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Google, Dropbox score high for encryption in Electronic Frontier Foundation report

(This post updated with new information below). Just how secure is your web service provider? After recent revelations about U.S. government surveillance on Internet users, the Electronic Frontier Foundation surveyed major web companies to see which ones are using encryption to Read More →

Quoted: on ‘privacy zealots’ and NSA spying

"While privacy zealots offer platitudes about how there are supposedly some better, more precise and less intrusive ways of conducting surveillance, they have never explained what those approaches might be." — Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kansas, argues in an op-ed Read More →

Off topic: Noses and gender, beer for homeless, courtroom scenes, newspaper without photos, ‘Like A Rolling Stone’

Study follows the nose, explains why men's are bigger than women's. In Amsterdam, using beer to pay homeless alcoholics to clean the streets. Inside man: the blog "going where cameras cannot" is In support Read More →

Uber app adds PayPal

PayPal, in its latest move to shed its reputation among startups as a stodgy Web payments portal, has integrated with Uber, the young and hot ride-sharing mobile app. PayPal, the mobile and Internet payments company owned by eBay, announced Monday night that developers Read More →

Court order authorizing NSA spying is released

The NSA has released documents that include the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order that authorized the agency's mass surveillance of Internet communications. The Guardian reports that the ruling, which was heavily redacted (including its date), shows that:

The iChicken has arrived!

We've created a cool video as part of a series the paper is doing on our obsession with technology. We'd love you to check it out here: And here: Feel free to forward it along to your friends. We'll Read More →

Get down with your bad ‘selfie’ — the 2013 word of the year

It's ready for its closeup: The word "selfie" has just been named word of the year by the Oxford dictionaries. The word, which basically means to take a photo of your fabulous self and share it with the world — on Read More →

Quoted: Elon Musk on NHTSA investigation into Tesla Model S fires

"If a false perception about the safety of electric cars is allowed to linger, it will delay the advent of sustainable transport and increase the risk of global climate change, with potentially disastrous consequences worldwide. That cannot be allowed to Read More →

Off topic: Names and laws, Chattanooga’s type, traffic and mixtapes explained

From Murphy's to Pythagorean, a list of eponymous laws. It's official: "Chatype" is Chattanooga's very own typeface. Explaining traffic waves with math and interactive graphics. And kids these days have it so easy — Read More →

Wiretap: $34M for Dropbox challenger Hightail

Been a busy few months at Campbell-based Hightail, the Box/Dropbox competitor that began life as YouSendIt. In July, the company rebranded itself in a move CEO Brad Garlinghouse tells me reflected its expansion beyond Read More →
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