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Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In interns will pick up paychecks after all

In  move that you could see coming from a couple of miles away, Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In outfit says it won't make interns work for free after all. Glad that's over. Now we can all go back to debating Read More →

Quoted: Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer strikes another pose — Vogue, vogue

"I will literally look at my watch and say, 'You can’t leave until time x. And if you’re still having a terrible time at time x, you can leave.' " — Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO, on her disciplined approach Read More →

Off topic: Dumping words, ‘literally,’ puff cereal, Peanuts and The Smiths

Dictionary editors don't just add words, they subtract, too. They were considering removing "chad," but the 2000 U.S. presidential election saved it. Speaking of words, it wasn't the Internet that "literally" killed the English language, it Read More →

New CafePress marketplace connects designers with online shoppers

CafePress, the crowd-sourced website that sells personalized T-shirts, sports gear and gifts, has a new online platform to let shoppers add custom-made designs to almost any product they want. The San Mateo-based company unveiled on Thursday a new platform that enables Read More →

Netflix bulks up kids content with Scholastic deal

Netflix moved Thursday to further shore up its selection of kids videos after losing SpongeBob SquarePants and other Nickelodeon content earlier this year.  The online video company announced a deal with Scholastic to bring Read More →

In the news again: Washington Post hacked, phished

The Washington Post has had an eventful couple of weeks thanks to the Internet. A couple of weeks ago,'s Jeff Bezos bought the storied newspaper. Today, it said its website was hacked and some of its journalists' Read More →

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg needs to Lean In on unpaid intern flap

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg needs to lean in, preferably to a microphone, and explain what the hell is going on with this unpaid intern controversy swirling around her non-profit working to empower women. News that Lean In, an outfit founded by Read More →

Facebook’s testing a new mobile payments program for online purchases

Look out PayPal . . . Facebook is working on a new online payments system that would let shoppers buy clothing or other goods simply by logging into a retailer's mobile app with their Facebook account, provided they’ve already given Read More →

Cisco’s stock tumbles after earnings, layoff news

A day after San Jose networking giant Cisco Systems reported a nice bump in profit and sales, but said it would lay off 4,000 employees in a restructuring move, the company's stock took a beating. Cisco's shares were down Read More →

Quoted: Hitchhiking 2.0 — on Twitter, Facebook

"I tweet, 'Can anyone give me a ride to school today? I'll buy you breakfast.' I've done it with strangers and I've done it with friends." — Earl Barkley, a teenager in Atlanta, on hitchhiking 2.0 — or, as Read More →
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