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Off topic: Atheists, lotteries around the world; spelling bee champs; psychiatry and science; where art lives

Forty-seven percent of the population in China — and other atheists around the world, mapped. While we're traveling, take a look at the world's biggest lotteries.  Checking in on former spelling bee kids, "winners in Read More →

Mention this item about Apple’s secrecy and we’ll have to kill you

Forget the iPod, the iPhone, the Mac and the iPad. What Apple's most famous for, in case you didn't know, is its rabid CIA-like corporate secrecy. This is quite literally a place where the right hand doesn't know what the left Read More →

Tablet sales to exceed notebook sales this year

Further evidence that consumers are fast abandoning notebooks and desktop PCs in favor of other gadgets was provided Tuesday by International Data Corporation. The research outfit reported that for the first time, tablet shipments this year should exceed notebook shipments, "as Read More →

Tesla Motors blasts past the $100 mark

When Theo O'Neill, an analyst who covers Tesla Motors, put a $100 price target on the stock recently, some people thought he was crazy. But shares in Tesla blasted past $100 for the first time Tuesday, and this week the Read More →

Quoted: on Apple’s ‘iSpaceship’ and other grand headquarters

"I've been thinking the Apple spaceship is going to get nicknamed the 'Death Star' because the project is so big and the timing is so bad." — Jeff Matthews, hedge fund manager for Ram Partners, says "you just get Read More →

Off topic: No. 2 pencils, your brain on sleep, eye chart, ‘worst’ things for sale

How did No. 2 pencils become No. 1? Our brains and sleep, graphically speaking. How the eye chart came to be. A "$364 piece of inflatable plastic," a goatee saver, outdoor cuff links and Read More →

Zero Net Energy Center to open in San Leandro; Gov. Brown to attend ribbon-cutting

This week marks the grand opening of the Zero Net Energy Center in San Leandro - the very first commercial building retrofit to be recognized by the Department of Energy as "zero net energy." The 46,000 square foot building will Read More →

Public Libraries: the perfect place for EV charging

There's a lot of talk in electric vehicle circles about where to put charging stations. Outlet malls? Cracker Barrels? Municipal garages? Airports? Libraries. It makes SO much sense. The Redwood City Public Library's downtown location has a 240v ChargePoint charging station in the Read More →

Better Place comes to a Bitter End

Battery swap start-up Better Place announced Sunday that has filed a motion with an Israeli court to dissolve the company "in light of its failure to raise additional funds." Fortune first reported the likelihood of bankruptcy on Friday. “This is Read More →

Fumble through Tumblr and Yahoo with Pat & Mike

Just in time for your happy hour: Pat and Mike tumble through the Tumblr/Yahoo deal, talk about Mr. Cook going to Washington and debate whether New York Times columnist Joe Nocera was right when he called Cook a liar. You won't Read More →
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