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Google Transparency Report: More government requests for user data than ever

There are more government requests for Google user data than ever, with the number doubling in the past three years, the company said today as it released its latest Transparency Report. Since Google began reporting the numbers in 2010, the number Read More →

Sorry Firefox, it’s an Android world

If you had your hopes pinned on soon being able to buy a smartphone running Mozilla's new Firefox OS from one of the major carriers, prepare to be disappointed. Instead, be prepared to live in an increasingly Android world. Read More →

News they can use: on Facebook, Twitter and other social media

A greater percentage of Twitter's users get news from the microblogging site, but many more Facebook users are consuming news on the world's largest social network. That's according to a new report from Pew Research Center, which looks at U.S. Read More →

Analysts weigh in on Cisco Systems’ ‘shocking’ earnings

Analysts offered mixed assessments of Cisco Systems after the San Jose networking giant's earnings missed their projections on Wednesday and the company warned that its next-quarter sales would suffer an 8 percent to 10 percent drop from the Read More →

Quoted: #Oops, JPMorgan’s Twitter Q&A backfires

"Bad idea! Back to the drawing board." — Brian Marchiony, JPMorgan Chase spokesman, after the company canceled a Twitter Q&A session with Jimmy Lee, one of its executives. The company hadn't counted on the public's anti-bank sentiment. Wednesday, sarcastic Read More →

Off topic: ‘Huh,’ charting pie, almost time for resolutions, right brain vs. left brain

Huh — does everyone really understand the word? January is for pecan, February is for chocolate, and so on. Behold the month-by-month pie chart. Perhaps famous people's New Year's resolutions will inspire you, as it has Read More →

Google and KKR invest $400 million in six solar plants

Google's on quite a roll when it comes to investing in renewable sources of energy like solar and wind. The tech giant, which has invested more than $1 billion in renewable energy, will announce Thursday that it's made its Read More →

Did Snapchat turn down a $3 billion offer from Facebook?

Did Snapchat really turn down an offer from Facebook to buy the popular messaging service for $3 billion? That's what the Wall Street Journal is reporting, citing unnamed “people briefed on the matter.” The report may demonstrate the growing interest around Read More →

Netflix gets a makeover

Netflix on Wednesday unveiled a new design for its streaming video service; subscribers will find more pictures, rewritten synopses and a new feature that tells users why they might like a particular title. Read More →

Quoted: on Apple, Jony Ive and innovation

"One of the myths about Steve Jobs’ tenure is that he introduced an earth-shattering innovation every couple of years. ... There have been long periods in Apple’s past when they were in a quieter, maintenance mode, like now. There's no Read More →
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