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Go solar with Sunrun and get a free Nest thermostat

Sunrun, a leading solar financier, and Nest, creator of the super-hot Nest Learning Thermostat, announced Tuesday that they've joined forces. The idea: go solar with Sunrun and use your Nest thermostat to manage your energy use even more Read More →

Amazon returns to print books with new bundle program

Amazon is testing how many book lovers enjoy the convenience of ebooks but hang on tight to the nostalgia of turning the crisp pages in a print book -- and are willing to pay for both. The online retailer announced on Read More →

Walk with a purpose: Gigwalk mobile app thinks small (tasks)

Gigwalk is a mobile app for the productive sort: It offers ways to earn a little extra money using one's smartphone by taking on tasks such as checking inventory at a store. In an interview on Press:Here that aired over Read More →

Quoted: NSA prank caller speaks

"I don’t want to worry about that, because in one way or another, NSA is a governmental organization. If I would be afraid of government even when it comes to such an innocent phone call, then we are really lost. Read More →

Off topic: Introverts and narcissists, language game, comic sans pros and cons, autocomplete questions

On introverts that actually are narcissists, with a cameo by Kanye West. Audio game tests how many languages you can recognize. Comic sans: pro — and its creator defends it — and Read More →

Microsoft to buy Nokia in $7 billion deal

Trailing far behind in the smartphone market, Microsoft has decided to make a drastic move: It's agreed to buy Nokia's mobile phone division. Read More →

Uber is in legal hot water — again

The darling of the ride-sharing startup scene is in trouble again. Uber, which has been hit with fines, lawsuits and cease-and-desist orders since it rolled out its hire-a-car app in 2009, is now facing allegations that the company is cheating drivers Read More →

Pat & Mike talk Sergey Brin/Anne Wojcicki; iPhone ads; the flaming smartphone and the economy, just to sound grown-up

Finish your week with a bang: Join Pat & Mike as they talk about the latest from Silicon Valley, including the regional impact of the country's uneven economic recovery, the role of Google Glass in the break-up of Sergey Read More →

Google, Microsoft still battling for right to reveal feds’ data demands

The battle over data disclosure continues.  Google and Microsoft have been unable to convince U.S. officials that the two tech giants should be allowed to provide more details about the government’s demands for information about the online activities of certain Read More →

Report: New BlackBerry phone yields same poor sales result

If you had any lingering thoughts that Blackberry's turnaround was just around the corner, think again. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that sales of the company's new Q10 smartphone have been "dismal."  The Q10 is the first Read More →
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