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Peak Car? Navigant Research says car-sharing services will reach $6 billion in revenue by 2020

Car-sharing services are a big thing here in the Bay Area, with lots of talk about "peak car," the hassles of car ownership in a dense city like San Francisco, and the desire of young people to be able to Read More →

Quoted: on stolen smartphones and Colombian cartels

"If you have a phone here, it is a risk. You don’t feel safe anywhere, except maybe inside your house." — Jose Mendez, 33, who lives in Bogota and works for one of Colombia’s wireless providers. The Huffington Post Read More →

YouTube’s top videos for 2013: What does the fox say?

It may not have quite the polish of last year’s “Gangnam Style,” but this year’s top video on YouTube is another catchy dance tune – albeit one that looks like it was produced by Norwegian hippies on acid. Since this is Read More →

Off topic: Biggest regrets, luxurious dying, sex and exercise, whine reviews, faces everywhere

From cheating on their spouses to buying bitcoin, people share the biggest mistakes of their lives. Going out in style: on the thriving "death care" industry in China. Sex as exercise, or, according to Read More →

Twitter tops tech workplaces in Glassdoor survey

Move over, Facebook. Twitter was the top tech company to work for this year, unseating Facebook from its throne for the past three years. The San Francisco microblogging company also was ranked No. 2 overall on the list of 50 Read More →

Apple is behaving very un-Scrooge-like

Apple is getting into the holiday spirit in a big way this year, bringing its "12 Days of Gifts'' promotion to the United States for the first time.

Having launched the program in other countries in the past, Apple Read More →

Google launches online gallery for emerging artists

Google has launched an online art gallery to give emerging artists a chance to display their creations to a larger audience without competing for wall space in a traditional gallery. With its new Open Gallery, Google joins a growing Read More →

Yahoo: Microsoft deal contributes nearly a third of revenue

Ever since Yahoo signed a deal to let Microsoft power its online search services, the agreement has been an important source of revenue for the Sunnyvale Internet company. Now we know how important: Yahoo, which previously reported the deal contributed more Read More →

Police called for cell-phone user data more than 1 million times last year

It's not just the NSA — cops, too, use tech advances to their advantage. U.S. law enforcement made more than 1 million requests for wireless providers' user data last year, according to a report released Monday by Sen. Edward Markey, Read More →

U.S. on track to install more solar than Germany

GTM Research and SEIA released their third quarter U.S. Solar Market Insight report Tuesday. Among the big headlines: photovoltaic solar installations reached 930 megawatts in the third quarter, up 20 percent from the second quarter. That's due to utility-scale Read More →
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