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Off topic: Beer drinking, Wikipedia edits, church and money, do math and unlock phone, shark week

Charted, for when one is sober: Beer drinking is fizzing out among Americans, especially younger ones. Another chart shows the most controversial entries on Wikipedia, which include George W. Bush, Jesus and global warming. A businessman-turned-archbishop Read More →

Amazon launches fine art gallery and marketplace

Who needs an art gallery when you've got The company whose founder just bought one of the nation's most venerable journalism institutions is now also a dealer in fine art. Amazon announced on Tuesday the launch of Amazon Art, Read More →

Need a plumber? Book your next home repair on Yelp

Yelp is burrowing deeper into the world of online commerce with a new platform that allows users to book home services. Consumers will soon be able to schedule a visit from the plumber, book movers or hire an electrician directly from Read More →

Price falling 13 percent on Chevrolet Volts

General Motors late this summer will knock $5,000 off of the price of a Chevrolet Volt -- a whopping 13 percent discount -- as electric vehicle makers continue to search for the elusive pricing “sweet spot” that will spur customers Read More →

Tech and TV: Twitter drives viewers; cable and a la carte talk; more

New technology is upending all kinds of media, such as newspapers. Today we revisit how it's affecting TV, in light of some news: • Twitter bee: Buzz on the social network helps increase television viewership, says a new study Read More →

Quoted: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Washington Post’s savior?

"This means putting the Post in the hands of a wealthy individual who can take as long as he needs and spend as much money as he wishes in keeping the paper strong." — Rick Edmonds, media and business Read More →

Charged Up: What Southern California Edison has learned about electric vehicles

Among the nation's utilities, Southern California Edison has always been a leader when it comes to embracing electric vehicles. And with good reason:  SCE customers own or lease more than 12,000 plug-in vehicles, or roughly 10 percent of national Read More →

Twitter deals with threats against women in the U.K.

There's behaving badly — Anthony Weiner, check. Baseball players, check — on Twitter. Then there are threats. Twitter U.K. announced over the weekend that it is updating rules and adding workers to try to police tweets after Read More →

Veto of Apple iProduct ban: Who else loses besides Samsung?

The Obama administration over the weekend overturned a ban that was scheduled to go into effect today on some Apple products, a rare move — it had been more than a quarter century since a similar veto — Read More →
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