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Is your Tesla Model S feeling unwanted? There’s an app for that!

This just in from Tesla, the electric-car industry's Great Green Hope: new free mobile apps for the care and feeding of your Model S. Now available on  iTunes and Google Play, the tools allow Model S owners, when caught in the Read More →

“Bleak” times for Microsoft and its PC partners, analyst says

Apple's ascent to the PC throne appears to be coming at the expense of Microsoft and its allies. Read More →

Bloom Energy’s Mexican worker scandal echoes earlier Silicon Valley problems

This Bloom Energy story -- the one where the Department of Labor busted the buzzy green tech company for importing Mexican workers at substandard wages -- is just weird. There is bound to be more coming, and I can't wait Read More →

Tech roundup: Zynga’s shares, HP’s Dell talk, Twitter’s Vine, Microsoft’s Surface Pro

We've got your grab bag of tech news: • Second life for Zynga shares? The social-games maker's stock is zooming up more than 11 percent to $3.05 as of this post, the day after its fourth-quarter results beat expectations Read More →

Apple holiday PC king? Report says yes

In a report released Wednesday, Canalys, a market research firm, said that Apple was the top "PC" global maker in the fourth quarter. Read More →

Innovation clusters are great, but Richard Florida says it’s time for the worker bees to get a raise

Rock star urbanologist Richard Florida was on NPR this morning, preaching something of the flip-side of UC-Berkeley economist Enrico Moretti's take on the importance of clustering brain power in order to create innovation hubs. Now, it's hardly a cage-match Read More →

Apple’s iTunes Store sells 25 billionth music download

Apple today said a German man purchased the 25 billionth song -- “Monkey Drums” (Goksel Vancin Remix) by Chase Buch -- from its iTunes Store. The consumer, Phillip Lüpke, was awarded a  €10,000 iTunes® Gift Card. “We are grateful to our users whose Read More →

Data traffic increasing fast on mobile devices

The amount of data flitting back and forth across the globe on various devices shot up 70 percent last year compared with 2011, according to Cisco Systems' latest annual report tracking the trend. Cisco attributed the rise in large part Read More →

Quoted: on ‘nerds’ and Bitcoins and gambling

"There's no bank of any sort that we do. We only do this one weird brand-new Internet protocol transaction that some of the nerds out there are calling money." — Bryan Micon, spokesperson for, a Bitcoin-based poker site. Read More →

Off topic: Wildlife sounds, drinking and dreaming, Monopoly changes, smallest car

A treasure trove of wildlife sounds and video. (via Wired and @brainpicker) Study says if you haven't dreamt or slept well in a while, it's the drinking. Which Monopoly token is getting the Read More →
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