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Woman on board: Twitter’s got a new director

Some observations about Twitter's appointment of a new member to its board, which the San Francisco company announced in a filing today: • Did you hear? Marjorie Scardino is a woman. Twitter has gotten some flak — which included Read More →

Quoted: ‘Alarmed’ Microsoft steps up encryption efforts

"We are taking steps to ensure governments use legal process rather than technological brute force to access customer data." — Brad Smith, Microsoft's general counsel, in a Wednesday night blog post explaining the company's expansion of its encryption and Read More →

Off topic: Best movies of 2013, artists’ genius, making a T-shirt, owning a TV

In the purely subjective department: a video countdown of the year's best movies. And charting artists' temperaments in relation to their genius. NPR's Planet Money makes a T-shirt, and what Consumerist learned Read More →

SolarCity moves into energy storage

SolarCity, the San Mateo-based company that's become a leading provider of solar systems for residential and commercial customers, is moving quickly into the hot new thing: storage. The company is launching "DemandLogic," a battery storage device Read More →

Palo Alto’s drone king is branching out

Manie Kohn has been using three custom-made drones to help realtors pitch luxury properties, but now, as a "trained, certified and insured" drone pilot, he's getting ready to start a drone flight school next year. Kohn, who runs the real estate Read More →

Gawker: identity of @TipsforJesus is former PayPal exec Jack Selby

The identity of the anonymous benevolent tipper who has been leaving tips of several thousands of dollars at restaurants and bars across the country has been revealed, according to Gawker's Silicon Valley news and gossip site. Jack Selby, a Read More →

Patent bill expected to see House victory Thursday

Consider it a rare political win for the tech industry. On Thursday, the full House is expected to vote on a package of patent litigation reforms put forth by Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), the chair of the Judiciary committee. The bill would Read More →

NSA spying: the effects on those who exposed it

But what about those who have exposed the scope of NSA spying? • The editor of the Guardian, the British newspaper that in June published the first reports based on the Edward Snowden leaks, appeared before Parliament on Tuesday and described Read More →

PayPal competes for gift cards with new digital store

Just in time for the holidays, PayPal is now selling digital gift cards, offering a virtual version of the most popular gift to give this time of year. PayPal, the payments arm of e-commerce company eBay, rolled out a digital gifts Read More →

Google reveals Andy Rubin’s new project: Robots!

(This post has been updated with new information below) Just a few days after Amazon announced its plans for delivery drones, Google has taken the wraps off a potentially much broader effort to develop robots for manufacturing, retailing and other uses. And Read More →
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