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Quoted: Steve Wozniak on ‘guilt’ about government surveillance

"I actually feel a little guilty about that – but not totally. We created the computers to free the people up, give them instant communication anywhere in the world; any thought you had, you could share freely." — Steve Read More →

Off topic: Peppers, mental illness, biking offenders, Tourette’s and Twitter, dead blogs

Here's a hot story: peppers, pleasure and pain. On the persistent mental-illness taboo. A registry of sidewalk-biking offenders in San Francisco. Surrender Your Say uses Twitter as a tool for Tourette's awareness. Read More →

Apple pays Jony Ive HOW MUCH!?!?!?

This just in: According to an interview with Dezeen magazine, reknown German industrial designer Richard Sapper says Jony Ive, Apple's creative guru and partner-in-design of Steve Jobs, is paid beaucoup beaucoup bucks by his Cupertino Medici: (read on to Read More →

MIT’s Cynthia Breazeal talks our robot future with Thomas Friedman

Cynthia Breazeal stopped by a global gabfest hosted by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman to talk about how there's no need to worry that the robots she's working on at MIT are going to take over the world and Read More →

PayPal pushes into China

eBay is going to China -- or so a confident John Donahoe says. The CEO said this week at the Reuters Global Technology Summit that eBay will become the first foreign company to secure a financial payments license in China, a nation where many Read More →

Government-tech ties: Ex-Facebook exec moved to NSA, Amazon’s CIA deal, more

In the wake of the revelations about National Security Agency surveillance practices, news about government and tech ties just keeps coming. • Where did Facebook chief security officer Max Kelly go after he left the social network in 2010? To the Read More →

Apple goes to school in a BIG way

From its earliest days, Apple has successfully staked out a dynamic and sprawling role for itself in the American classroom. From those Macs in the high-school science lab to the middle-school laptop programs that arms 30 kids at a time Read More →

Sunrun expands to Connecticut, the Nutmeg State

Rooftop solar financier Sunrun announced Thursday that is expanding to Connecticut, which means it now has an 11-state footprint. Connecticut offers several incentives for solar, making it one of the growing markets in the densely populated Northeast. Sunrun effectively Read More →

Quoted: on Microsoft’s do-over on Xbox restrictions

"Even the flip-flopping on this, even though it's a good sign, it does paint a picture of a corporation that doesn't know what it's doing." — Pete Dodd, a gamer from New Haven, Conn., who had urged other gamers Read More →

Off topic: True place names, new species, farmed shrimp, new dictionary words, pace of life

Land of the people with tall caps, Land of the rebellious one, and other place names in the "Atlas of True Names." (via Slate) The "Chewbacca bat," bombardier beetle and other recently discovered species. More food Read More →
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