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Off topic: No-tipping point, cocktail names, recycling glass, when love kills, dogfight

To tip or not to tip, that is the question. A lot of thought goes into naming cocktails. A short video that shows how glass bottles are recycled. Women hurt or killed by their Read More →

Going . . . going . . . Have the Apple fanboys gone CRAZY?

In another bit of Applemania, one of the last remaining Apple 1 computers goes up for sale on the auction block next week at Christie's, with bids starting at $300,000 and the sales price expected  to hit as much as Read More →

Steve Wozniak, Piers Morgan, David Carr, unemployment, dogs and robots all fair game for Pat & Mike

It's Pat & Mike from the Merc, back again by popular demand or some vague facsimile. Join them as they skewer the guilty and celebrate the courageous souls of Silicon Valley, from easing unemployment to a near-brush with New Read More →

Markets gloomy on Oracle, will ‘cloudy’ news next week help?

A day after reporting fourth-quarter profit that beat expectations but sales that didn't, Oracle is seeing its shares sink. The Merc's Steve Johnson reported that a mere 1 percent rise in new software licenses has analysts concerned. And it Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Dixon Doll

Last week, ePitch brought you a venture capitalist with a famous father. In our latest installment, we talk to a guy whose sons are making a splash in the tech industry. Dixon Doll has Read More →

Tesla’s 90-second battery pack swap

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk took to the stage at Tesla's design studio in Hawthorne Thursday to show off the company's latest innovation: battery pack swapping in 90 seconds. I wasn't there in person, but it was showmanship at its finest. Read More →

Quoted: Steve Wozniak on ‘guilt’ about government surveillance

"I actually feel a little guilty about that – but not totally. We created the computers to free the people up, give them instant communication anywhere in the world; any thought you had, you could share freely." — Steve Read More →

Off topic: Peppers, mental illness, biking offenders, Tourette’s and Twitter, dead blogs

Here's a hot story: peppers, pleasure and pain. On the persistent mental-illness taboo. A registry of sidewalk-biking offenders in San Francisco. Surrender Your Say uses Twitter as a tool for Tourette's awareness. Read More →

Apple pays Jony Ive HOW MUCH!?!?!?

This just in: According to an interview with Dezeen magazine, reknown German industrial designer Richard Sapper says Jony Ive, Apple's creative guru and partner-in-design of Steve Jobs, is paid beaucoup beaucoup bucks by his Cupertino Medici: (read on to Read More →

MIT’s Cynthia Breazeal talks our robot future with Thomas Friedman

Cynthia Breazeal stopped by a global gabfest hosted by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman to talk about how there's no need to worry that the robots she's working on at MIT are going to take over the world and Read More →
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