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President Obama to meet with tech supporters amid healthcare IT crisis

Today, President Barack Obama is in town for several fundraisers including a $32,400-a-head roundtable at the San Francisco home of Marc Benioff, the chief executive of This is not a redux of the intimate February 2011 meeting of Obama and Read More →

Off topic: Fist-bumping, tears closeup, awkward signs, expensive wine, tickling oneself

"Perhaps our patients will appreciate our attention not only to their health but also to hipness" — on fist-bumping vs. shaking hands. Induced by grief, onions and more, microscopic details of tears. "Do not go explosive outdoors" Read More →

UberX’s Thanksgiving special for Silicon Valley

UberX has a Thanksgiving special for Silicon Valley: two free uberX trips between Monday, Nov. 25 and Sunday, Dec. 1. The rides must begin or end in Silicon Valley, which UberX defines as Redwood City to San Jose. Not only Read More →

San Leandro teen entrepreneur pitches business plan to Obama

San Leandro teen Juny Nguyen got an opportunity many seasoned entrepreneurs only dream of -- to pitch his business plan to President Obama. Nguyen, 16, was among five high school students who had a captive audience in Obama and executive staffers at the White Read More →

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg insists reports of teen defections are overblown

So … is Facebook losing its appeal among teenage users, or not? Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg seemed to answer, “No,” during a rare interview this week with the tech blog All Things D.  But she didn’t offer any numbers to Read More →

A giant tech bubble? No. But the bubble question is our topic for the next year

In a column this week, I jump into the discussion about whether we are in a tech bubble.  In our boom-and-bust tech economy, my theory is that bubble talk is what we do when things are looking up but Read More →

Investors driving shares down despite Intel’s ‘pragmatic’ moves

It took Intel a while to join the smartphone revolution, and Chairman Andy Bryant reportedly admitted Thursday that he was "personally embarrassed that we seemed to have lost our way." Can the chip giant find its way back? At his first shareholder Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Father-son venture capitalists Neal and Sean Dempsey

This week, in a first for ePitch, we feature two VCs for the price of one. Neal Dempsey has been at venerable Bay Partners since 1989;  his son Sean got into the Read More →

Quoted: Nathan Myhrvold on how Microsoft and Google are different

"The set of tasks Microsoft has been engaging in has been so large, it’s been hard for them to be as consistently innovative. ... The difference between Google and Microsoft is largely that search and Android phones are on the Read More →

Off topic: Named after JFK, airline seating, ’tis the season for Elmo, dear artwork, ‘The Art of War’

A map of the hundreds of places around the world named after JFK. "Morph" concept: adjustable airline seats. Tickle Me, Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey and more: why the multi-talented Elmo rules Christmas. A chart of the most Read More →
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