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Hit the Payvment! F-commerce startup folding its tents.

Palo Alto's Payvment was briefly one of those buzzy Silicon Valley startups, with more than $7 million in venture funding from BlueRun Ventures and 500 Startups. Now the Facebook e-tailer has Read More →

Google, Twitter weigh in on government requests for your data

Citing an increase in government requests for on-line information about their users, both Google and Twitter released statements on Monday that outline their policies and describe how they’ve handled such requests over the last year. The reports mark the fifth anniversary Read More →

Troy’s on TV: Talking Apple and Netflix with KPIX

Tech Files columnist Troy Wolverton was on the Eyewitness News program on KPIX, the Bay Area's CBS affiliate, to discuss the implications of Apple and Netflix's recent earnings reports on Sunday. Read More →

Yahoo earnings: searching for growth, a turnaround plan

How is Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer doing? That's the big question as the Sunnyvale company — which surprised the technology world with its hiring of the former Googler last summer — is set to report fourth-quarter Read More →

Podcast: Is Apple toast? Pat & Mike discuss

In the afterglow of Apple's (temporary?) fall from grace, with investors jumping  ship after what many saw as disappointing earnings for the holiday quarter, our intrepid business reporters put down their keyboards and pull up to the mic. Join Pat & Read More →

Privacy follow-ups: Facebook settlement could net users $10; more Google Safari fallout; Yahoo, email and warrants

Follow-up roundup, all in the key of privacy on Data Privacy Day: • You might have received an email over the weekend about a proposed Facebook settlement that could get you $10. Did you think it was Read More →

Quoted: Ray Kurzweil on humans, nanobots and living forever

"By the 2030s we'll be putting millions of nanobots inside our bodies to augment our immune system, to basically wipe out disease." — Ray Kurzweil, the inventor, futurist and co-founder of Singularity University, on why he thinks humans can live Read More →

Off topic: High heels history, music for your heart, deadly jobs, creatures that make you go hmm, FOMO graphed

They used to be worn by men only: on the evolution of high heels. There's an old saying that music is good for the soul, now a study says playing it is good for heart health. Read More →

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is as classy as ever about screwed up scene from Steve Jobs movie

This is one of the reasons I love Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. The Woz caught an early one-minute clip  of "jOBS," the Ashton Kutcher flick about the Woz's famous Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and declared the scene more or less "totally Read More →

Larry Ellison sought to help keep Sacramento Kings from moving

A minority owner of the Sacramento Kings is imploring Oracle CEO and multi-billionaire Larry Ellison to buy a controlling interest in the basketball team and prevent its move from the city. Bob Cook, who owns 7 percent of the team, said Read More →
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