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Startup camera maker Lytro cut jobs earlier this year

Lytro, the digital camera start-up that has developed a technology that allows users to focus their pictures after taking them, laid off some of its staff earlier this year. Read More →

Is it just me, or is saving Snapchats a popular cause? Plus other apps news

Once again, there is news that Snapchat — which has been sexy enough to attract some serious funding — is contending with something that seems to threaten the very reason it exists: new apps that allows for secret Read More →

Is Apple about to pull a new iPhone out of its sleeve?

Apple watchers suffered a bit of whiplash Monday as news reports about the company bounced back and forth, up and down, good and not so good. The most tantalizing tidbit to emerge from blog reports was a date: Tuesday, Sept. 10, Read More →

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg cashes out a big chunk of stock

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg cashed out a sizable chunk of company stock last week, selling 2.37 million shares for about $91 million after the stock topped its $38 initial public offering price for the first time since Facebook began public trading Read More →

Mars One Colonization Plan offers out-of-this-world escape and plenty of red planet red flags

It's Monday morning and I'm just back from vacation and so, yeah, a trip to Mars looks pretty good rather than, uh, crazy. I'd do anything to get out of here and so, reports CNN, would about 100,000 others who Read More →

Quoted: Harrison Ford hates change

"I hate it when they change stuff." — Harrison Ford, joining the list of famous people (Ray BradburyPrince, Winona Ryder and more) who have expressed disdain for or aversion to technology, in an Read More →

Off topic: Shortened feelings, no way up, kids’ menus, on kids’ gender and divorce instead of liking it at the Bitly for feelings. Not so uplifting: Builders forget to include elevator shafts in a skyscraper in Spain. Little Susie won't have what her parents are having: the history of Read More →

Back-door email searches, Obama-tech execs meeting and other NSA spying news

Another day, another report detailing U.S. government spying: The NSA has what one senator calls a "back door" ability to search Americans' emails and phone calls without a warrant. With this latest report, President Obama, who has scheduled a news Read More →

Is Steve Jobs’ widow dating DC’s former mayor?

A successful female philanthropist dating a former Washington, D.C. politico may not be front-page news. But if she's Laurene Powell Jobs, the billionaire widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, suddenly the rumor climbs a few notches up the scale of Read More →

Didn’t get Outside Lands tickets this year? TuneIn to Internet radio instead

Happy Outside Lands! The famed San Francisco music festival kicks off today, bringing acts from Paul McCartney to Nine Inch Nails to town for three days of jams, local bites and likely some chilly weather. Oh, wait ... you didn't get Read More →
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