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NSA spying: Smartphones, Yahoo lawsuit against government, more

So much NSA spying news, so little time: • Raise your hand if you thought your smartphone was exempt from all the NSA spying news. No one? We didn't think so. And so yes, it turns out your smartphone is a Read More →

Microsoft expands Xbox music to smartphones, free Web player

Microsoft has become the latest tech giant to expand its online music streaming service, another indication of the growing popularity of on-demand Internet radio. Starting today, the company's Xbox Music streaming service will be available for free on the Read More →

Instagram me, filter me, sell me more ads!

Just when all 150 million of us were getting used to posting and receiving each others' most magical moments on that photo-sharing app extraordinaire Instagram, that same photo-sharing app extraordinaire is preparing to jeopardize the whole thing by putting ads Read More →

Quoted: on the net neutrality fight between Verizon, the FCC

"It’s really a question of how much power we’re going to give the Internet service providers to control our content." — Sherwin Siy, legal affairs vice president for Public Knowledge, on net neutrality, which once again will take its Read More →

Off topic: Life expectancy, surviving a speed bump, lawmakers’ pay, thin buildings, fear of holes

Why we aren't dead yet: on the doubling of life expectancy in the past 150 years. And... fast forward to today, as xkcd's What If explores how fast one can drive over a speed bump and live. Read More →

The NSA spying beat goes on: Encryption’s broken promises

Happy Friday, we're here to crush whatever hopes and dreams you may still have had about online privacy. New reports by the New York Times, ProPublica and the Guardian, based on the Edward Snowden Read More →

Mark Leibovich’s ‘This Town’ not so unlike Silicon Valley

New York Times Magazine national correspondent Mark Leibovich was in the Bay Area this week promoting his new book, "This Town," a cutting takedown of Washington, D.C.'s power-hungry, incestuous, insider culture where every friendship is questionable and hypocrisy runs rampant. Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Sigma West’s Peter Solvik

People come to venture capital from a wide range of backgrounds. Peter Solvik did it after 20 years at two of Silicon Valley's corporate powerhouses. After a decade at Apple, Solvik in 1993 joined Cisco Systems, where he was Read More →

Google’s Kit Kat Android phone: The story that won’t die — and who wants it to?

You knew they were coming. When Google named (more or less) its next version of Android after the Kit Kat candy bar, you knew it was too good for digital jokesters to pass up. So, let the spoofs being. This Read More →

Quoted: FilmOn X TV streaming service loses round to broadcast networks

"The judge is clearly in (the broadcasters’) pockets. From the day they filed in D.C. I suspected they had influence in the courts there. There is something so very rotten in corporate America and it makes me sad." — Read More →
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