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NSA gets spanked at the UN — and on South Park

This week, the National Security Agency is getting taken to the woodshed both at the United Nations -- and by the irreverently satirical cartoon "South Park." Read More →

China likes Facebook, Twitter — but only in censorless zone

China — land of censorship — is lifting its ban on Facebook, Twitter, the New York Times and other sites that might be deemed "politically sensitive," according to the South China Read More →

Does Siri age-discriminate?

I spent an hour recently with Palo Alto psychologist and author Francine Toder, trying to get inside Siri's head. The experience was a hoot, as Toder deftly probed and prodded the psyche of Apple's beloved if beguiling virtual personal assistant. At Read More →

Quoted: on revenge porn and blaming the victim

"The moment the story is that she voluntarily gave (nude photos) to her boyfriend, all the sympathy disappears." — Mary Anne Franks, University of Miami law professor, on revenge porn, or explicit photos of women shared publicly online by Read More →

Pandora brings first-ever music hackathon to Oakland

Music streaming service Pandora will help bring one of the largest-ever hackathons to its hometown of Oakland, the latest sign of the city's growing pool of tech talent. Gearing up for the semi-annual SF MusicTech Summit, Pandora is teaming Read More →

Off topic: Animals and time, Bach revisited, Monopoly properties, gummy-bear talk, breaking board

Refresh rates may vary: Flies are hard to swat because to them, we look like we're moving in slow motion. Time and historians have been kind to him, but Johann Sebastian Bach was a thug, a researcher Read More →

Security glitches and supply shortages no match for die-hard Apple fans

Apple wasn't particularly well-positioned for a gangbusters launch weekend of its two new iPhones, the 5S and 5C. There were criticisms the fingerprint feature on the iPhone 5S had security flaws, that Apple's new operating system the phones shipped with Read More →

Oracle sued over alleged strip-club expenses

Redwood City giant Oracle's annual San Francisco conference for software developers, dubbed Oracle OpenWorld, typically attracts tens of thousands of people seeking technical insights about the company's products. But last year's event also triggered a bit of funny business at a Read More →

Microsoft bets again on tablets, announces new Surface models

Microsoft on Monday unveiled two new Surface tablets, the successors to the original Surface and Surface Pro the company released last year. Read More →

Apple iTunes Radio isn’t music to Pandora investors’ ears

Pandora shares are tanking today — they're down more than 10 percent — after Apple released along with its new iPhone sales numbers that 11 million people had checked out iTunes Radio since the release of iOS 7 last week. The Read More →
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