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Quoted: Tweet and fired: White House official was anonymous tweeter and critic

"What started out as an intended parody account of D.C. culture developed over time into a series of inappropriate and mean-spirited comments." — Jofi Joseph, who was fired from his job on the National Security Council nuclear non-proliferation team Read More →

Off topic: The (older) Simpsons, vacation surrogates, Lego space travel, math funnies

Should "The Simpsons" characters begin to age? Wish you were there: Live vicariously through your stuffed animals by sending them on a vacation. A timeline of space travel, told in Lego. Read More →

Apple’s iPad Air, iPad Mini all fair game for Pat & Mike Google Hangout

Join Pat & Mike as they, well mostly Pat, talks about Apple's big announcements concerning the iPad Air, the iPad Mini and the free software that Apple is rolling out. Did I say free? You want highlights? Pat dodges traffic on San Read More →

A-P-P-L-E and Bingo was his name-o, or what to do during Apple keynotes

What are you doing during Apple's big event besides hanging on to our very own Troy Wolverton's every live-blogged word? If you said "playing Apple Keynote Bingo," bingo! Besides sigh about the latest must-have gadget that's going Read More →

Facebook says it’s OK to post beheading videos

Videos of beheadings are back on Facebook, and so is the controversy over them. As we wrote in May, Facebook had first refused to take down videos showing decapitations, then banned them after an outcry. Now the social network Read More →

Report: Apple planning ultra-high def, 65-inch TVs

Even as Apple prepared to unveil its latest iPads on Tuesday, the Cupertino-based company is planning to produce ultra-high definition televisions with a frameless design and screens up to 65 inches late next year. Masahiko Ishino, a Tokyo-based analyst at Advanced Read More →

Santa Clara top U.S. spot for cyber “spoofing”

One way cyber crooks scam consumers is by setting up bogus or so-called spoofed websites, where they lure people into revealing their financial or other personal information, which the crooks then steal. And it turns out the most popular U.S. location Read More →

Quoted: No free lunch for you, government tech worker

"In government, there are some things that private companies do that you can't do — free meals for employees or an on-site executive chef, for example — which are valued fringe benefits at a lot of leading tech companies. Those Read More →

Off topic: Sign language and rap, emoji generator, carried away, frog jumping

The interpreter who signs — OK, raps, too — at concerts. "Eye of the tiger," "penis envy" and other phrases turned into emojis at Emojisaurus. What If answers a heavy question: whether 500 mph Read More →

Move over PCs, Apple et al are blowing you out of the water

On the eve of Apple's expected announcement of a fifth-generation iPad and a souped-up iPad mini 2 with Retina display, a new report from Gartner says while global shipments of devices for 2013 will climb 4.5 percent over last Read More →
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