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Netflix and entertainment industry saga’s plot twists and turns

Netflix has had a contentious relationship with the entertainment industry, and to some extent it still does. But that relationship has evolved as TV networks and movie studios have realized they can benefit from one of the pioneers Read More →

Facebook now adding Graph Search for all U.S. users

Almost six months after CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook's new search function in beta mode, the company  said Monday that it will be providing its Graph Search feature for all English-speaking users in the next few weeks. Facebook has Read More →

Apple helps blur the line between smartphone and smartcar

A report in Forbes  points once again to the growing trend of automakers hooking up with the giants of tech-gadgets, in this case Apple. Several automakers, including Nissan and GM, are reportedly working closely with Apple to essentially infuse their Read More →

Google interns: La Vida Loca in North San Jose?

Woohoo!  New York magazine is reporting that a North San Jose apartment complex turned into party central this summer, after a group of Google interns moved in a few weeks ago.  And some of their neighbors apparently weren’t too happy Read More →

Adobe reportedly may resurrect the stylus

Remember back in the Jurassic era of consumer technology - or maybe  it was the Paleolithic period - when there was something called a stylus? The last time we heard of such a thing was when Apple offered its old Newton Read More →

Quoted: How driverless cars might affect cities

"What automation is going to allow is repurposing, both of spaces in cities, and of the car itself." — Ryan Calo, drone and robotics specialist and assistant professor at the University of Washington School of Law, tells the New Read More →

Off topic: Wine scores, calorie counts, free countries, winning sounds, Cosby sweater tourney

"Experts" ranking wines get low scores. If disclosing calorie counts doesn't help people eat less, what about red light, green light? Independence days of countries around the world, a chart. In case you haven't Read More →

Pat & Mike talk Edward Snowden, Apple maps and Doug Engelbart

Join Pat & Mike from Silicon Valley as they celebrate the heroes and skewer the doofuses in the technology capital of the world. Hey, it will give you something to do while you're one of only about two people at Read More →

But does Apple know the way to San Jose?

Crowd-sourcing is being used to do everything from studying outer space to finding the best yakitori joint within 500 feet of where you're standing. Now Apple seems  poised to harness that same crowd-shared data to help us all keep from getting Read More →

Gov. Jerry Brown to speak at Intersolar Monday

California Gov. Jerry Brown will speak at the opening of Intersolar North America Monday in San Francisco. The big solar conference is expecting 29,000 attendees. Brown is a strong advocate for both utility scale solar projects and rooftop solar in Read More →
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