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Off topic: Yell at Congress, mini movie sets, A’s pride and high-tech Halloween costumes

Angry about the government shutdown? Now you can call and yell at random members of Congress. God bless America. That doesn't make you feel big enough? Check out these cool mini movie sets. My condolences to Read More →

Apple Mac’s Bill Atkinson still at work on iPhone and iPad photo app

It's nice to see Macintosh pioneer Bill Atkinson get another boost of buzz on CNET for what the programming virtuoso calls his best work. PhotoCard is Atkinson's effort to save the tangible postcard from extinction. But as I wrote in Read More →

New book documents how Amazon’s success is linked to CEO’s mercurial style

Amazon’s 49-year-old CEO, Jeff Bezos, declined to participate for a book on the 20th anniversary of the behemoth online retailer. But Bezos did allow friends, family and senior Amazon executives to speak to Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brad Stone for a revealing book Read More →

Pinterest unveils ads, strikes international mobile deal

Ads have come to Pinterest. But ad revenue won't be coming until later. After announcing its intention to do so last month, the fast-growing social network unveiled its new "Promoted Pin" advertisements Wednesday. The pins are marked by a subtle label Read More →

Would you buy a new car from Google?

Would you rather buy a self-driving car made by Google, or by Detroit? A new report from the KPMG accounting and consulting firm, based on responses from a series of focus groups, finds that consumers still have questions about the idea Read More →

Google’s 13th clean energy investment

Google's clean energy investment roll continues. On Thursday, Google announced that it's committed $103 million to the Mount Signal Solar Project in Imperial County, the company's 13th clean energy investment to date. The 266-megawatt plant will provide electricity to Read More →

Cracks in the “Fueling California” coalition: Walmart no longer involved

Remember Fueling California, the Chevron-funded group that is lobbying against California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard? There appear to be some cracks in the organization's armor. Fueling California's board of directors once included representatives from United Airlines, Walmart, UPS, Chevron Read More →

Quoted: We’ve seen ‘The Circle,’ and it is us

"It’s more of a stark look in the mirror. . . . It’s less about Silicon Valley and it’s more about looking at ourselves." -- Perry Hewitt, tech veteran and chief digital officer at Harvard, telling the New York Read More →

Off topic: Awesome houses, ‘Super Clyde,’ death watch and the Dread Pirate Roberts’ lame home

Feeling bored? Try these crazy design ideas to make your house awesome. (Spiral slide? I can get behind that. A see-through bathroom floor? Oh hell no.) Nerd TV alert: Check out the ill-fated pilot "Super Clyde," Read More →

Abengoa’s Solana solar plant begins commercial operations, with storage!

Abengoa, the Spanish multinational, announced Wednesday that its 280-megawatt Solana solar power plant in Arizona has begun commercial operations. The Solana plant is believed to be the world's largest paraboloic trough plant, where parabolic-shaped mirrors track the sun and concentrate Read More →
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