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Quoted: on the iPhone driving Apple engineers to drink

"And so there we were in the fifth row or something — engineers, managers, all of us — doing shots of Scotch after every segment of the demo. There were about five or six of us, and after each piece Read More →

Off topic: Spin without dizziness, $300 toothbrush, popcorn and movies, librarian confessions

Get dizzy often? Practice spinning. The $300, 3D-printed, custom-made toothbrush.  Ready for its closeup: popcorn at the movies. And "I totally dog-ear pages" and other shameful librarian confessions.   Photo from Associated Press archives Read More →

The Twitter IPO filing effect on TWTRQ (who’s that?), hashtag history, Costolo’s paltry pay

There are plenty of characters being devoted to the coverage of Twitter's IPO filing, many of them brilliant, like the article by the Merc's Peter Delevett and Jeremy Owens. We could also talk about analysts' initial reactions after Read More →

CA Technologies hiring in Silicon Valley

CA Technologies, based in Islandia, N. Y., plans to hire more than 100 people locally for its Santa Clara office, bolstering that workforce by about 50 percent. The company has 271 full-time employees in Santa Clara now and plans to expand Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Josh Elman of Greylock Partners

Josh Elman’s career looks like a veritable collect-em-all of hot startups: Over the past decade, the Stanford grad been an early employee at LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Now he’s a venture capitalist, having followed his friend and mentor Read More →

Surprise: Silk Road isn’t the only place to score drugs online

If the fed's crackdown on online drug marketplace Silk Road teaches us anything (and, oh boy, does it), it teaches us that life on the Web really is just like real life. Just like when the cops clear the dealers Read More →

A scary look at future cybersecurity threats

For a frightening crystal-ball look at where technology might be taking us, have a gander at this series of videos produced by cyber security firm Trend Micro. The series consists of 9 episodes approximately 4 minutes each. To view it, go to Read More →

Siri, will you tell me your real name?

People have mocked Siri. They've cursed at her. Would it help if people knew the face behind the voice? A living, breathing woman has come forward, saying she was the original voice of the famous virtual assistant that has lived Read More →

Quoted: on the future of bitcoin after the end of the Silk Road

"There was this whole Bitcoin magical thinking that occurred in the early days that because of Bitcoin's unique properties, it's invulnerable to law enforcement. It was never true." — Patrick Murck, general counsel for the Bitcoin Foundation, on the Read More →

Off topic: dinosaur erotica, idioms, voice actors, rap lyrics, Star Wars and reading

There are those who love dinosaurs, and there are those who really love them: behold monster erotica. From "peeping Tom" to "once in a blue moon," idioms' origins explained. Trailers for "I Know That Voice," Read More →
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