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Is Apple the top PC maker? Plus Microsoft vs. Google and tech beneficiaries of mail cuts

A quick look around the tech world this morning: •  Apple is the world's top computer maker, according to a new report, and the numbers aren't even close. Before anyone from Hewlett-Packard or Lenovo can object, Read More →

Quoted: Einhorn calls Apple a hoarder

“Apple has a cash problem. It acts like it’s in a depression." -- Hedge fund manager David Einhorn, in an interview on CNBC this morning, after filing suit in federal court in an attempt to force Apple Read More →

Is your Tesla Model S feeling unwanted? There’s an app for that!

This just in from Tesla, the electric-car industry's Great Green Hope: new free mobile apps for the care and feeding of your Model S. Now available on  iTunes and Google Play, the tools allow Model S owners, when caught in the Read More →

“Bleak” times for Microsoft and its PC partners, analyst says

Apple's ascent to the PC throne appears to be coming at the expense of Microsoft and its allies. Read More →

Bloom Energy’s Mexican worker scandal echoes earlier Silicon Valley problems

This Bloom Energy story -- the one where the Department of Labor busted the buzzy green tech company for importing Mexican workers at substandard wages -- is just weird. There is bound to be more coming, and I can't wait Read More →

Tech roundup: Zynga’s shares, HP’s Dell talk, Twitter’s Vine, Microsoft’s Surface Pro

We've got your grab bag of tech news: • Second life for Zynga shares? The social-games maker's stock is zooming up more than 11 percent to $3.05 as of this post, the day after its fourth-quarter results beat expectations Read More →

Apple holiday PC king? Report says yes

In a report released Wednesday, Canalys, a market research firm, said that Apple was the top "PC" global maker in the fourth quarter. Read More →

Innovation clusters are great, but Richard Florida says it’s time for the worker bees to get a raise

Rock star urbanologist Richard Florida was on NPR this morning, preaching something of the flip-side of UC-Berkeley economist Enrico Moretti's take on the importance of clustering brain power in order to create innovation hubs. Now, it's hardly a cage-match Read More →

Apple’s iTunes Store sells 25 billionth music download

Apple today said a German man purchased the 25 billionth song -- “Monkey Drums” (Goksel Vancin Remix) by Chase Buch -- from its iTunes Store. The consumer, Phillip Lüpke, was awarded a  €10,000 iTunes® Gift Card. “We are grateful to our users whose Read More →
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