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Quoted: on the evolution and appeal of bitcoins

"The libertarians' zeal took Bitcoin from nothing to something, and then you had people that were attracted by the anonymous nature, who mostly use it for [illegal] online gambling. But the appeal of zero transaction costs is universal." — Read More →

Off topic: Emotionary, donated clothes, God and natural disasters, subway searching for love

Adrenaflate (to conflate adrenaline with love), inattextive (incessant phone use during social situations) and other words from the Emotionary, a place for "words that don't exist for feelings that do." Tracking textiles: what happens to your clothes after Read More →

Who are the world’s most powerful women?

Nearly a dozen tech executives made Forbes magazine’s new list of “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women,” an annual ranking based on somewhat subjective assessments of the “money, media presence and impact” wielded by various female celebrities, politicians and business Read More →

Yelp! Review site’s shares tumbling

Tech and grub, two of our favorite things. We're talking review site Yelp, which is seeing its shares dive today. They're down about 7.5 percent to $29.20 as of this post. Why the big dip? Investors could be spooked by what's Read More →

Google’s breathing down Apple’s neck

For all you fanboys and fangals who hang on to every last twitch on every last brand-ranking listing out there, and we know there are a ton of them, here's the latest - and it doesn't look good for Apple: The Read More →

Ain’t nothing but a GIF/JIF thing: GIF creator wins Webby, issues pronunciation decree

Think peanut butter: "It's pronounced JIF, not GIF." That was the five-word acceptance speech of Steve Wilhite, creator of the GIF, after he was presented a lifetime achievement award Tuesday at the Webby Awards. (See video below) "End of story," Wilhite says, Read More →

Gov. Jerry Brown keeps pressing on the perils of climate change

California Gov. Jerry Brown is one of the most vocal politicians about the dangers of climate change. In December 2011, he convened a summit at the California Academy of Sciences that began with a blistering attack on libertarians, Read More →

Quoted: Storm chasers in the age of smartphones and social media

"Your life is not worth a viral video." — Neil Katz, digital editor-in-chief for The Weather Channel, on the new breed of storm chasers — those armed with small video cameras and smartphones, even as he acknowledged that amateurs can Read More →

Why Marissa Mayer’s Tumblr hip replacement won’t work

I gotta like Yahoo's move to get all young and hip by blowing a billion or so to pick up way-cool site Tumblr. After all, Yahoo was the company with the yodeler and the fish; the company that bought Read More →
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