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Oracle sued over alleged strip-club expenses

Redwood City giant Oracle's annual San Francisco conference for software developers, dubbed Oracle OpenWorld, typically attracts tens of thousands of people seeking technical insights about the company's products. But last year's event also triggered a bit of funny business at a Read More →

Microsoft bets again on tablets, announces new Surface models

Microsoft on Monday unveiled two new Surface tablets, the successors to the original Surface and Surface Pro the company released last year. Read More →

Apple iTunes Radio isn’t music to Pandora investors’ ears

Pandora shares are tanking today — they're down more than 10 percent — after Apple released along with its new iPhone sales numbers that 11 million people had checked out iTunes Radio since the release of iOS 7 last week. The Read More →

Competition for your data is only getting hotter …

Internet companies and commercial data brokers already know a lot about you.  But they’re increasingly competing to figure out new ways to know even more. Consider this report Monday from the Financial Times:  Acxiom, the Arkansas-based data broker that Read More →

More fodder for Apple watchers: Tim Cook joins Twitter

We heard quite a bit from notoriously tight-lipped Apple last week — with, as we wrote, its top executives including CEO Tim Cook giving media interviews that coincided with the company's release of new iPhones and Read More →

More job cuts in the works at HP?

Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman is in the final stages of eliminating 29,000 jobs to trim expenses. But she may have to cut its workforce even more, some industry experts predict. In a recent note to their clients, Deutsche Bank analysts worried Read More →

Apple announces record iPhone sales

Apple on Monday announced that it has sold 9 million iPhone 5c and 5s phones since sales began on Friday. In fact, iPhone sales are so good, that the company said that it's overall revenue and gross margins for Read More →

Quoted: Kevin Spacey on Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ and the Emmys

"It shows that the Academy has a modern, progressive streak. More companies are going to step forward to do this kind of thing, so more shows will be produced, more actors will be hired, more work done." — Kevin Read More →

Off topic: Stinky when scared, anti-apostrophe, atheists church, dialects quiz, dust bowl

Defend and offend: animals that emit a foul smell when threatened. "Many apostrophes are really only there for condescension," shouldn't we kill them? A look at a megachurch of atheists, a "godless congregation." A Read More →

YouTube offline – coming soon, but not for all videos

There was good news this week for YouTube fans who just can’t stand it when they're unable to watch the latest cute puppy video because they don’t have an Internet connection. In a low-key announcement, the Google-owned service said Read More →
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