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Off topic: Psychic abilities, Holland vs. the Netherlands, making decisions, Eschersketch, geography game

The discovery of Amanda Berry calls into question psychics' effectiveness. A video explainer about the difference between Holland and the Netherlands. "It is a gift, a tool we can use to examine Read More →

Or maybe NOT blame Apple’s little iPad mini…

Just as the brouhaha was reaching full boil over this week's report suggesting possible problems with iPad mini sales, we see this from Economic Times:
Pegatron Corp, an assembler of Apple Inc's iPhone and iPad, said it would increase Read More →

Can Facebook go Home again? HTC First cut to 99 cents

Facebook, like other companies, has said its future is in mobile. How's that going? Well, AT&T this week cut the price of the first "Facebook phone," a.k.a. the HTC First, to 99 cents less than a month after its launch. The Read More →

Blame it on Apple’s poor little iPad mini

Is global demand really weakening for Apple's once-hot iPad mini? Or was a Bloomberg report to that effect a bit off the mark? Veteran Apple watcher Philip Elmer-DeWitt has taken reporter Tim Culpan to task for his story this week suggesting Read More →

Tesla analyst raises price target to $100

Theo O'Neil, an analyst who covers Tesla Motors, is taking his price target on the stock to $100 from $38 based on better than expected first quarter results "I know this looks crazy but here’s what’s going on," said O'Neil Read More →

Quoted: on the Senate immigration bill and H-1B visas

"The technology industry is asking the government to come in and intervene in the normal functioning of the U.S. labor market, specifically on their behalf." — Ron Hira, associate professor of public policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Read More →

Off topic: Mother tongue, ‘Tiger Cub’ research, MLB salaries, Chinese DIY, N.Y. rentals

Researchers trace Eurasian languages back to a single "superfamily" mother tongue. More research, this time reawakening the (napping?) "Tiger Mom" issue: Their cubs end up depressed, with worse grades. Speaking of Cubs, an interactive Read More →

Gone, daddy, gone: KKR veteran Scott Wagner ditching Sand Hill Road for GoDaddy isn't based in Silicon Valley, but it's become one of the more high-profile consumer Internet brands thanks to its rather tawdry Super Bowl ads featuring NASCAR's Danica Patrick. But since Read More →

Apple’s money guy is king of the hill

After a long cold winter of slumping share prices and weakened profits, Apple has some good news to celebrate this week. For starters, its stock price has climbed steadily from under $400 a share to a closing price Wednesday of Read More →

Yahoo and Microsoft: Will search marriage last?

Good deal, right? Microsoft will continue to guarantee Yahoo U.S. search revenue for another year,  the Sunnyvale company said in a filing Tuesday. But the news was followed by reports that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is trying to Read More →
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