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Why Marissa Mayer’s Tumblr hip replacement won’t work

I gotta like Yahoo's move to get all young and hip by blowing a billion or so to pick up way-cool site Tumblr. After all, Yahoo was the company with the yodeler and the fish; the company that bought Read More →

NetApp said to cut 235 jobs in Sunnyvale ahead of earnings report today

NetApp, which is scheduled to report earnings Tuesday after the markets close, is reportedly laying off 235 employees at its Sunnyvale headquarters. The move follows reports of cuts in India as well as an analyst note Read More →

Quoted: on Apple and offshoring profit to avoid taxes

"I think it's important to make clear the admiration we have for Apple, the incredible changes Apple has caused in our lives. However... Apple is one of the biggest tax avoiders in America." — Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., during Read More →

Off topic: Suicide notes, Heineken bottles, speaking up for Spam, behind the movies, sea life and death

A course on writing suicide notes, or "failed communication." A square Heineken beer bottle? Find out why.  In defense of Spam as versatile and "better than hot dogs." Photos from behind the Read More →

Marissa Mayer getting in the Tumblr spirit

No one can say Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer doesn't have a sense of humor. She and her top aides have acknowledged that the giant Internet portal has lost a lot of cred with younger Internet users in recent years. So when Read More →

Top Twitter moments from the Billboard Music Awards

Twitter lit up Sunday night as musicians and fans flooded the social media site to pontificate and crack jokes about the Billboard Music Awards. From Madonna slurring her words, fueling rumors that the pop diva was drunk, to an unexpected Read More →

Whistleblower emerges amid Google’s U.K. tax woes

A report published by the Sunday Times sheds light on the tone of British lawmakers' grilling of Google over taxes last week: A former Google executive has turned whistleblower, showing the newspaper evidence he says proves that "what Read More →

Mr. Cook goes to Washington: Apple CEO to talk taxes and offshoring

Apple CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to testify Tuesday morning at a Senate hearing about offshore taxes. He will propose a "dramatic simplification" of tax laws to help bring more corporate profit back to the United States, according to the Read More →

Quoted: Tumblr CEO talks ‘awesome’ Yahoo deal

"Before touching on how awesome this is, let me try to allay any concerns: We're not turning purple." — David Karp, Tumblr CEO, on Yahoo's $1.1 billion purchase of the popular blogging site, which was confirmed this Read More →
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