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Unboxing the Lego Mindstorms EV3

For Tech Files this week, I'm testing Lego's new Mindstorms EV3 robot-making set. For those who have played with the previous generation of Mindstorms, the NXT 2.0, the Read More →

NSA spying fallout: Guardian hard drives smashed; Groklaw shutdown

Repercussions from the revelations of massive NSA surveillance, the redux: • The editor of the Guardian — the first newspaper to report about the scope of NSA spying in the age of electronic communications — said press freedom is at risk Read More →

Crowdfunding site Razoo expands from nonprofits to personal fundraisers

Need help paying your mortgage? Medical bills piling up? Or maybe you've rescued an injured, stray dog but can't pay to repair its broken leg? Well, how about asking strangers to fork over cash for the cause? In the Wild West Read More →

Quoted: on apps that help change the world

"One of the things I kept telling myself was: You don’t have to 'change the world' to change the world." — Jorge Just, a New York University student who was in a class called "Design for Unicef." Just designed Read More →

Off topic: Clown fright, Play-Doh, balloons and parking, baby names, some 411 on 911

"People have been scared of clowns for decades." A video explainer of what makes Play-Doh "taste salty, smell sweet," and more. Balloons: how South Koreans could save time looking for parking spots. In the Read More →

Tesla Motors celebrates its 5-star safety rating, and the Model S broke the roof crush testing machine

Much has been made about Tesla Motor's Model S sedan. How the all-electric ride will rivet your attention from the start. But CEO Elon Musk has been focused on safety as much as style. On Monday, Tesla proudly announced that Read More →

Never mind what Slate says, computer science for everyone makes sense to me

I understand where programmer Chase Felker is coming from when he writes in Slate that it's time to ease up on pushing kids into programming, but I'm not ready to jump off the bandwagon he describes as overcrowded. Felker's key Read More →

Shai Agassi on Tesla Motors: Detroit’s reacting all wrong

Shai Agassi, the charismatic founder of the bankrupt electric battery-swap start-up Better Place, has a lengthy post on LinkedIn today about Tesla Motors, writing that "GM shouldn't be the only company worried about Tesla's future plans. The entire car Read More →

Will Samsung beat Apple in the race to the wrist?

So when did wristwatches suddenly become the cat's meow? Just when I figured watches were in their dying days, replaced by, oh I don't know, how about the watch on the face of that smartphone you now carry in your hand Read More →

Quoted: on physical threats in the electronic and Internet age

"We've even found an employee's personal wireless router hidden in a potted plant." — Heather Bearfield, of the Technology Assurance Services Practice Group at Marcum, on the physical security risks companies (and governments) face. Businesses throw a lot of Read More →
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