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Off topic: Facing your BMI, Finnish babies in boxes, craving what’s off-limits, interracial families

It's written all over your face: software that can predict BMI based on a person's mug. Finland thinks inside the box for all its babies. New study reaffirms it: Humans crave what they can't Read More →

Wiretap: Thursday’s funding roundup

Lots of activity today in Silicon Valley: • NationBuilder announced an $8M investment from Omidyar Network and Andreessen Horowitz. Aside from the fact that Pierre Omidyar and Marc Andreessen were two of the seminal figures in Web 1.0, there are some Read More →

Apple iTax smack down by Mark Thomas in London

You've got to hand it to British comedian Mark Thomas. When he heard about Apple's outrageous slight-of-hand tax-avoidance routine, he didn't just get mad. He attempted to start an international incident. Thomas and four dozen others stormed (OK, walked) into the Read More →

Report: Silicon Valley companies allowing government to spy on customers

Silicon Valley companies including Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Apple are allowing federal government intelligence agencies to tap into their servers to glean reams of customer data, the Washington Post reported today. Read More →

Amazon looks to grocery service to deliver more stuff more often to people’s houses

Amazon, unfazed by the gravestones of failed grocery delivery services that dot the e-commerce landscape, is planning a major expansion of its online grocery business. AmazonFresh, the company's grocery home delivery service, is expected to arrive in Los Angeles as early Read More →

Laid-off Zynga employee finds online catharsis by answering questions about former employer

After the San Francisco-based social gaming company Zynga laid off 520 employees on Monday, a former Zynga employee has been anonymously holding court online, answering dozens of questions from people curious about the Zynga culture that led to the unexpected Read More →

IRS claims former HP chairman Lane owes $100 million

After being pressured to resign as Hewlett-Packard's chairman in April, Ray Lane has got another little problem on his hands  -- a claim by the IRS that he owes $100 million in taxes. Citing an appeal Lane filed in a federal Read More →

Oops, Google Glass too invasive for shareholders’ meeting

Turns out, consumer privacy advocates and casinos aren't the only ones concerned with the invasive nature of Google Glass. Google itself is barring the wearable computers that can take pictures and record viedo at the blink Read More →

Turn that smile upside down: Google patent filing could lead to facial-expression ‘passwords’

Thanks to cell phones and Bluetooth, there are many people walking around looking like they're talking to themselves. And those trying out Google Glass have already received their share of ribbing. What's next on the look-ridiculous list? Making Read More →

Internet Age news: Helping the poor be unfaithful? Plus online-dating study and receiving other people’s emails

We've rounded up some only-in-the-Internet-Age tidbits: • First comes sex: A joint effort by Google and a foundation that works with the world's poor to educate rural Ugandans about sexually transmitted diseases has brought about an unintended consequence: a rise in Read More →
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