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Freada and Mitch Kapor’s SMASH Academy lands a Google grant that could help close Silicon Valley’s income gap

I recently urged Silicon Valley brainiacs to use their intellect and innovation to do something about the depressing gap between the incomes earned by whites and Asians and the incomes earned by blacks and Hispanics Read More →

eBay steps up the robocalls

If you thought the online marketplace stayed on the interwebs, think again. Under a new user agreement, eBay can robocall and text customers and share customer phone numbers with other companies starting next month. The eBay user agreement, updated earlier Read More →

HP’s webOS heading to LG TVs; Samsung Galaxy S IV coming; will Barnes & Noble go private?

Your Monday tech grab bag: • WebOS, the mobile operating system that just won't quit, is making its way into smart TVs from LG. The South Korean company is buying parts of Palm from HP — source code, documentation, Read More →

Netflix “House of Cards” offers NYT columnist a peek at the real “must see” TV

Once I got past the fact that the New York Times' David Carr doesn't like "The West Wing," (who doesn't like "The West Wing?"), I realized he's got a pretty interesting point in today's column about how Big Data Read More →

Quoted: Yahoo: No more working from home for you

"We need to be one Yahoo!, and that starts with physically being together." — Jackie Reses, head of human resources at Yahoo, in a memo announcing that employees can forget about working from home beginning in June. Read More →

Assessing HP’s earnings a befuddling business

After Hewlett-Packard reported it's first fiscal-quarter earnings on Thursday, acknowledging a sizable drop in its sales and profit, the company's stock soared as it is continuing to do today. Why? Because it's financial report wasn't as bad as Wall Street had expected. So does Read More →

Push and pull: Hack affects Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr; tech and surveillance

In the tech world — as in life — there are ups and downs, there's pushing and pulling, there's taking two steps forward and one step back: • There's outsourcing work to third parties, perhaps so a company can focus on Read More →

Elon Musk to Jimmy Kimmel: “I should get Tesla profitable before taking on the hyperloop”

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live late Thursday night. Kimmel talked to Musk about his many accomplishments and his vast wealth. Most of the interview focused on SpaceX. "What if we get to Mars and it sucks?" asked Read More →

Sheryl Sandberg expounds on “leaning in”

Look for Sheryl Sandberg to assume a much higher profile in the coming weeks, as the Facebook chief operating officer gears up to promote her new book, “Lean In,” and her ideas about how women can advance in the workplace. Some Read More →
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