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Tesla Motors: 7 Highlights from the Annual Shareholder Meeting

I don't own stock in Tesla Motors, so I didn't attend Tuesday's shareholder meeting at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. It was a packed house. Tesla thankfully live-streamed the event, making it possible for me and many Read More →

Pictures of Earth from new Landsat satellite hit the Net

If you're a geography geek, there's something new to cheer about: Images from Landsat 8, the latest of the U.S. government's land surveying satellites, are now available online. Read More →

Tech industry groups like Obama’s patent crackdown

This post has been updated with new material at the end ...  Tech industry groups are lining up to applaud President Obama Tuesday for announcing a crackdown on so-called patent trolls. Obama issued a series of five executive orders and Read More →

San Francisco, San Jose dominate ranking of clean tech cities

It's no secret that California regularly dominates any state-by-state ranking of clean tech leadership thanks to state policies like the Renewable Portfolio Standard, venture capital investment, patents, etc. Now Clean Edge has put out a new report that looks at Read More →

SpongeBob, Dora move from Netflix to Amazon

Netflix's loss is Amazon's gain, at least in kids' programming. Just days after the Los Gatos-based video-on-demand company let its streaming-video rights with Viacom expire, Amazon announced Tuesday a $200 million exclusive licensing deal for hundreds of popular Viacom Read More →

Wiretap: “Facebook for scientists” lands millions from Bill Gates

A few years ago, Ijad Madisch was a geek with a gripe. The radiology researcher at Boston's prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital had a nut he just couldn't crack, and efforts to find fellow scientists who could offer Read More →

Quoted: The case against Apple

“The publishers needed a facilitator and a go-between . . . a company large enough to give the publishers the confidence that their conspiracy would prove successful. And that company was Apple.” -- Lawrence Buterman, Justice Department attorney, in Read More →

Off topic: ‘Game of Thrones’ reactions, Joy Division video game, Magic Clap and coffee map

Still upset by Sunday's shocking episode of "Game of Thrones"? Share other fans' pain (or just mock them) through priceless reactions caught on Twitter and YouTube. And if you're still in a sour mood, it's just Read More →

Zynga layoffs hit “Draw Something” studio

It looks like one of the casualties of today's restructuring at Zynga was star-crossed studio OMGPOP. Read More →

Exclusive: Miley Cyrus barnstorms Silicon Valley to tout single ‘We Can’t Stop’

Monday was a busy day for Miley Cyrus. The Hannah Montana star and platinum-selling singer's latest single, "We Can't Stop," made its debut, and Cyrus was up bright and early to Read More →
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