off topic: Jet lag, car emblems, sci-fi spaceships, lost wallets and honest cities

On jet lag, breakfast and bowing to one's master clock. Car names and emblems from a fancier time at the Berwyn Car Show. A huge poster comparing the sizes of science-fiction spaceships. And Read More →

Investment group criticizes Oracle’s executive pay

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison may have won cheers for his America Cup sailing-team's stunning victory Wednesday, but an investment group is seriously riled over the pay he gets from the Redwood City software giant. In a letter Wednesday to Oracle board Read More →

NSA spying: For and against, plus what about cybersecurity bill CISPA?

As Congress considers reforms to U.S. surveillance programs, NSA Director Keith Alexander is asking the public for help in defending the spying. "If you take those [surveillance powers] away, think about the last week and what will happen in the future," Read More →

Wiretap: Evernote’s Phil Libin on the next big thing

Way back in the Pleistocene Era of 2001, I wrote about a pair of whiz kids at Accenture who were cooking up a "Personal Awareness Assistant" -- an Read More →

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