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That’s entertainment: YouTube, AOL, Amazon vs. TV

Eric Schmidt has been talking a little trash about TV. The chairman of YouTube owner Google reportedly told advertisers this week that Internet video has already displaced television watching. With that in mind, let's take a look recent developments Read More →

Quoted: on the rise of the robotic fly

"It's the goal of creating the most agile man-made thing that's ever existed." — Rob Wood, engineering professor at Harvard, where he and other researchers have created a robot that can fly like, well, a fly. The development, 12 Read More →

Off topic: CEO and worker pay, money and happiness, anagram generator, drawings, you’re DSLR dreaming

CEO compensation vs. workers' median pay. Speaking of money, a chart that shows it can buy happiness, or at least what people say is satisfaction. My full name has 12,113 anagrams, according to this anagram Read More →

Mmmm, coffee: Philz is latest gourmet chain to snag private equity

It's a good time to be in the artisan coffee business. First, the Bay Area's beloved Peet's - founded by the guy who helped get Starbucks off the ground - was snapped up by a big German Read More →

California legislator pulls online privacy bill

Facing intense opposition from Internet companies such as Google and Facebook, California Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal, D-Long Beach, has pulled her online privacy bill, dubbed "The Right to Know Act." Read More →

Buffett’s following grows after inaugural tweet

Warren is in the house. And the crowd went wild. Twitter is full of Warren Buffetts and W Buffetts and similar accounts posing as the Berkshire Hathaway billionaire, but the one and true @Warren Buffett -- as verified by Twitter -- sent Read More →

Time for California to tax oil extraction?

With a Democratic super-majority in the state legislature, lawmakers in Sacramento could pass tax increases without Republican votes. Now Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa) and Mark Leon (D-San Francisco) are pushing a highly contentious plan to tax oil that is pumped from Read More →

Big changes all around: Intel names new CEO as it deals with PC slowdown

As Intel prepares for a passing of the torch in a couple of weeks — it announced today that COO Brian Krzanich will take over for Paul Otellini on May 16 — there is plenty of speculation about what the Read More →

Quoted: on decapitation videos on Facebook

"You've just got to consider: Would this go out on daytime television news? I don't think it would, even with a warning saying this is something you may want to avoid. It crosses a line." — Stephen Balkam, CEO of Read More →

Punter punts on Capital Dynamics job

Capital Dynamics — the Swiss firm that took over vast tech-investment funds raised by three former San Francisco 49ers, then lost a multimillion-dollar wrongful termination lawsuit in March — now has lost the partner Read More →

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