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Quoted: on computers reading our emotions

"There is definitely something unsettling about emotion recognition becoming another part of our lives that is archived and scrutinized." — Clive Thompson, author of "Smarter Than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better," on affective Read More →

Off topic: Stupid calculations, bizarre life cycles, keeping last names, long interview, Prancercise

How long would it take to drain an Olympic-size swimming pool using a straw, and other Stupid Calculations. Nature's bizarre life cycles, from cicadas to slime mold and more. In Japan, an editorial argues for letting people Read More →

Meet venture capitalists for free (or cheap)

June must be the season for tech-investor shindigs. On Tuesday, the annual Launch: Silicon Valley conference, hosted by SV Forum, kicks off at Microsoft's Mountain View campus. Besides listening Read More →

Apple quietly rolls out new iPod

What if Apple introduced a new handheld product and nobody knew about it? That was essentially the case this week when the tech giant introduced a new model of its iPod touch. Read More →

Regulating drones: lawmaker action in California, Texas

U.S. skies are scheduled to officially open to civilian drones by 2015. This has legislators trying to get ahead of the invasion, which has varied implications. Drone makers tout potential positive uses for the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Josh Green of Mohr Davidow Ventures

Welcome back to Elevator Pitch, a weekly Q&A feature that puts top Silicon Valley tech investors under the spotlight and gets them chatting about what kinds of deals they’re looking for — and the common pitfalls that can trap Read More →

Quoted: The secrets to Tumblr’s David Karp’s success

"I have a hard time taking too much credit for it. I had a lot of just dumb luck and incredibly enabling parents." — David Karp, 26, answering Charlie Rose's question about finding focus and success at an early Read More →

Off topic: Big Gulp, big ice cubes, sibling love and love-me-not, rapping flight attendant

Everything's bigger in Texas, where the biggest Big Gulp came from. Speaking of size, can you control the rate of dilution better with a big ice cube? (via Marginal Revolution) In case you missed it, an Read More →

Get paid while you shop with new Quri app

Another smartphone app was unveiled at the high-powered, high-tech All Things Digital conference held this week in the California coastal resort town of Rancho Palos Verde. It was Apple that took the spotlight at the annual technology conference on Read More →

Exhuming “E.T.”: Buried game may soon see light

A Canadian entertainment company working on a documentary film about the infamous dumping of the "E.T." video game has gotten permission to excavate the cartridges. Read More →
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