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Wiretap: Introducing Locality, now in 10,000 cities near you

Back in the spring I wrote about Jared Fliesler, the 28-year-old wunderkind who'd been named general partner at venture capital firm Matix Partners. On Thursday, Fliesler will announce his first investment as a VC, and Read More →

‘Dreamers’ hack to push Congress to do something on immigration reform

The passage of comprehensive immigration reform is not going to happen this year and will be a challenge for 2014. That's depressing for supporters of reform. But there was an air of optimism at the Dreamers Hackathon at the LinkedIn headquarters in Read More →

EBay transforms Westfield SF Mall with digital storefronts

EBay unveiled digital storefronts in a San Francisco mall on Wednesday, giving holiday shoppers a glimpse of the latest innovation in high-tech commerce and a chance to shop from giant touchscreen glass windows. The partnership between eBay and Westfield Labs, the Read More →

A Silicon Valley visionary gives a TED talk with a robot’s help

I did a Q&A recently in the Mercury News with Henry Evans, a Stanford MBA and former chief financial officer at a Silicon Valley software startup who in 2002 suffered a debilitating stroke-like event that left him mute and Read More →

Silicon Valley one of the stars of Space 2.0

As NASA has cut back and outsourced some of its work, U.S. players in the age of Space 2.0 include big companies, startups and even high-school students. In a documentary airing tonight at 7:30 Pacific time (you can also find the Read More →

A lift – at least temporarily – for chip and gadget makers

Market researcher IHS offered some good cheer Wednesday for a makers of various electronic products, including microchips, like the one pictured above. It said sales have been looking up lately for companies making  industrial electronic, data processing, wired communications, consumer electronics, Read More →

Google, Dropbox score high for encryption in Electronic Frontier Foundation report

(This post updated with new information below). Just how secure is your web service provider? After recent revelations about U.S. government surveillance on Internet users, the Electronic Frontier Foundation surveyed major web companies to see which ones are using encryption to Read More →

Quoted: on ‘privacy zealots’ and NSA spying

"While privacy zealots offer platitudes about how there are supposedly some better, more precise and less intrusive ways of conducting surveillance, they have never explained what those approaches might be." — Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kansas, argues in an op-ed Read More →

Off topic: Noses and gender, beer for homeless, courtroom scenes, newspaper without photos, ‘Like A Rolling Stone’

Study follows the nose, explains why men's are bigger than women's. In Amsterdam, using beer to pay homeless alcoholics to clean the streets. Inside man: the blog "going where cameras cannot" is In support Read More →

Uber app adds PayPal

PayPal, in its latest move to shed its reputation among startups as a stodgy Web payments portal, has integrated with Uber, the young and hot ride-sharing mobile app. PayPal, the mobile and Internet payments company owned by eBay, announced Monday night that developers Read More →
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