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Yahoo mail outage draws lots of fire

Yahoo may have earned a serious black eye this week, after a lengthy email outage managed to enrage many users and draw criticism for a seemingly inattentive response. The company says the service is mostly restored, as of late Wednesday night. Read More →

Instagram, Twitter climb aboard the direct-messaging photos trend

Hoping to tap into the same allure that’s drawing many people to messaging apps like Snapchat, the head of Facebook's Instagram service showed off a new feature Thursday that allows users to send photos and text messages directly to individual Read More →

Quoted: on Snapchat, startup drama and ‘lawyering up’

"Do not forget that these were three fraternity brothers ... they were best friends. The last thing on their mind was sitting down and lawyering up." — Luan Tran, attorney for Reggie Brown. Brown claims to be the third Read More →

Off topic: SAT words, Nutella map, spiders in grapes, handmade amusement, books and feuds

On SAT words and smarts. It gets around: the sources of Nutella ingredients, mapped. Add this to your list of worries: spiders in your grapes. A short film about a handmade amusement park in Italy. Read More →

Wiretap’s Wednesday wrapup: funding news from around Silicon Valley

(Editor's note: Yes, it's still Wednesday here on the West Coast. For about 20 more minutes.) I sat down recently with Vineet Jain, the founder-CEO of an enterprise file-sharing startup called Egnyte (think Dropbox for grown-ups). Read More →

A spy walked into a virtual bar and saw…..

Is the news this week that the nation's spies have been playing online games to find potential terrorist targets a big deal? In a column in the Mercury News, I argue that the reports of spies in Read More →

Silicon Valley’s influence on patent issues increases in Washington

Silicon Valley's influence in the patent world increased this morning with the appointment of Michelle Lee, the director of the Silicon Valley patent office, as the new deputy director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Upon assuming the role in Read More →

AmazonFresh launches in San Francisco but faces stiff competition

Amazon at last launched its grocery delivery service in San Francisco on Wednesday, more than six months after reports began swirling that the e-commerce giant was plotting a major AmazonFresh roll out that would include the Bay Area. The company has Read More →

Edward Snowden is runner-up for Time’s person of the year, and other NSA spying news

For leaking documents that have revealed that the NSA is spying on just about everybody in just about every conceivable way, Edward Snowden is the runner-up in Time Magazine's annual coronation of Person of the Year. (The magazine Read More →

Wanna go live on Mars? Better get in line!

Wanted: Brave earthlings willing to take a one-way trip to the Red Planet When: Take-off is scheduled for 2025 Requirements: No Earth-bound emotional connections that might interfere with the move to outer space; an openness to living basically only on water (assuming Read More →
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