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Here a chirp, there a chirp: Twitter IPO price boost, news consumption, IBM suit, overseas ads

As the Twitter IPO world turns this week, here's what's going on with the company that brought us the Twitterverse: • It increased the starting price range for its IPO to $23 to $25, up from $17 to $20. The Read More →

Quoted: Bill Gates on government, plus the “IT thing”

"The closer you get to it and see how the sausage is made, the more you go, oh my God! These guys don’t even actually know the budget. It makes you think: can complex, technocratically deep things – like running Read More →

Off topic: Granada vs. Grenada, mapping coolness, U.S. migration, schadenfreude, Britney Spears and the gospel

You say Granada, they fly you to Grenada. Mapping what's cool, from Canada to the U.K. to China. Speaking of maps, Americans on the move: charting U.S. migration estimates. Studying schadenfreude, or when Read More →

Google’s planned new digs in London — not too shabby

It's not the size or shape of the famous spaceship-like campus Apple is building in Silicon Valley, but a Google campus in London that's scheduled to open in a few years sounds a bit out of this world Read More →

Elon Musk’s new house in Bel Air

Elon Musk, the CEO of both Tesla Motors and SpaceX, has purchased a new home in Bel Air for $6.75 million, according to Trulia. It's directly across the street from the $17 million house that Musk purchased in January Read More →

Google’s mystery fleet: More signs the tech giant is building floating showrooms for Google X

There are increasing signs that Google may be hoping to use its mysterious fleet of ocean-going barges as some kind of high-tech, floating showrooms for Glass and other projects that come out of Google X – the top-secret division responsible Read More →

Quoted: Won’t work for food — the class-action lawsuit against Yelp

"Yelp has devised a system of cult-like rewards and disciplines to motivate its non-wage-paid writers to labor without wages or expense reimbursement, in violation of equitable principles and the FLSA [Fair Labor Standard Act], by offering such rewards as trinkets, Read More →

Off topic: Baseball vs. writing, owl cafes, cross-country drive and run

"I quit because baseball was sacred to me until I started getting paid for it," writes a former Cubs player who studies creative writing and philosophy and says he loves school more than baseball. Eating wisely at Read More →

FAA clears way for passengers to use electronic devices in flight, but not make phone calls

At last. Airline passengers who can’t stand to be separated from their tablets, MP3 players and smartphones while flying America's airlines will finally be allowed to use them in flight -- but they still won’t be allowed to make cell phone Read More →

iPad and puppy team up to make Shutterfly ad irresistible

Face it: You could sell a box of rocks with puppies. In a version of teaching new dogs old tricks, Shutterfly -- one of the digital era's first personal online photo vaults  -- has reached for one of the oldest tricks Read More →
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