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SolarCity to Acquire Zep Solar

San Mateo-based SolarCity announced Wednesday it plans to acquire Zep Solar for roughly $158 million. Zep Solar, based in San Rafael, provides racking and mounting hardware and has been one of SolarCity's leading suppliers. The sale should help Read More →

Off topic: Insect sex, N.Y. lines, drinks at work, cave art

Sex during a storm? Not tonight, dear, a beetle would say. New York's "best" lines include those for cronuts, MOMA and the Vegetarian Festival. From rum to marijuana, drinking (and smoking) on the job. And Read More →

HP reportedly calling workers back to the office

Will HP go the way of Yahoo — back to the office? Hewlett-Packard "needs all hands on deck," says an internal memo obtained by AllThingsD, and is asking those who telecommuted in the past to help "create a Read More →

Wiretap: Startup hopes to be mobile’s big Kahuna

Adam Marchick had a three-month cup of coffee at Facebook, but it apparently was enough to change the course of his life. Marchick, a 33-year-old Stanford CS grad, spent a summer at the social network five years Read More →

SEC to Apple: You’re not a tax-dodger after all!

A thorough report this morning from Forbes contributor Tim Worstall nicely lays out the case for why Apple, at least in the eyes of the feds, is not doing anything wrong, despite the brouhaha a few months back over Read More →

Microsoft bolsters cloud-computing products

With just about every big tech company rushing to offer Internet-based products, it's little wonder that software giant Microsoft also is elbowing its way into the cloud. The Redmond, Wash. company - which already offers some cloud-based services - announced several Read More →

Quoted: Vivek Wadhwa talks Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and the tech ‘mafia’

"Yes, (Dick) Costolo's comments were inappropriate and he owes me a formal apology. But I don’t for a moment think that he is overtly sexist or that he deliberately discriminates. I think that he is reflecting a common behavior in Read More →

Off topic: posh porta-potty, U.S. of sports, boondocks origin, Tom Hanks

When you've got to go, go in style: Renting upscale portable toilets — granite countertops, linen hand towels and all — cost thousands of dollars a night. From jai alai to pumpkin chunking, mapping an "official" sport for Read More →

Google’s crackdown on mugshot sites

In the long list of clever business models enabled by the Internet, the advent of so-called “mug shot” sites is both a sketchy example and a booming cottage industry. Now Google is taking steps to crack down on the sites, which Read More →

Tim Cook on Steve Jobs’ memory, in 140 characters or less

Saturday marked two years since Apple co-founder and Silicon Valley icon Steve Jobs succumed to cancer, ending one era for the Cupertino tech giant and launching another, still in progress. CEO Tim Cook remembered his friend and predecessor over the Read More →
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