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Twitter retweet predictor helps you track Kim Kardashian

A team of researchers at MIT has figured out how to predict how often a tweet will be retweeted. And face it: It's all about the retweets. #lookhowcleverIam. You can get an idea of what this all looks like here. (The Read More →

Tim Cook has spoken. Sort of.

So little time, so many tea leaves to read. In the hours following Apple CEO Tim Cook's appearance center-stage at the  AllThingsD conference in Palos Verdes, bloggers and analysts have been working overtime trying to read whatever they possibly can into Read More →

Facebook promises crackdown on hate speech against women

Along with all those friend updates, vacation photos and links to funny cartoons, some pretty sickening stuff has made its way onto the pages of Facebook on occasion. But after a coalition of women’s advocates called for an advertising boycott, Facebook Read More →

Intel Labs work: Civic hacking, seeking value in data and more

It's a weekend for hacks. The National Day of Civic Hacking means there could be a whole lot of coding going on around the country in an effort to solve local, state and national problems — thanks in part Read More →

Quoted: Larry Page talks ‘The Internship’ movie and computer science’s supposed bad rap

"The reason we got involved with the movie 'The Internship' is that computer science has a marketing problem. We're the nerdy curmudgeons." — Larry Page, Google CEO, on the movie about a couple of salesmen, played by Vince Vaughn Read More →

Cisco study predicts booming Internet traffic

The amount of information whizzing around the web will have tripled by 2017, according to a Cisco Systems forecast Wednesday. The San Jose tech company's findings, which are detailed in its annual Visual Networking Index, listed these factors as contributing to Read More →

Off topic: Atheists, lotteries around the world; spelling bee champs; psychiatry and science; where art lives

Forty-seven percent of the population in China — and other atheists around the world, mapped. While we're traveling, take a look at the world's biggest lotteries.  Checking in on former spelling bee kids, "winners in Read More →

Mention this item about Apple’s secrecy and we’ll have to kill you

Forget the iPod, the iPhone, the Mac and the iPad. What Apple's most famous for, in case you didn't know, is its rabid CIA-like corporate secrecy. This is quite literally a place where the right hand doesn't know what the left Read More →

Tablet sales to exceed notebook sales this year

Further evidence that consumers are fast abandoning notebooks and desktop PCs in favor of other gadgets was provided Tuesday by International Data Corporation. The research outfit reported that for the first time, tablet shipments this year should exceed notebook shipments, "as Read More →

Tesla Motors blasts past the $100 mark

When Theo O'Neill, an analyst who covers Tesla Motors, put a $100 price target on the stock recently, some people thought he was crazy. But shares in Tesla blasted past $100 for the first time Tuesday, and this week the Read More →
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