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Twitter IPO filing: We’ve heard this tune before #facebook #google #changetheworld

It's been tweeted: Twitter's IPO filing — which has been long anticipated but whose timing seemed to be in the air amid a government shutdown — is here. It's been written: This is the most anticipated IPO since Facebook went public Read More →

NSA spying: Feds fight tech’s call for disclosure; collecting location data; Lavabit owner talks

As they try to limit the fallout from the NSA surveillance revelations that includes Prism — a program that scoops up information from Americans' online communications — tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo and others have filed Read More →

Quoted: on the Model S car fire, from video Tesla probably didn’t want to go viral

"Oh, that's a Tesla, dude!" — Passenger in the car from where video footage of what looks like a burning Tesla Model S was taken. Tesla shares continue to fall sharply today, the day after the news came out Read More →

Wiretap’s Thursday Roundup: Funding news from around Silicon Valley

It's already been a busy week for Silicon Valley startups and tech investors, with Vinod Khosla, Vinny Smith and Bill Gates among those pumping millions into companies with names like Read More →

Off topic: Slower food, eye contact, birds to stone, history maps, biggest organism

What bloated menus have wrought: not-so-fast food at the drive-thru. Look at me: Is the power of eye contact a myth? Birds don't fly away from a literally petrifying lake in Africa. From the decline Read More →

Samsung owners, developers can now use PayPal for apps

Samsung smartphone and tablet users can now buy all their video apps, e-books and games using PayPal. San Jose-based PayPal announced Wednesday that its mobile payments platform works across the Samsung ecosystem. PayPal is available on the Samsung Hub -- the Read More →

Game industry update: Console sales to finally grow, but Pincus is “bored”

You know things aren't good for much of the games business when "marginal growth" counts as good news and a leading game executive says he's "bored" of games. Read More →

The artist’s challenge: making money from YouTube

A musician's career can live and die by YouTube. The video platform has started careers — Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were pretty much unheard of before they became a YouTube sensation with "Thrift Shop"— and can generate six-figure salaries for Read More →

‘The Circle’ buzz goes round and round, and it’s not all good

"The Circle," a book about tech culture, isn't available to the general public yet. But there's already plenty of related buzz making the rounds. The novel, written by Dave Eggers of "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" and publishing house McSweeney's Read More →

Quoted: The #shutdown, socially speaking

"But at least I feel better." — Bruce Swedal, a real estate agent in Denver who tweeted that Congress should be fired because of the U.S. government shutdown, isn't getting his hopes up that his tweet will make a Read More →
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