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New info on NSA email surveillance, plus other spying and privacy news

The U.S. government's collection of online communications data under the recently revealed Prism program was supposedly focused on foreign terrorism suspects. But the Guardian has a new report about a different program. Under Stellar Wind, the NSA began collecting Read More →

Aereo’s expanding, just not yet to the Bay Area

Aereo -- the online service that records and streams local broadcast TV signals -- will soon be available in a host of new areas; just don't expect it to come to the Bay Area anytime soon. Read More →

Quoted: Pandora tries to set the record straight, shift focus to RIAA

"The RIAA has attempted to create a firestorm about an email from me asking artists if they would show their support for Internet radio by signing a letter. ... The intent was simply to communicate directly with artists about the Read More →

Off topic: Raising revolutionaries, word origins, ‘Star Trek’ recipes, processed carbs, unstoppable love

Like father, like... Che Guevara urged his kids to "grow up as good revolutionaries." Time to revisit the Mysteries of the Vernacular: 13 words and their origins, and counting. "Boldly go to dinner," thanks Read More →

New from PPIC: 58 percent of Californians have a smart phone

It's no secret in Silicon Valley that mobile devices are driving the current tech boom. A new report by the PPIC finds that 92 percent of Californians surveyed have a cell phone, and of that 58 percent have a smartphone—up Read More →

Net neutrality fight set for September

It's a date: Verizon and the FCC square off Sept. 9. That's when a federal appeals court in Washington will hear oral arguments in a case that could have a broad effect on Internet traffic. Verizon is challenging the Read More →

Wanna trade your Tesla for my Apple 1?

Bloomberg TV is reporting  that the Sacramento fanboy selling a rare Apple 1 computer next week at an Christie's auction may be using the proceeds, which could be as high as $500,000, to buy an electric vehicle from Tesla. That sure Read More →

Apple, prygayet v Rossii s odnoy nogoy!!!!

Well, the word is in from Siberia and environs: Apple is coming (digitally) to town!

As Fortune's inveterate Apple-watcher Philip Elmer-DeWitt put it, "after 15 years of selling its devices to Russians through third-party vendors, Apple on Tuesday opened Read More →

Microsoft touts Windows upgrade, new Bing platform

At Microsoft's Build developer conference in San Francisco, company officials unveiled a new version of its flagship Windows software, announced that its opening up technologies from its Bing search engine for programmers to use in their apps and touted new Read More →

Singing a different tune: Pandora responds to Pink Floyd

Pandora today responded to Pink Floyd's scathing editorial in USA Today over the weekend, among other things disputing the rock group's claims that the Internet radio provider supports what amounts to an 85 percent pay cut for musicians. "That is simply Read More →
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