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Tech companies vs. the government over NSA spying

Will tech companies "go to war" with the government over Prism and other surveillance? We haven't mentioned NSA spying in a whole week. Now, a thought-provoking op-ed in Wired again gives us something to talk about. Australian analyst Patrick Gray disagrees Read More →

Give Apple your tired, your poor, your huddled iPhones yearning to be recycled!

Apple on Friday launched an in-store trade-in program, offering credit for your returned iPhones that can be applied to the purchase of a new product. A version of the program has already been available at Apple's online store, where your Read More →

96-year-old widower’s ode to late wife becomes YouTube hit

Fred Stobaugh isn’t a musician and can’t sing. But the newly widowed 96-year-old Illinois man submitted hand-written lyrics about his late wife to a song-writing contest anyway after she died in April on the eve of their 73rd anniversary. Stobaugh wasn’t Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Ren Riley, Oak Investment Partners

There's old money, and there's big money, and then there's Oak Investment Partners.  Founded in Connecticut in 1978, the firm has poured $9 billion into hundreds of companies around the world, including 2Wire, Demand Media, Read More →

iPhone, iPad apps latest tools for Tooth Fairy madness

When I was a kid and lost a tooth, you know what the Tooth Fairy left under my pillow? A piece of dental floss. Or, on a good day, maybe a colorful rock. But $3.70? What the hell is going on? Read More →

Price cuts on Microsoft Surface products here to stay

Microsoft's promotional price cut on its Surface Pro tablet is now a permanent reduction. The discount, which lopped $100 off both models of the Surface Pro, was set to expire on Thursday. Instead, Microsoft has decided to stick with the new Read More →

Quoted: Burgers and bots

"The burgers of tomorrow could be made by robots — not employees." — The Employment Policies Institute, in a Wall Street Journal ad arguing against a big U.S. fast-food workers strike Thursday, in which the workers are pushing Read More →

Off topic: Cities and the end of the world, action shots, 50 funny movies, free museum admission

They're just so dense: talking apocalypse and city living — or dying. Action and adventure sports photo-contest winners, gathered by In Focus. Are these the 50 funniest movies of all time? And if a Read More →

Ira unloads some Tesla stock, makes $9.8 million

Ira Ehrenpreis, a longtime champion of clean tech and one of Silicon Valley's most prominent venture capitalists, unloaded 60,052 shares of Tesla Motors stock at the $163 to $164 range, according to a very interesting form filed with Read More →

Wiretap: Microsoft alum Sinofsky wasting no time at Andreessen Horowitz

It's been quite a week for Steven Sinofsky, who ran Microsoft's ginormous Windows division for three years before bowing out in late 2012. After ensconcing himself at Harvard Business School's leafy confines for Read More →
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