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Tech and policy: HP issues tougher labor standards in China; Google news links deal in France; software patents in court

HP has introduced stricter labor guidelines for students and temporary workers at its suppliers in China. When factory orders surge, high school students and temp workers are brought in and can be subjected to work very long Read More →

Quoted: on Snapchat, Wickr and erasing our digital tracks

"Unarchived communication is our most primal form of communication." — Nico Sell, co-founder of Wickr, an app that allows users to send media — from text messages to videos to PDFs — that disappear after a predetermined amount of Read More →

Off topic: Owls’ turning heads, the institution of marriage, Pad Thai history, baseball cards with a twist

How and why owls can turn their heads "Exorcist"-style, or at least 270 degrees. On which came first, marriage as a legal institution or a religious one. First time I've ever included a recipe here, because Read More →

Microsoft to release Surface Pro Saturday

It's time for round two in Microsoft's challenge to Apple's much-adored iPad. Microsoft will release the newest version of the Surface on Saturday, unveiling at last the full-bore Windows 8 experience for tablet users. The Surface Windows 8 Pro is said to cram the Read More →

In smartphones, it’s an Android world; other than Apple, everyone else can go home

The latest market share data from Canalys, released today, indicates that Google's Android is going to continue gobbling up the lion's share of the market, leaving only a sizable bite behind for Apple -- and no one else. Read More →

iPhone 5 boosts Apple, but Samsung still tops in smartphones

Sales of the iPhone 5 boosted Apple's share of the global smartphone market in the fourth quarter, but it remained in second place behind arch-rival Samsung, according to a new report. Read More →

Texas Gov. Rick Perry can have any company stupid enough to move from Silicon Valley to Texas

I've really been trying to stay out of this whole California vs. Texas brawl. (Or trying to keep my powder dry, as Texas Gubna Rick Perry might say.) But this is plain wacko (which, isn't that a city in Texas? Read More →

Is Apple the top PC maker? Plus Microsoft vs. Google and tech beneficiaries of mail cuts

A quick look around the tech world this morning: •  Apple is the world's top computer maker, according to a new report, and the numbers aren't even close. Before anyone from Hewlett-Packard or Lenovo can object, Read More →

Quoted: Einhorn calls Apple a hoarder

“Apple has a cash problem. It acts like it’s in a depression." -- Hedge fund manager David Einhorn, in an interview on CNBC this morning, after filing suit in federal court in an attempt to force Apple Read More →
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