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Silver Spring’s Smart City play

You've heard about the Smart Grid, and Smart Meters. The next big thing is the "Smart City" - the idea that municipal infrastructure, from street lights to traffic signals, can all be networked to make cities more efficient and more Read More →

Tesla Motors shares hit four-month low

After a run-up that wowed Wall Street and gave birth to a growing class of "Teslanaires," stock in Tesla Motors continues its fall back to earth. Shares slid more than 10 percent Monday to close at $121.55, a far cry Read More →

Apple iPhone’s new fingerprint sensor draws complaints

If you're having trouble with the fingerprint sensor on Apple's new iPhone 5s smartphone, you're not alone Read More →

Amazon tablets get ‘beaming” power

Amazon's latest tablets are no more than a month old, but they're already getting a significant update that will give them a host of new features including the ability to "beam" movies to a television and allow users to connect Read More →

Yahoo makes encryption promise, citing NSA spying

With CEO Marissa Mayer reiterating that "Yahoo has never given access to our data centers to the NSA or to any other government agency. Ever," the Internet giant announced today that it is working to encrypt all data that Read More →

Put your hands in the air! This is a . . . Apple TV?

In a move that seems like a no-brainer as Apple tries to re-imagine the TV just as it did the music-player and the smartphone, the Cupertino tech giant is reportedly in the final stages of inking a deal to buy Read More →

Quoted: Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer on why he’s stepping down

"At the end of the day, we need to break a pattern. Face it: I'm a pattern." — Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, tells the Wall Street Journal why he's stepping down. Ballmer said his reorganization and effort to revamp Read More →

SurveyMonkey going after big clients, but no rush to go public

You might not think it after all the excitement around Twitter’s recent stock debut, but not every Internet startup is eager to go public. The online survey company SurveyMonkey is profitable and expanding, CEO Dave Goldberg tells us, but he Read More →

Off topic: ‘Laughletes,’ photo-contest entries, heartbreak, letters and butterflies

One of the warnings in competitive laughing: Be careful not to fall off the stage. An In Focus look at entries in this year's National Geographic Photo Contest. Love and literature, or heartbreak between the pages Read More →

Sidecar ends donation fares

In a move away from the ride-sharing tradition, Sidecar on Friday announced that it will no longer be a donation service. Sidecar, the San Francisco-based hire-a-ride company, released a new version of its smartphone app, which requires that passengers pay drivers Read More →
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