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iTunes Radio doesn’t spell doom for Spotify, Rdio

Just hours after Apple unveiled its streaming music service Monday, the debate was already raging about whether iTunes Radio spelled bad news for Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio and the other services that made online music popular. But there's danger in Read More →

Coalition calls for changes to NSA’s ‘illegal’ spying

Nearly 90 civil liberties groups and Internet companies have teamed up to demand that Congress rein in the NSA spying that came to light last week. In an open letter to Congress sent Monday, the group — which includes the Electronic Read More →

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer joins Charitybuzz celebrity auction brigade

OK, what am I bid for lunch with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer on the purple and yellow campus of the struggling Internet company? Yep, fast on the heels of Apple CEO Tim Cook's astronomical coffee (still waiting for someone Read More →

Quoted: Pandora CEO not exactly singing praises of iTunes Radio

"ITunes has expanded and extended its radio feature to match what other services have offered for years." — Joe Kennedy, CEO of Pandora, on Apple's unveiling of its iTunes Radio streaming service Monday at the Worldwide Developers Read More →

Off topic: GIF art lessons, ‘Gun Rack’ art, colorful lizards, Europe flooding, ‘Before Sunrise’ inspiration

A Tumblr of GIFs (or "JIFs," remember?) teaches art history. Speaking of art, invisible artist Liu Bolin's latest disappearing act is titled "Gun Rack." Lizards and color change — it's about communication. Read More →

GTM Research and SEIA: Rooftop solar has record quarter in California

The great folks at GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association release quarterly and year-end reports about the U.S. solar market. It's always worth diving into for its state-by-state analysis. The latest report, which covers the first Read More →

Palantir: PRISM program’s got nothing to do with us

Ever since news broke last week that the National Security Agency and FBI are tapping into the servers of U.S. Internet companies, Silicon Valley stalwarts have insisted they're not helping the Read More →

In tech companies or government we trust?

Juxtapose reports that Google is nearing a $1 billion-plus deal for Waze with all that's going on with the NSA surveillance saga, and we get a contrast in the public's attitude toward tracking tied to tech conveniences vs. tracking by Read More →

New cab-hailing app NexTaxi challenges Bay Area ride services

The world of taxi-hailing technology welcomed another new app on Monday, a reminder to rogue hire-a-car services such as Uber that the old yellow taxi cab is still alive and well. NexTaxi, an app from from Arizona-based dispatch company Read More →

Looks like Google’s buying Waze for $1.3 billion

After earlier flirtations with Facebook and reportedly even Apple, it looks like the crowd-sourced mapping startup Waze is about to be acquired by Google, in a deal valued at a whopping “more than” $1 billion. That’s the word over Read More →
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