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Yahoo: Microsoft deal contributes nearly a third of revenue

Ever since Yahoo signed a deal to let Microsoft power its online search services, the agreement has been an important source of revenue for the Sunnyvale Internet company. Now we know how important: Yahoo, which previously reported the deal contributed more Read More →

Police called for cell-phone user data more than 1 million times last year

It's not just the NSA — cops, too, use tech advances to their advantage. U.S. law enforcement made more than 1 million requests for wireless providers' user data last year, according to a report released Monday by Sen. Edward Markey, Read More →

U.S. on track to install more solar than Germany

GTM Research and SEIA released their third quarter U.S. Solar Market Insight report Tuesday. Among the big headlines: photovoltaic solar installations reached 930 megawatts in the third quarter, up 20 percent from the second quarter. That's due to utility-scale Read More →

Quoted: on the Google bus protest and ‘political theater’

"We didn’t know that was going to happen and it’s too bad because the point was really to connect the housing crisis to the tech industry." — Deepa Varma, a lawyer with Eviction Free San Francisco and an organizer Read More →

Off topic: Giraffes in water, $100 bills, redesigning umbrellas, flash mob at the museum

Can a giraffe float — and how can we find out? It's all about the Benjamins: the hundred-dollar bill through the years, plus a guide to the new bills. The "nylon mullet" and other Read More →

What’s next in tech’s battle against government snooping?

Should they go dark? Should they have a more forceful outside game to go with their current inside-Washington game? What's left for the tech giants to do as they petition, sue and lobby for more transparency and new laws when it Read More →

iPotty is a real thing; a Toady-worthy bad thing says the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

You know that thing where you're reading about the latest innovation and you think you must be reading The Onion, but it turns out that  you're reading real news and that the thing actually exists? That's me with the 2-in-1 Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Kevin Talbot of Relay Ventures on the future of mobile

Kevin Talbot is co-founder and managing partner of Relay Ventures, an early stage venture fund that describes its mission as "Strictly Mobile." The firm actually began life as two VC firms, one of which was the venture capital arm of Read More →

‘Hour of Code’ initiative unites tech, political rivals

Turns out there's one thing Democrats and Republicans -- and Apple and Google -- can agree on: Computer programming is a skill necessary for America to succeed in the global economy. To that end, and as Read More →

Notebook prices plunge to compete with tablets

A price war is heating up between makers of laptops and tablets, which is good news for consumers but not so great for laptop sellers, according to Deutsche Bank's analysts. Of the 80 best-selling notebooks, they concluded in a recent check, Read More →
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