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Quoted: Ray Kurzweil on humans, nanobots and living forever

"By the 2030s we'll be putting millions of nanobots inside our bodies to augment our immune system, to basically wipe out disease." — Ray Kurzweil, the inventor, futurist and co-founder of Singularity University, on why he thinks humans can live Read More →

Off topic: High heels history, music for your heart, deadly jobs, creatures that make you go hmm, FOMO graphed

They used to be worn by men only: on the evolution of high heels. There's an old saying that music is good for the soul, now a study says playing it is good for heart health. Read More →

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is as classy as ever about screwed up scene from Steve Jobs movie

This is one of the reasons I love Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. The Woz caught an early one-minute clip  of "jOBS," the Ashton Kutcher flick about the Woz's famous Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and declared the scene more or less "totally Read More →

Larry Ellison sought to help keep Sacramento Kings from moving

A minority owner of the Sacramento Kings is imploring Oracle CEO and multi-billionaire Larry Ellison to buy a controlling interest in the basketball team and prevent its move from the city. Bob Cook, who owns 7 percent of the team, said Read More →

Around the valley: Yahoo plans personalized Internet, Facebook vs. Twitter et al, plus Cisco, Square and the Woz

Here's a Friday grab bag of tech tidbits about Silicon Valley companies: • Yahoo will kick off the earnings party next week. CEO Marissa Mayer is in Davos at the movers-and-shakers confab known as the World Economic Read More →

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer launches new drinking game at Davos: Every time she says “mobile” take a shot

Yahoo's Marissa Mayer joined the proud tradition of valley CEOs traveling halfway around the world before opening up to provide an interesting interview about what's going on at their companies. Ah, Davos. Bloomberg Television is calling its Swiss sit-down with Read More →

Quoted: on debt collectors wanting to get friendly on Facebook

"You get a friend request from some chick in a bikini. You say yes, and then somebody says 'by the way, I’m a debt collector.' " — Billy Howard, a lawyer in Florida who is representing Kathryn Haralson, a woman who stopped Read More →

Off topic: High school’s significance, pop-culture pictograms, gardening wars, ‘Les Miz’ visuals, sports’ ages

Adolescence is when self-image and preferences are "especially adhesive," everything one feels is "just a little bit more intense" and supposedly, "you never get back to that intensity." The History of Michael Jackson (so wicked) and other summary Read More →

Cisco decides it doesn’t want to be a consumer company after all

So much for John Chambers' plan to turn Cisco into a consumer company. Read More →

PG&E may pay $390,000 fine for “Ralph” the SmartMeter spy

Remember William "Ralph" Devereaux? He's the former PG&E employee who used a false identity to spy on Bay Area activists opposed to the utility's roll out of digital SmartMeters. Deveraux resigned in November 2010 after admitting that he used the name "Ralph" Read More →
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