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Upcoming: Tesla earnings, Yahoo redesign, Google Glass testing

Quick hits about what's new or upcoming: • Tesla will report earnings this afternoon, on the heels of its public tiff with a New York Times reporter over his negative experience with driving a Model S sedan. Read More →

Here a hack, there a hack, everywhere a hack attack

Apple, Facebook and Twitter. Burger King and Jeep. And now the U.S. State Department. They're all recent hacking victims. Are we doomed to a perpetual state of insecurity online? Other questions arise: What can the companies Read More →

Quoted: on new Breakthrough Prize for ‘cool’ scientists

"It's a lot of money, yes. But the people who make game-changing contributions are often scientists who toil without much recognition or fanfare and without much compensation. To my mind these are the true heroes." — Arthur Levinson, chairman Read More →

Off topic: Fake food and babies, millionaire time, expensive watches, kissing guide

An artist with a love of history serves up fake food. Speaking of fake — but lifelike — Reborn doll collectors take their babies shopping and to restaurants, just like they would real newborns. A chart shows Read More →

Sergey Brin may have a big payday coming …

Attention Sergey Brin: Stanford University owes you $381.99 in back wages. Mark Zuckerberg? Paypal is holding $308.62 for you in a very old account. And Meg Whitman, you’ve still got a credit for $146.14 at Tiffany’s. As windfalls go, the amounts are tiny Read More →

Google news galore: Shares trading at record high, plus what else might be in store

Google shares are trading above $800 for the first time, something the Associated Press calls "an implicit endorsement" of Larry Page. Page took over as CEO nearly two years ago; since then, the Read More →

Cybersecurity: Chinese hackers, Eric Schmidt takes on China and CISPA’s return

We've got your security issues: • A Chinese army unit is being tied to hack attacks against U.S. government and businesses dating back to 2006 and ramping up a couple of years ago. According to the New York Times, Read More →

Quoted: Saying no to the Singularity

"You could have all the computer chips ever in the world and you won’t create a consciousness." — Miguel Nicolelis, a top neuroscientist at Duke University, takes issue with the Singularity — saying "there are a lot of people Read More →

Off topic: Why the sky is blue, and it was ‘raining’ spiders; love stories and literacy in America; pulp-cover generator

When your child asks why the sky is blue, see if this short-explanation infographic will satisfy her. Speaking of explanations, why it seemed to be raining spiders in Brazil recently. Amazon picks a love story Read More →

Layoffs at Nanosolar

Nanosolar, the solar manufacturer located in South San Jose's Edenvale clean-technology zone, had layoffs on Friday. An anonymous caller to the San Jose Mercury News said Monday that Nanosolar laid off 75 percent of its workforce Friday. I have not Read More →
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