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Intel’s Web TV move: Will another take in consumer market work out?

Intel on Tuesday confirmed year-old rumors (see GMSV post) that it is jumping into Internet TV with its own streaming set-top boxes, raising questions about whether the Santa Clara chip maker can succeed in an increasingly crowded market and Read More →

Quoted: on tech and immigration reform

"The stars are aligning here. You've got the politics of immigration reform changing. You've got tech leaders leaning in not just for high-skilled but for broader immigration reform." — Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum, on Read More →

Off topic: Ben & Jerry’s flavor graveyard, Tetris competitors, chicken shortage, surprise inheritance

A tour of a graveyard of discontinued Ben & Jerry's flavors, clever epitaphs and all. A look into the competitive Tetris world. (both via Metafilter) Speaking of food, KFC wants to expand in Africa, but there's Read More →

Apple CEO Tim Cook gets cozy with Obamas

It was Apple CEO Tim Cook’s turn to join first lady Michelle Obama at the State of the Union address, exactly one year after Steve Jobs’s widow sat at Obama’s side for the president’s annual speech to Americans. A new term Read More →

Apple TV finally gets another channel, sort of

If you have an Apple TV, you finally have a new channel to watch: HBO Go. Read More →

Tesla’s CEO won’t let it go

Furious about what he called a "fake'' review by the New York Times of Tesla's new all-electric Model S sedan, CEO Elon Musk continued blasting away for a second day. Not to be out-done,  Times reporter John Broder, who wrote Read More →

VCs weigh in on Shervin Pishevar’s exit from Menlo Ventures

In his brief, 20-month tenure as a managing partner at Menlo Ventures, Shervin Pishevar did a lot of moving and shaking. He teamed with Lady Gaga's manager on the Talent Fund, a $20 Read More →

Nvidia reportedly planning huge Santa Clara campus

Santa Clara chipmaker Nvidia is planning a massive 1-million square foot corporate expansion next to its headquarters, according to a published report. The company filed formal plans for the development on Monday with the city of Santa Clara, the Silicon Valley Read More →

CEOs and drama: Apple’s Tim Cook, Tesla’s Elon Musk

Oh, the drama. Both Apple and Tesla Motors are embroiled in some. Apple is catching flak from shareholders who want the Cupertino company to share more of its wealth. And Tesla is dealing with a negative Read More →

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Visiting an Apple store is his “Prozac”

When Apple CEO Tim Cook is feeling down, he heads over to an Apple retail store to get a pick-me-up. "I think there is no place quite like it," Cook said Tuesday morning at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference. Read More →
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