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Apple falls as pundits scatter ever wider

Somehow, with its holiday-quarter earnings fireworks show this week, Apple somehow tied itself into a double-jointed pretzel, managing to both put up jaw-dropping numbers of revenue and sales while simultaneously disappointing many analysts, prompting investors to run as fast as Read More →

Zuckerberg to host fundraiser for New Jersey’s Chris Christie

In the few years since he started Facebook and built it into the world’s largest social network, tech billionaire Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t shown much interest in national politics. So it’s interesting to learn that he’s hosting a Feb. 13 campaign Read More →

Tech and policy: Twitter must turn over racist tweeters’ info; warrants required to get Gmail content; sex offenders’ Facebook rights

It's a familiar corner, that of Tech and Policy: • A court in France has reportedly ordered Twitter to turn over data to help identify racist and anti-Semitic tweeters. In October, France's Union of Jewish Students brought Read More →

Apple shares tanking: Is it a victim of unsustainable expectations?

Have analysts and investors grown to expect too much from Apple? "Sentiment has turned super-pessimistic on Apple, where they’ve gone from being able to do no wrong to suddenly being able to do no right," said Rob Cihra, analyst Read More →

Quoted: on Netflix rising and recovering

"It's clear that they've recovered from their snafu of splitting the company up." — Jason Helfstein, Oppenheimer & Co. analyst, on Netflix, referring to the company's 2011 move to separate its DVD and streaming divisions. Read More →

Randi Zuckerberg’s new studio

Her reality show about Silicon Valley start-up wannabees ended with a fizzle last month. But that hasn’t dampened the entrepreneurial spirit of Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who announced this week that her production Read More →

Off topic: Women in India, flipping a coin to make decisions, other ‘official’ White House answers to petitions, stunts video

A photo essay in New Delhi, India's "rape capital." Don't some of your life decisions turn out so swell you might as well just have flipped a coin? There's a new website for that: Freakonomics Experiments. You Read More →

Wiretap: Facebook’s first intern is all grown up

In the annals of Silicon Valley history, Darian Shirazi owns a fascinating footnote: He was the first intern ever hired at Facebook. Anybody who remembers the party scene toward the end of "The Social Network" might Read More →

Apple’s on the defensive about growth

One of the interesting things about Apple's earnings call today was just how defensive the company seemed. Read More →

Volkswagen’s 9.5MW solar system in…Tennessee!

Volkswagen's manufacturing plant in Chattanooga, TN has a 9.5 megawatt solar system, the largest at an American auto factory and the largest solar installation in Tennessee. At a dedication ceremony Wednesday, the German automaker flipped a giant light switch to signal Read More →
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