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Oh to work in San Mateo County!

San Mateo may now proudly claim the title Fat County. According to a post in the Wall Street Journal, the county saw a dramatic spike in its average weekly income during the fourth quarter of 2012. There guesses why? Here's a hint: Read More →

Apple v. Google: A contest made in USA

Google and Apple have found a new arena in which to battle – the “made in USA” marketing campaign. In recent weeks, you’ve probably noticed/can’t avoid those giant color Apple ads in your newspaper (and similar spots on TV), in which Read More →

Quoted: on Texas teen ‘suffering’ in jail over Facebook comment

"He says he's really sorry. He just got caught up in the moment of the game and didn't think about the implications." — Jack Carter, father of Justin Carter, the 19-year-old Texas man who has been in jail since Read More →

Off topic: Gettysburg speeches, Yelp word map, women and sex, faking mental illness, all-staff emails

Brevity, fate and the other Gettysburg addresser. Mapping hipsters, yuppies, bacon and more in the "Yelpiest" cities in the United States. "To untangle the sources of slut-shaming, we should think economically": on sex as Read More →

Apple teams with SunPower for Reno data center

We've written about Apple's massive solar farm that is helping to power its data center in Maiden, North Carolina. Apple, working with Nevada utility NV Energy, is planning to build another solar panel farm next to a data center, and Read More →

Tagged’s Tseng on Zynga’s travails

I had lunch Monday with Greg Tseng, CEO of San Francisco 'social discovery' startup Tagged. Tseng is something of a social media pioneer; he launched Tagged in 2004 as a competitor to the fledgling Facebook ("We Read More →

Former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason rocks on, sort of

Now that's alternative music. Tech and other executives write business books all the time, why not sing about business? Andrew Mason released an album today called "Hardly Workin' " — which shows he actually has been working on something since he Read More →

Apple’s next smartwatch-trademark stop: Uzbekistan? Namibia?

Could June 3, 2013, go down as the day Apple's iWatch suddenly got real? For the second day this week, the blogosphere is abuzz with news that Apple has now filed for trademark protection for the name “iWatch” in countries around the Read More →

Google Glass: Texas Congressman still not reassured on privacy

It seems that U.S. Rep. Joe Barton wasn’t impressed with his personal try-out of Google Glass. The Texas Republican has issued a statement saying he’s disappointed with Google’s response to a series of questions about privacy and Glass, the Read More →

Quoted: Winklevoss twins, founders — of a planned bitcoin IPO

"The trust may not have adequate sources of recovery if its bitcoins are lost, stolen or destroyed." — Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, from an SEC filing for the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust dated July 1. And that's only one of Read More →
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