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Google, Yahoo and other ad networks announce new anti-piracy steps

With the Obama administration’s blessing, Google, Yahoo and other leading players in the online advertising business have signed on to a set of “best practices” aimed at cutting off ad revenue for sites that host pirated movies or music or Read More →

HP appoints three new board members

With its leadership under fire for its past performance, Hewlett-Packard on Monday said it has appointed three new directors, increasing its board from nine to 12 members. The new directors are Robert “Dob” Bennett, former president and CEO of Liberty Media Read More →

Quoted: Radiohead’s Thom Yorke pulls music from Spotify in latest music vs. tech row

"Make no mistake new artists you discover on #Spotify will no[t] get paid. Meanwhile shareholders will shortly being rolling in it." — Thom Yorke, lead singer for Radiohead, on Twitter. Yorke has pulled a couple of albums Read More →

The growing CIGS graveyard: Nanosolar liquidation auction

The CIGS graveyard is getting full. Nanosolar, the aspiring solar manufacturer located in South San Jose's Edenvale clean technology zone, is done. The company laid off 75 percent of its workforce in February. The San Jose facility is being closed Read More →

Tesla Motors joins the NASDAQ 100

Tesla Motors has replaced Oracle on the Nasdaq 100, which tracks the biggest companies on the Nasdaq. Oracle announced last month that it is moving to the New York Stock Exchange. Tesla's current market cap is $15 billion; Oracle's Read More →

Off topic: pheromones, mosquito bites, copying magic tricks, Ryan Gosling and pigs, double duty

"The truth is that some people control themselves better than others" — on the study of pheromones. They want your blood, and several other reasons mosquitoes bite some people more than others. And now for my/his next magic Read More →

What makes the best viral video? Don’t ask Pat & Mike

Join Pat & Mike as they scour the Silicon Valley landscape -- OK, lightly polish the Silicon Valley landscape -- for the stories that bring meaning to your life, or at least a smile to your face. Business columnist Mike Cassidy Read More →

Microsoft shuffles the deck — again

In an expected move this week, the software giant announced a company-wide reorganization intended to streamline the sprawling company, but it's anyone's guess whether the deck shuffling will work. Read More →

Will Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg break out the wine and cheese for the GOP after immigration rebuff?

Now that the immigration bill that Silicon Valley was banking on looks like it's gone from a sure thing to toast, it's time to start pointing fingers at those who screwed it up. House Republicans. That was easy. And now Hilicon Read More →

NSA spying: Microsoft’s reported role in Prism, Yahoo’s fight, Snowden speaks and more

There has been a steady stream of reports about Prism, the NSA's mass surveillance program, this week. Some developments of note: • Microsoft worked with the U.S. government to provide access to its users' communications, the Guardian has reported, Read More →
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