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Adobe shares fly to record high on the cloud

Adobe's fourth-quarter profit fell and its overall revenue shrank, it reported Thursday. But its shares are soaring to a record today, thanks to some cloudy news. The cloud we speak of is where Adobe has been moving its software Read More →

Users everywhere rise up and fight tweaks to their Internet services

Twitter's quick backtracking Thursday on changes it made to its service's blocking function is the latest sign that tech companies that try to make tweaks do so at their own peril. Twitter did the right thing to quickly respond to users' Read More →

Google Play becoming serious business?

Even though Google’s Android operating system dominates the mobile scene, the Google Play app store hasn't been a huge contributor to the company’s bottom line. But that may start to change, according to a new report from Evercore stock analyst Read More →

Wiretap’s Friday Funding Fun: News from around Silicon Valley

Paying for parking with your mobile phone may not seem like the sexiest business around, but if you spend a lot of time in San Francisco like I do, it's a godsend. That may be why QuickPay, a startup that's Read More →

Google’s reported chip plans could hurt Intel

Another potential cloud has appeared on the horizon for Intel and its server-chip business. Bloomberg has reported that Google is considering making its own server chips, using a design from British firm ARM Holdings. Intel, which gets most of its Read More →

Quoted: Surprise! Netflix study says binge watching is awesome

"Binge watching is not reckless or indulgent. It's a smart and an even contemplative way to watch certain kinds of TV. Good TV especially." — Grant McCracken, cultural anthropologist, who was enlisted by Netflix to observe the increasingly common Read More →

Off topic: George Takei’s reviews, CEO vs. worker pay, rudeness fee, chemistry GIFs

"Friends, you haven't experienced Newton's Third Law of Motion until your Human Hamster Ball collides with a semi heading the opposite way." — George Takei of "Star Trek" fame is also a Top 1000 reviewer at Amazon. DisRead More →

That’s the way the VC crumbles

A few months back, I profiled VC Brian Jacobs of Emergence Capital. Today, I got a box of cookies shaped like each of the Emergence partners. The resemblance is frightening, no? (I was saddened to note that Read More →

Palo Alto startup Deliv brings same-day delivery to malls

Shopping spree at the mall leave you with too many bags to carry? No problem. A Palo Alto delivery service will deliver them from the mall directly to your home, leaving you to shop all day unencumbered by awkward and heavy Read More →

Tech and San Francisco: It’s complicated

San Francisco and the tech industry — they've got issues. And they came to a head this week, in the form of a fake techie railing against protesters who were blocking a Google bus, plus a real techie spouting off Read More →
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