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Quoted: The #shutdown, socially speaking

"But at least I feel better." — Bruce Swedal, a real estate agent in Denver who tweeted that Congress should be fired because of the U.S. government shutdown, isn't getting his hopes up that his tweet will make a Read More →

Wiretap: SAP Ventures unveils beefy new fund

There's a corporate venture capital Renaissance underway, with everybody from General Electric to Anheuser Busch throwing money at tech startups. On Wednesday, Read More →

Off topic: Music and delinquency, Hollywood families, heart-transplant art, capture houses, Lego calendar

Cue the easy-listening music. Study says jazz is no longer considered rebellious, but rock, hip-hop and electronica supposedly can lead to bad behavior in adolescents. All in the family: Carradine, Coppola, Wayans and other names on Read More →

No-go? Amid government shutdown, timing of Twitter IPO filing up in the air

Is this the week Twitter files for its IPO, or no? Talk about speculation overdrive, which is nothing new when it comes to Twitter as it prepares to go public. Although the SEC says it has the funds to keep Read More →

Google doodle says Happy Birthday Yosemite; Feds say: You’re closed

I'm not saying it's a jinx or anything and if Google wants to honor you with its daily home page doodle, I wouldn't turn them down, but.... Today's doodle: a colorful acknowledgement of Yosemite National Park's 123d birthday. Today's status Read More →

Time to scrub those walls? Facebook expands Graph Search to posts and more

Time for another reminder that you need to be careful about what you post on Facebook, especially now that it has extended Graph Search to include posts, status updates, comments, photo captions — basically, most of your activity on the Read More →

Quoted: Ev Williams says surprise, people hate change

"We often think of the Internet enables you to do new things. But people just want to do the same things they’ve always done." — Evan Williams said at the XOXO tech conference in Portland that companies that make things Read More →

Off topic: Kids with three parents, children’s-book covers, marketing to kids, traditional dances

Three parents and a baby — who ideally would be disease-free. From "Adventures with a String" to "Barbie's Secret," a Flickr set of old children's-book covers. "Don't think about now. We're the future," says a Read More →

Ex-Zynga execs explore partnership

Former Zynga execs David Ko, Colleen McCreary and Cadir Lee are exploring the possibility of forming a new startup and have created a Web site under the name CCK Partners. Read More →

23andMe and Udacity partnership raises questions about the future of MOOCs

Bloomberg Businessweek has an interesting look at DYI genetics company 23andMe's moves to keep ahead of the competition out to help you get to know yourself really, really well. The part of 23andMe's strategy that I found the most interesting was Read More →
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