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Sheryl Sandberg expounds on “leaning in”

Look for Sheryl Sandberg to assume a much higher profile in the coming weeks, as the Facebook chief operating officer gears up to promote her new book, “Lean In,” and her ideas about how women can advance in the workplace. Some Read More →

Stock watch: HP, Zynga, Aruba jumping

Silicon Valley's big gainers on the stock markets today: • HP CEO Meg Whitman says "we clearly still face a long road ahead," according to the Merc's Steve Johnson's report about the Palo Alto company's Read More →

Quoted: Will women ‘Lean In,’ or tune out Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg?

"We hold ourselves back in ways both big and small, by lacking self-confidence, by not raising our hands, and by pulling back when we should be leaning in." — Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, in her upcoming book Read More →

Off topic: Fish tales, movies ought to be in pictures, 124 states, GIFs gathered, backbiters

First horse meat, now this: There are plenty of fish in the sea — and many of them look alike, or are passed off as something else. A Big Picture look at watching, making and loving Read More →

Apple iWatch is coming any day now, maybe — or not

OK, so plenty is mysterious about Apple and its plans, or not, for an iWatch. Apple Insider delves deeper into the murky watch waters with this report about a 16-month-old patent that Apple filed describing its nifty watch. This is Apple, Read More →

Around the valley: Apple ‘iWatch’ patent, HP pre-earnings,Tesla post-earnings, Google shares

We've got news about the Silicon Valley biggies: • Time for yet more excitement — depending on your level of Apple and timepiece lust — over the rumored iWatch. The U.S. Patent Office today published a patent application by Read More →

That’s entertainment: PlayStation 4 ‘launch,’ TV ratings evolving

Games and TV, that's entertainment: • The unveiling that wasn't: If nothing else, the reactions of those who were covering Sony's supposed launch of the PlayStation 4 was entertaining. In case you missed it, Sony had a press event Wednesday during which Read More →

Quoted: on streaming TV service Aereo

"It's a combination DVR and over-the-air television for a fraction of what even a basic cable package would cost you." — Rich Jaroslovsky of Bloomberg News talks to NPR about Aereo, the service that allows New Yorkers to stream Read More →

Off topic: Poetic tweets, movie trailers, ‘Lincoln’ and the 13th Amendment, eyeing spiders

Pentametron, where tweets grow up to become poems. (via NPR) An interactive graphic on movie trailers and what parts of Oscar-nominated films made the cut. Speaking of movies, how "Lincoln" led to Mississippi finally Read More →

It’s official: Pinterest is worth $2.5 billion

Not too shabby for a company that was being run out of an apartment 18 months ago: Pinterest has finally confirmed rumors swirling around the valley for Read More →
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