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NSA spying: U.S. protests, Europe investigation, Snowden’s resume

As some in the United States celebrated the Fourth of July by protesting Prism, the government's sweeping surveillance program that involves the collection of phone and online communications, there was further fallout in Europe, plus more information about whistleblower Read More →

Did Silicon Valley Abandon Doug Engelbart?

One of the most provocative tributes among a sea of tributes to Doug Engelbart, is a post by Tom Foremski, who points out that despite all the applause for the innovative inventor of the mouse, no one would fund Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Tim Guleri of Sierra Ventures

Welcome back to Elevator Pitch, the Q&A that grills top tech investors on what kinds of deals they're looking for -- and which common mistakes trip up entrepreneurs. This week, we bring you Tim Guleri of Sierra Ventures, who Read More →

Quoted: on adult camp where you pay to unplug

"People were so much more willing to engage in eye contact." — Nicholas Freilich, on a summer camp for adults called Camp Grounded. Those who attended the Northern California camp — which cost $350 — had to give up Read More →

Off topic: Head transplants, library stories, ‘weird’ languages, waterslide physics, bike limbo

Is it time for head transplants — and what would that mean for "personhood"? Shelf Esteem, a blog about book lovers and their libraries. (via Metafilter) Ranking the world's "weirdest" languages. Whee! Waterslide Read More →

German business leader spends $90K for lunch with Marissa Mayer

And the winner is .... Ralph Clemens Martin, co-CEO of risk management company Emirat AG. Who on earth is that? Well, for starters, he's a business man now $90,000 less rich after forking over a check that size to eat lunch with Read More →

Engelbart mourners turn to Twitter to honor the inventor of the mouse

Strangers, fans and friends mourning the death of computer visionary Doug Engelbart took to Twitter on Wednesday to remember him as more than the inventory of the computer mouse. Both in English and Spanish, “Doug Engelbart” was trending Wednesday and most Read More →

YouTube, Facebook and ads tied to the illicit and explicit

Internet companies such as Google and Facebook must often deal with inevitable controversy, including illicit and explicit content online. Add ads to the mix and they have what can turn out to be big problems. • YouTube, the video Read More →

Fourth of July parade — of protests against NSA spying

What are Reddit, Mozilla, other websites and advocacy groups doing for the Fourth of July holiday? They've organized a parade of protests against the NSA's massive spying program. The groups are calling the effort the biggest online protest since last year's Read More →

Oh to work in San Mateo County!

San Mateo may now proudly claim the title Fat County. According to a post in the Wall Street Journal, the county saw a dramatic spike in its average weekly income during the fourth quarter of 2012. There guesses why? Here's a hint: Read More →
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