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PC market tanking faster than thought

Global shipments of personal computers are expected to fall by 10.1 percent this year, worse than the previous projection of 9.7 percent, and "by far the most severe yearly contraction on record," according to International Data Corporation. The research firm said Read More →

Google’s building a massive patent stockpile, new report shows

From its early days as an Internet upstart, Google wasn’t known as a company that rushed to patent its own inventions. Its flagship mobile software, Android, was based on an open-source model.  But a new report shows that, after some Read More →

Here’s one group that wants cellphones to be unlocked

As I wrote in a recent column, big whoop, the FCC and the wireless industry are expected to announce that carriers voluntarily agree to unlock cellphones after the service contract expires. They are dusting off and addressing a problem Read More →

Quoted: Spotify hoping to stream goodwill to artists

"I hope this gets out to some of the artists who won't engage with us. We can't be accused of hiding behind stuff: this is us being open and explaining our model." — Mark Williamson, director of artist services Read More →

Off topic: Season of birth, diagramming love, naming the Edsel, words of 2013, terrible holiday songs

Does being born in the winter affect your mental and physical health? What Love Looks Like in diagrams. Correspondence between Ford, which was seeking a name for what would eventually become the Edsel, and Read More →

Yahoo search trends in 2013: Less voting, more twerking

Yahoo has released its list of most popular search terms for the past year, and there's no need to panic: Professional famous-person Kim Kardashian is still among the top ten, as she has been for each of the last five Read More →

Drones (not Amazon’s) and robots in the news

Set aside your excitement — or skepticism — about's drone-delivery plans and read about a couple of other pieces of drone and robot news: • First, special deliveries by drone aren't exactly a new thing. Four people were reportedly arrested Read More →

More consumers head online for holiday shopping weekend

Today is Cyber Monday, but the holiday online shopping craze really started on Thanksgiving Day, and shoppers have been prowling websites and apps for bargains ever since the turkey was popped into the oven. Reports from the holiday shopping weekend show Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Manuel Henriquez on becoming an ex-VC

Loyal readers know that Elevator Pitch features a different venture capitalist every week. But our latest guest is an ex-VC -- though he still invests in venture-backed companies. Manuel Henriquez spent years Read More →

Google Glass and law enforcement – the flip side

It wasn’t long ago that we told you about the first known California motorist to be ticketed for driving while wearing Google Glass. Today we bring you another story about Glass and law enforcement – from the other perspective. The cops in Byron, Read More →
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